A Doggy Bag

January 1st 2013
I have had this adorable pooch fabric for years. I had bought it intending to make something for my niece (who is growing way too fast)  thankfully, after all this time, she still loves dogs!
A little “elf” told me she wanted a dog tote for Christmas so on Christmas Eve day, I whipped this up for her and was really pleased at how it turned out and it wasn’t so hard either! So on Christmas Day I kept annoying everyone asking them if they liked it as much as I did. LOL!!!


12 x 14 inches (estimate)

Grommets for handles (first time I used those, very cool!)

Handles with batting for softness on shoulders, finished with a knot on the end.
Inside lining more puppies (no pockets)

Quilted because fusible interfacing lost some stick in washer (oops!)
Merry Christmas Amanda!!


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