Anything is "Craftable"

June 7th 2013
Isn’t it true that sometimes you just want to make things prettier? Okay, maybe that’s just me. Other times? Well, it’s just not worth it.

In my house, there is a mystery of walking tape. Mostly, it disappears out of my craft area (more times than I care to count) and I am just too tired to pour out my wrath on any of the two possible culprits. So here it is, a non-sensical craft, I mean does anyone do this besides me? But I just want to show you, that almost anything is “craftable!”

This one is NOT considered to be part of the Christmas Once a Month Project so I’ll share this now instead of the 15th!

 First, take your regular scotch tape dispenser.
Then, take it apart.

Choose your favorite card stock or paper with a print or pattern.

I chose a scrap piece of Christmas paper and traced the dispenser card (backwards) on the paper.

Cut it out and there you go!
If you used card stock that will be firm enough to put in the dispenser. If you used paper, just glue it to the one it came with (like I did) use a glue stick!

Pretty and functional! (Did I really have to tell you to put it back together?)

Now all your Christmas wrapping supplies can stay together.
Unless of course, the cuteness of the dispenser makes the tape walk.

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