Scraps with Purpose

March 29th 2013
My friend (Hi Amy) thinks I’m crazy. “Why are you keeping all these scraps?” And she asks that about everything I avoid tossing: felt, fabric, buttons, ribbons, jar lids, batting, you name it.
But there is a method to my madness. Eventually, I will see something or think of something for which the “leftovers” will come in very handy. Case in point? Leftover batting strips from quilts. (above)

I can’t take credit for this fabulous idea of a Coffee Cup Cozy. I saw it in a Quilts and More magazine a couple of years ago, (yes that long!) 
The pattern is here if you want to use it.  
Since I couldn’t find my magazine and it didn’t occur to me to look online, I just traced a coffee cup wrapper and improvised as I went.  That was a much faster option at 10pm. I think that makes it my own version. : )
I tried several cup models to make sure it would work.
Isn’t my label cute?
I did however, remember their clever fastening system, bought those bands and buttons way back and the coffee fabric too! (Hi Ms. Chin)
I made them in no time at all and of course gave the “prototypes” away.  The question was, do they keep the coffee hot longer or protect your hand from the heat of your coffee cup? 
I just think they look pretty!! ; )
So sisters, what do you think? Leave a comment and I’ll make you one,,, 
because I certainly don’t drink coffee!  And as I write I have another idea brewing about repurposing this little item, since my daughter is always asking for more napkins because her Frosty is too cold…

Well, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Scraps with Purpose

  1. Anonymous

    Amanda loves her ice cream holder it’s fabulous it works very well!!����

    Hmmm I would love a coffee holder

    Another great job!!


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