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Oh Christmas Tree

December 26th 2012
The original design I saw was  made with fabric, cushioned with batting in the back with that “fluffy indented look” where the tacs were. But I wanted to make a *short cut version for the classroom and the photo ornaments of the kids would slide right behind the ribbon. but  1) It wasn’t finished until Christmas Eve (too late to for classroom purposes) and  2) No ornaments made or pictures developed either.

Total size about 2 ft. tall.
Short cut version involves:
Foam Board (any size)
Assorted christmas patterned paper
(I used $1.00 pack of patterned christmas paper from Joann’s)
Exacto knife or sharp blade to cut foam board
Modge Podge
hot glue
Scissors only to cut ribbon!!!
How to:
1. Draw a Christmas tree shape on board or a giant triangle!! 
2. Cut traced shape with exacto knife
2. Paint some Modge Podge on a small part of the board
3. Rip a piece of paper and paste it down ont he Modge Podge
4. Repeat until the whole board is covered with paper, it doewsn’t matter if there is a white piece showing on the paper (no fixing allowed!)
5. Hot glue ribbon end to back of board and stretch across tree and hot glue on the other side of tree (on the back of board)
6. Repeat until you have a grid pattern
7. Where ribbons intersect put a dot of hot glue and stick a tack in it.
**My problem was the foamboard I used was too thin and tacks stick out on the back just a wee bit.
Possible solutions? Put a dab of hot glue on point to soften or cover the back with batting and felt to make a clean finish (that’s my plan)
Merry Christmas!


December 22nd 2012
Formal Teacher attire
How about a game of kickball?

Please take out your #2 pencil.

This is a sale I made from my store at Etsy! 
This wooden sign is made to order customized to any theme, vocation. More to come soon. 

A Few Crafts in the Making!

December 9th 2012
I am no longer going to apologize for my lack of posts. I am just going to craft and post whenever I can. Hopefully,  my readers will understand the imbalance of work and leisure that is going on in my life right now.  Thanks for checking back in with me now and then.

My first Star on a quilt!!

Ripped paper modge podged unto a foam board ribbon to add later.