How do I interrupt thee, let me count the ways

February 25th 2013
I was so excited to make this Valentine’s Mini Quilt. I was inspired when I read this post on Diary of a Quilter.  I did “sit” on it a while,  which means I was redesigning the layout in my sleeping and awake hours, I was!  I had to make it my own… And I was motivated mostly because I was using the reds and pinks from my Ruby charm pack and Modern Vintage yardage by Bonnie and Camille.

Here are my 5 x 5 charm selections (some are random squares)
Here are some left over 2.5 x 2.5 squares I am going to use in there too!
And some scraps,
And one of these is for my “love note” square from A Walk in the Woods by Aneela Hoey.
 I REALLY, REALLY wanted to finish this for Valentine’s Day of this year but sometimes a mother’s (and wife’s) work is never done! I was bombarded with requests at every moment!
1. Where are uniform pants?

2. Did you wash my dance stuff?
3. What is the password for email?
4. How do you download a document?
5. You gotta call the tv service we have no channels?
6. We need milk and yogurt when are you doing groceries?
7. Can I borrow the charger for the iPod?
8. What’s for dinner?
9. Is this garbage?
10. Where does this go?
11. Do want to feed this to the cats?
12. We are invited to dinner are we doing anything that day?
13. Your mom called…
14. Are you taking me to school tomorrow?
15. Are you going to hose off the patio?
16. Why haven’t you washed my shirts? (I did you haven’t put away your laundry!)
17. Can you sign the field trip form?
18. Will you be a chaperone?
19. Why don’t you lead us through the zoo? (ok that was ON the fieldtrip)
20. It won’t take too much time, if you could just help me with….
21. Whose turn us it to unload the dishwasher?
22. How do you make velveeta in the microwave?

23. Panic attack over fighting and bickering children
Does this happen at your house? Who can think, relax and create with all that?
As hard as I ignored everyone,
and tried to stay focused,

even taking late showers,
I did manage to lay out all the blocks, and add a color option below,

but that was all I was able to do up until Valentine’s Day.


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