Quilting Fatigue

July 18th 2013
Ever been so determined to finish something that you wear yourself out and almost hate the thing by the time you’re done? Guilty! (raised hand)
Good golly! First, I am waiting for this oh so cute Michael Miller fabric (Fishies and Swim with Us, respectively available at Fabric.com) to arrive to finally piece the back: ANTICIPATION
Second, I had already decided to quilt it in “waves” since it has an ocean theme: EAGERNESS
Third, I try a new thread, the tension is bad, the nightmare begins: FRUSTRATION
It was just a few months ago that I was agonizing in the same exact spot over the same exact thing: Déjà vu

By mid afternoon, my daughter says “If you like quilting so much, why are you cursing?!” : Numerous mutterings of exasperation
(I am not a sailor)
The job is almost complete, only binding left to do by hand, but I have to rest for a day or two after all that tension (no pun intended!)  This quilt needs a Time Out!


Learned but not practiced lessons:
1. Start and Stop times for quilting
2. Sit in the right chair from the get go
3. It’s not the quilting, or the thread after all.
Poor Audrey (my machine) is too little for such a big job and I can’t maneuver the quilt properly, it’s not her fault!
Breathe in, breathe out. I like quilting, I enjoy quilting.  My back stitches are even, my smaller projects are a joy. Audrey pieces and sews perfectly! Note to self: When business improves, get another machine for quilting!

So tell me, have you ever had quilting fatigue?


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