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Simply Retro Quilt Along

July 31st 2013
 * V I N T A G E *
There is really a classic feel to this next project on the Simply Retro Quilt Along. You know the one Jana is hosting?
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I am going to do this one the same size as the book suggests, this will be my first large quilt. Of course, I already know who is going to get it. According to Hallmark, October is Clergy Appreciation Month, so if I can pull it off, maybe my Pastor will be getting this quilt in a couple of months.  He likes “earth” colors so this is the palette I have chosen. It’s not by coincidence I have all these already in my fabric stash!
The trick was preserving the corners of the blocks!
This is what I’ve done so far
Come back for an update next week, when I piece it all together. Even I can’t wait!!

Simply Retro Projects Update

July 28th 2013
Here is another update of my projects for the Simply Retro Quilt Along, I have two finished!

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This first project in her book is called “Swell.” I used a patriotic color scheme for a Fourth of July table runner, here’s a flashback on how I got started.

A table runner that measures 16″ x 52″.

I think the binding wraps up the theme nicely.
I wasn’t going to do the usual stipple, but I had to so I could try out this new darning foot I got on Ebay at this shop for my vintage Kenmore sewing machine. This was her first quilting job and it came off without a hitch!



It’s perfect for covering a little wear and tear on the patio table.



Here is the “Retro” quilt all finished, it’s the second project in the book. It just needs washing to make it soft for the baby, coming on August 7th or sooner.
Below is my daughter’s contribution for size comparison.

This is the front.

This is the back, so fun!

One side for playing, the other for napping.


I quilted it in a wave motif, of course.

 Don’t forget to visit Jana’s blog and look for the quilt along pics from other quilters. Please pop back in next week, right here, for a look at more projects from Simply Retro.



Meet Jenny

July 27th 2013
It has always been said that parents do not have favorites. Somehow the love just multiplies and there is enough to go around.  Sure, sometimes the growing up years can be a little rough and your parents don’t understand you. So you go and talk to a neighbor who doesn’t judge and asks if you are talking about the cute guy in P.E. (Never mind that the neighbor just happens to be your mom’s best friend.)

All this to say… Most of you have heard me talk about Audrey but rarely about my first sewing machine.  Today, I want to introduce you to Jenny. My daughter just named her, she’s my vintage Kenmore sewing machine. I’d call her a work horse but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. 


She has been around for many years but she is practically brand new! My dad bought this sewing machine in the late 1960’s for my mom when she got here from Cuba. She is an embroidery machine,

 these belong to her.
Here is the original manual in Spanish,

but thanks to the internet, I was able to find it in English.
Fast forward to 1989, I used  her to make a Dorothy costume without a pattern.  I have used her several times over the years and bought her some new parts in 1995 when she officially became mine.  I even got her a new cabinet after I got married. (I knew I should have gotten the white)

Today, Jenny got a new foot that will rejuvenate her! (I got it on Ebay at this shop.)
With this darning foot I can free motion quilt with her.  That will take some of the burden off of Audrey and they’ll both have equal play time.
Needless to say, Jenny, like me, came into quilting later in life. This is all new to her.  Let’s try it on for size, shall we?

Just like Cinderella!
I practiced a little to get my foot at the right angle and speed that would yield good stitching.
And when I put her foot down and put the petal to the medal, (Audrey has an automatic feature) Jenny quilted her little heart out.  Her stitches were smooth and even and with no tension problems.  Although she did get a little hot under the collar, you know,  some hot flashes, like the rest of us get who are close to her age.
Moral of the Story:  I spent $12.99 (instead of buying a new machine)  and was able to put more use to an oldie but goodie.  There are no favorites in this house!

Simply Retro Quilt Along

July 20th 2013
I really like this block. But more so, these great combining fabrics I was so glad to have in my stash!
The striped one I got at Fat Quarter Shop on clearance at the end of “a year.” The fabulous flower print I got on my first trip to Hobby Lobby. No one told me Hobby Lobby had fabric!  But no worries, I was well prepared to spend : )  It was a great church activity and field trip for the ladies, but the driver of the van probably wasn’t so thrilled driving 2 hours (to and from) with chattering ladies behind him; but he was a trooper, thanks Pastor!
This block is project three on the Simply Retro Book by Camille Roskelley and it’s part of the Quilt Along Jana is hosting.

Grab button for Simply Retro Quilt Along
I’m a little behind on this one, but here it is. I wonder if you can guess why I have four attempts?

 I do love the fabric but there was something else going on, that I finally realized had no solution at this point.
Can you see what I see?

Look closer now..

 All I am going to say is “TRIANGLES.”
And I’d like to add that I spent way too much time here trying to fix the problem. 

Alright, I’ll tell you. It said to make triangles from 5″ squares and then trim to 4 1/2. Well, be careful how you trim!!

If your points don’t meet in the exact corner, after your trimming and/or at sewing time. There is NO WAY EVER that you will have a 1/4″ after the point of your triangle.  

So there, quilt and learn.


Quilting Fatigue

July 18th 2013
Ever been so determined to finish something that you wear yourself out and almost hate the thing by the time you’re done? Guilty! (raised hand)
Good golly! First, I am waiting for this oh so cute Michael Miller fabric (Fishies and Swim with Us, respectively available at to arrive to finally piece the back: ANTICIPATION
Second, I had already decided to quilt it in “waves” since it has an ocean theme: EAGERNESS
Third, I try a new thread, the tension is bad, the nightmare begins: FRUSTRATION
It was just a few months ago that I was agonizing in the same exact spot over the same exact thing: Déjà vu

By mid afternoon, my daughter says “If you like quilting so much, why are you cursing?!” : Numerous mutterings of exasperation
(I am not a sailor)
The job is almost complete, only binding left to do by hand, but I have to rest for a day or two after all that tension (no pun intended!)  This quilt needs a Time Out!


Learned but not practiced lessons:
1. Start and Stop times for quilting
2. Sit in the right chair from the get go
3. It’s not the quilting, or the thread after all.
Poor Audrey (my machine) is too little for such a big job and I can’t maneuver the quilt properly, it’s not her fault!
Breathe in, breathe out. I like quilting, I enjoy quilting.  My back stitches are even, my smaller projects are a joy. Audrey pieces and sews perfectly! Note to self: When business improves, get another machine for quilting!

So tell me, have you ever had quilting fatigue?