Christmas Once a Month Project #2

March 26th 2013
Although I have started late on this great Christmas Project Challenge, read more about it by clicking the button below

The Crafty Quilter

I am quickly catching up and hope to post a “fabric type” Christmas Project by the time April 15th comes around (cross your fingers). 

In the meantime, here is my second Christmas Once a Month Project, Snow Themed Sled… Gee! I hope this counts as a Christmas Project. (Julie, what do you say?) I was going to make it for my classroom to decorate through December and January but as with most of my projects as of late, I never finish them in time for the occasion. : (   But I am working on that, really!

Wooden Sled purchased at Michaels for $9.99
First Step: Seal it with this product below.

Choose your paint options. I opted out of my preferred red to give it a wintry feel.
Blue and silver.

Got some pretty Scrapbook embellishments during my first visit to Hobby Lobby.
(I was like a kid in a candy store) 
No, no, no. Don’t assume that painting wood items from a craft store will be that easy. Even the 4 inch letters I have used in the past have had to be sanded and resealed and given 2 coats of paint. This sled was no different. Except I used Tack Cloth to get all the “dust” off to make sure it was smooth. Plus, the rough edges would surely give its handlers splinters.



This was really a piece of cake. The hardest part was all the sanding and waiting for paint to dry.
I could have added a blue or snowy ribbon for hanging, but I liked the rope it came with.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Once a Month Project #2

  1. Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

    Your sled absolutely makes the “Christmas cut”! It’s adorable and I think it would look so cute on a table with a matching table runner. There’s all kinds of decorating possibilities! Thanks for sharing – you are really catching up fast!


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