A Tote of Thanks

June 10th 2013
I don’t know why apples are associated with teachers, I always heard “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but oh well!

Artistically speaking though, apples are great. They have a funky shape not quite round, almost heart-shaped and they come in a variety of colors. I especially enjoy illustrations of apples because they are rendered in so many ways and I almost always like them.  Check out what I made with this fabric collection Apple of my Eye by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake
I ordered the fabric late meaning the whole collection was harder to find. But thank God for Etsy, you always find someone who has what you need there. I found several prints from the collection at The Little Fabric Shop online. (Thanks Angie)
I am finding, however, that I am creatively defiant when following patterns.
 I always have to do things a little different, (no stripes inside)
make it a little better, (magnetic closure)
and have it fit my purposes. 
See, I cut the fabric into strips like pattern said, except I cut a rectangle for the bottom.
 I also wanted it wider than the pattern, maybe to hold teacher papers.
(That didn’t work out though)
  I did cut everything first, but made a “prototype” to see how it would turn out. That was a good idea, it turned out well, but I made some mental notes for the next three.
 I can’t take all the credit because the original concept was from this pattern from the Magazine Quilts and More, Winter 2012 issue.

  I applied some pretty cool tricks I learned from the pattern like this french seam: a seam inside a seam, so it looks tidy!
but changed many things about it so it’s fair to do this.
I chose the red prints for the handles because it will camouflage the smudges that handles sometimes get from hands.
Huge perk, they are totally washable and dry-able!!
(So glad that classroom chart stand has a greater purpose!)

Good for all occasions.

It was especially challenging in the classroom this year
 and I really could not have survived without the support, encouragement, laughter, prayers and limitless venting time with these wonderful ladies.
Thanks girls!! XOXO

We laughed, we cried, we became the “East End Girls.” 

3 thoughts on “A Tote of Thanks

  1. Julie C.

    These bags are adorable and they do make great gifts! I love the happy fabric (which I happen to have also). You East End Girls look a little camera shy!

  2. Anonymous

    Another excellent job! Hello !! How cute are those !! This is a must have for all of you looking for that something special for a great friend, teacher, helper, assistant



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