The Love Note Square Finished

April 5th 2013
For starters, I think I am going to change the name of this quilt. For one, the Valentine Quilt has red and pink but really nothing else that is “valentine-ish” except for The Love Note. So, even though it started out as the 9 square block Valentine Quilt. I think The Love Note Quilt conjures up more sentiment, don’t you think?  Here it is in stages: Part One, Part Two.

Here is how the actual embroidery went.
CHAIN STITCH: Must be continuous since they link, or it’s quite the challenge to get back in the loop.
DOTS: Not just to “trace” letters but to determine even stitch separation. 

Actually, I did start “doodling” with the thread (backstitched)  much as I would have with a paper and pen, despite trying to draw out a plan, sometimes you just gotta experiment your way through.

 Added pearl detail for contrast, almost melted it while pressing. TIP: Iron on the backside!!

1. Fraying ends
2. Knots of extra, unlooped thread on the back
3. Possibility of catching fabric between stitches.

I love this shadowy shot! (unfinished)
The back, because I would like to know how yours looks.

Done! First attempt. It has charm. Not perfection.

The Love Note, strategically placed in the corner … you’ll see why.
Hard to see, I know. But it order to pin the “sandwich” [front/batting/backing] together,
I tape the backing fabric to the floor so it doesn’t “tug” when I pin and create puckers or folds on the back while quilting it (especially with this low-loft batting which is still pretty puffy).
I usually get a better result this way.  I had this batting already, so I decided to use it.

I use a bone folder to stretch out from the center before I pin the layers together about 2 inches apart.

I have a few ideas about the quilting pattern I want to do, but the actual  Love Note square I’ll quilt by hand, it’s only right. So until next time…..

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