Tooty Fruity Finished, Finally!!!

January 10th 2013
Surely, you must have forgotten by now how this whole project started, refresh your memory here.

I certainly didn’t mean to make you (or my mom) wait so long for this, however, life work, has really just taken over like quicksand…. but I digress.

So, after painstakingly laying out all the pieces and assembling and sorting them in just the right way, everything got all mixed up during the sewing of the parts. After which, I had to do more arranging and sorting and ending up doing less caring about where or how the fruits were lining up.

Then mom reminded me not to forget the buttons as she pointed to the magazine.

The good news is I get to try out the button foot for the first time.  It worked out well, but the buttons I had bought for this project were of various sizes…. oh well.

Close up of button placement.

Backing & binding.
Here it is hanging over (total size 14″ by 64″)

Close up, everything always looks better when it is finished, CHECK!!

Now for the new projects of  2013….


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