Summer Quilting Plans

May 18th 2013
Summer is just around the corner and I have been planning several mid and large scale quilts to do in the next three months, YAY!!  First, I have two pending table toppers/runners that are themed for Hanukkah and Christmas respectively, from these fabrics and a charm pack. 


 I also am going to start my first twin quilt for my daughter who’s ten years old.

She preferred these Holly Holderman Dolly Dresses 2 and 3 (?) over a more “big girl” feel I thought the Vintage Modern 2012 BOM would offer.

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<div>I better finish this one fast then, before she no longer likes these dresses!</div>
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Check out Debbie’s Dolly Dresses Quilt here. I can’t wait to design my own! I’m going to use some 1930s prints and who knows what else I may throw in the mix, stay tuned!


I am also trying to figure out how many HashTag blocks I would need for a king quilt from this great Craftsy Class  by Camillie Roskelley called Pre-Cuts Made Simple. Every fabric collection the students have used with this pattern looks great, it’s so fun and easy! Really, it is! 
It just dawned on me, however, that my Audrey is too little for quilting such big jobs!!  BUMMER!!
 I mean sure, all the little table toppers
  and runners and other small scale projects
have been super easy to quilt.
 The baby quilts have been somewhat of a challenge,
but I am afraid that with such a shallow “throat” space, (scroll up to Audrey’s picture) 
there is no way I will be able,
even meandering,
 to quilt such large scale quilts on this small machine. (Only because they wouldn’t fit, not because she can’t do the job!) Buying another machine is not an option either.  The closest professional quilter I have heard of, near these parts, is 2 hours away!! 
I’ll have to research that a little more…
The good news is I am nowhere near the stage of quilting any of these since I am just going to start the blocks next month. Still, it’s something to think about for the future since I have been bit by the Quilting Bug.
On another note, I have been going overboard browsing the Happy Go Lucky fabric at that has just become available by the yard.  These are four of my favorites.
 Of course, I am wanting to purchase more than I should, even though I got a gift card. Realistically, these projects will most likely be miniature kitchen or tabletop versions so honestly, I really won’t need so much extra fabric for backing or backgrounds.  But…

Maybe I could just make many small things. No?

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