Simply Retro Quilt Along

August 31st 2013
It’s that time again for another project from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro, this Quilt Along is being hosted by Jana, check out the other posts on her blog.
Do you have tons of strips and scraps from other quilts and projects? Don’t tell me you threw them out?!?!  This project is perfect for such left overs. The best part is there is not much “aligning” to worry about, or any mismatched seams likely to be noticed. That’s why it’s just “my kind” of project!
It’s called “Adorn” and it’s a six point star.
(photo by Jana)
During this project I tried out three new tools and techniques!
First, I used spray basting. Got this bottle 50% off at Joann (one of those “no minimum” low rate shipping offers too) I sprayed the backing fabric and smoothed on the batting. DON”T SPRAY YOUR TOP!!
Second, I got to try out my 60 degree Triangle Ruler that’s been waiting patiently to be inaugurated.
This could almost be a sampler of everything I’ve made so far.
I quilted the outline of the triangles.
And lastly, I am quilting all of the white area in “pebble” style, which I have been wanting to try and I thought this small project would be a great opportunity.  I watched this video to get motivated.
Because of the tiny pebbles and intense quilting that this required however, mine is not yet finished.
So I’ll be posting an update very soon. Do come back to see how it all turned out! 

3 thoughts on “Simply Retro Quilt Along

  1. Mina

    I just bought that ruler a few weeks ago and have been wanting to try it out but I have a fear of triangles! Yours look great and I love the pebble quilting


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