It’s Finished!!!!

April 24th 2013
This was so satisfying to finish. I just really enjoyed putting this together, partly because I really like these fabrics and I got to try so many new things.  Not to mention this one is a keeper, even though the new kitchen is on the back burner again. No Problem.  For progress up until this post, click here.

One of the serendipitous things that happened with this little table topper was that I used a low loft batting that was not my preference because it is kind of poofy and thick. I used this because I wanted to use up whatever I had lying around (waste not, want not) but I know a flatter, needle punched batting is better for table toppers and wall hangings.

Initially, I was going to do this loopy “heart in a heart” (below) type quilting design (to add to the “Valentine” theme of it) but since the fabrics are so busy this totally did not work.

 So, I opted for the one heart per square option which, up until this time, had been un-thought of.  I was just thrilled at the result. The shadows created by dusk on a dimly lit room show off the design so well! What a pleasant surprise!

Well, take a looky here at how the quilting turned out… cool huh?


Here is the close up of the handquilting I did on The Love Note square. I just outlined the square and shadowed the heart on the inside a couple of times, and it has a soft puffiness to it. So pretty!
The binding was an easy choice. For one, I already had white pre-cuts! For another, the quilt was so busy I didn’t want to add to that, and I thought the white would tie together with the little white squares I added.
24 x 24 inches
 Which, I would like to mention, are virtually invisible because the eye is drawn to the embroidery, if we are talking about “movement” in the piece. : ) I do have somewhat formal training in art you know! (Even I had forgotten about that)

So what should I call it? The Valentine Quilt or The Love Note quilt?
Great fabric and chocolate cake, what’s not to love?

2 thoughts on “It’s Finished!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    This quilt came out beautiful. I have seen it along the way in person.. the final product is GREAT! Love the heart per square and the stitching. FABUUUULOUS!



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