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Parade of Robots

March 13th 2013
The following are centerpieces for a career day event at work. The theme is technology into the future or something like that.  Meet all the Clay-Bots:
Clay pots and quilt squares and blogging oh my!!
Agape BOT

Social BOT

Restart BOT
Welcome BOT
Theorem BOT

G2 – BOT

Error BOT

Repair BOT

Reboot BOT
Freedom BOT

Classified BOT

Seuss BOT

Symphonic BOT

Nice BOT

Green BOT
Reconfigure BOT

Roaming BOT

Spare Parts BOT
Purpose BOT

The Final Stretch

March 6th 2013
The thrill of seeing a quilt come together is like the completion of  a painting, the birth of a child, the publishing of a book!  Yes, some quilters do get giddy and do a little dance (guilty) during the process.
As I was whining saying… 
in the previous post, I had added this color option.
And really spent way too much time coordinating prints.  I should know by now, that when I sew them together, it’s all for naught!

Squares assembled, check! That was fun!
Then I put the sashing between the squares, I love the contrast!
I added little white squares in the center, even though that is not my accent block,
but it was a measurement thing. 

There on the bottom right, is where I am going to write my love note.  More on that later! I was stumped as to which fabric to use for the backing,
Riley Blake Stripes

Or Bonnie & Camille Bliss
I know I have Bonnie and Camille on the front but don’t feel that it also has to be on the back. Why?  Because I hate putting fabulous fabric on the back when I can use it for the front of something more visible. However, I heard in an interview about or with Steve Jobs, that his dad used to say that your work should look just as beautiful in the back as it does on the front, or something along those lines. And I think that is a great goal to strive for.


Making Amends

March 2nd 2013
The other day I put my foot in my mouth. 

I said something I should not have said. I know it happens to everyone.

But I felt badly, it wasn’t terribly hurtful, just my opinion about something,
but I should have kept it to myself, there was no gain from it.
We have to remember that a person is a person, no matter how small (or tall, or short, or big)!
And really there are so many more nice things to say…
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. and say those instead!
So I made a peace offering…