Christmas Once a Month Project #6

June 15th 2013
I just want to formally thank Julie from the crafty quilter for this great idea of Christmas Once a Month projects.  Just add the tag below if you want to join in!

Christmas Once a Month at The Crafty Quilter

I have collected several Mary Engelbreit Christmas Craft books and while all my favorite projects have been marked for years, it’s only now that I feel “obligated” (in the best sense of the word) to get them done! This month’s project is from this book below.

A black and White checked Scottie, the best part is the back which is red corduroy.

I can’t tell you how long it took me to finally find red corduroy in a fabric store in sunny South Florida. Finally, when Wal-mart had the fabric close out, I found what I was looking for. But that was years ago! That’s how long I’ve been waiting to do this.
The book had a dog template on a grid. I just cut some tracing paper about 16 by 16 and drew it out free hand. It’s easier than enlarging on a copy machine or printer. Not bad, eh?
The directions said to lay out the checked on the bias (diagonal) that would explain the slight stretching I encountered.

I left out the piping because it was really just too much trouble since what I had was too small.

Although they recommended attaching the ribbon after the pillow was sewn, I knew better than that. Not only did I add ribbon for each side, I pinned it between the layers and sewed them right between the seams.  There was no bulk or untidiness.
Gold jingle bells on the “dressy” side and a
  “Santa Hat” brad on the “fun”side.

Someone over here already asked for this puppy, maybe Christmas will come early!


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