Friday Night Block Party: Broken Dishes

August 23rd 2013
Hi everybody! So glad you could make it to the Block Party this week, even though school has started in some places and we are TI-ERD, exhausted.  Well, sometimes when we are so drained of energy, we get clumsy or lazy, so besides dirty dishes, we may be seeing some broken dishes at this party.





 Today’s featured block is called “Broken Dishes” and it is also made with Half Square Triangles going any which way! Some other names for it are Hourglass, even Paddlewheel or pinwheel, it all depends how your arrange them.

“Broken Dishes is a simple quilt block made from half-square triangles arranged in a four patch. The squares are arranged at different angles to create the effect of broken dishes. It’s popularity dates back to the 1790’s and is one of the most common blocks in quilt history. It is a fun block to make with all different colors of fabrics or of just two colors.”


Source: Utah State University Extension

I made this runner for my mom, the pattern was Hourglass, the instructions said to cut your square twice diagonally. But a half-square triangle is so much easier!

I’m going to use some scraps from my surplus. 

For Half-Square Triangles, draw a line diagonally and sew 1/4 inch on either side.

Daisy chain stitched squares

Then Daisy chain stitched pairs.
I tend to overthink the arranging so I’m going to try to just DO IT!! 

There! A Broken Dishes block. Then I thought you all might like for me to make it into “something.” I have a lot going on so I have tons of UFOs these days.


But since I am making blocks like crazy, I thought a great way to make good use of them is to make Pot Holders. If you link up from or leave a comment on last week’s party or this week’s, you will be entered in the next Giveaway which is a pack of Insul-Bright insulated lining. (Brought to you by me!) This giveaway ends on August 30th.  Here’s how the first pot holder attempt turned out.


I used parts of the Insul-Bright’s, tutorial for putting the pot holder together.  For some reason, I thought I’d only use the Insul-bright, but you need a layer of cotton batting as well.


But then it said “face the shiny side to the side that gets the heat.” Well mine didn’t have a front or back side, so I put 2 cotton layers, which was also an option.

Not a happy project for me. It was Waaaay too thick and it “shrunk” when I quilted it. : (
I didn’t have the leftover on the edges when quilting normally.  I also should have done the binding on the machine.

Well, that’s the last picture I’m showing, let’s see your Broken Dishes or another block you have been working on. You may link to Flickr images, or a blog post or something from Pinterest. Any link at all to show your stuff. I’m dying to see it!

Many thanks to our sponsors for some of the giveaways. Oh, the winner of the Camille Roskelley patterns is Bonnie! Send me an email to claim your prize, her comment was:

Love those pinwheels!! Especially the pink and black one. Would love to make a whole quilt out of that one. Thanks for sharing.”
Thanks for coming to the block party!! And if you want to host a block party, send me an email and we’ll come over to your blog on Friday.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Block Party: Broken Dishes

  1. Anonymous

    Well I am not a quilter or a crafty arts maker… but I love seeing all the fun,creative, beautiful pieces my sister.. summercrafter makes!

    ..One day I am going to do a 101 class with her!
    Have fun at the BLOCK party!



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