That Was Easy!

May 4th 2013
One of the best things about blogging is being able to post ahead of time.  I especially appreciate this option when, during Spring Break and Winter Recess,  I make many things and spread the joy over several blog posts.

When school is out, I craft to my heart’s content!  I take pictures.  I upload them.  Then, I write a detailed post for each new project I add to the blog. And lastly, I schedule it to come out and hit PUBLISH (that was easy.)

So, when work is crazy or my arm or other body part pertinent to crafting is not cooperating… If the Internet is down and the monster test is going on at school… Maybe grades are due or report cards come out … and on top of all that I’m exhausted and stressed, new crafts keep coming out on the blog.  And everyone is happy! ; )  This has been the case for the last several posts and maybe a few more coming up!

Even with some or all of that going on, I managed to do this painless, quicky project for a dog lover I know, just last week (in real time) 5 minutes before bed.  Really!

A little paper, a little bling and you’re done!

Just the little craft fix I needed, that was easy!



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