Special Sea Shells

November 5th 2012
This summer I went to one of my favorite little places, the beach just south of this great header shot on the blog. It’s amazing to think of the beach as a living thing, but it is ever changing with the ebb and flow of the salty waves reaching for the shore.  It’s never really the same; not the color, not the depth, not even the creatures.  One of the highlights was these great little souvenirs I brought back. This year, there was a crunchy shelf of tiny seashells in all shapes and sizes right at the edge.
Some would say that these shells, with a hole meticulously drilled in almost every one, would be the “uncollectable” ones, the ones that would be left behind. I, however, appreciated the uniqueness of these shells and the tenacity of the little creatures to find their way out (or did something drill its way in?!)   Well, I brought a bagful home, all be it a sandwich sized bag and with it, a craft idea!


Another Jar lid, decorated for the school Christmas tree.

I can’t wait to make something else with these shells.

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