Friday Night Block Party: The Road Most Traveled

September 13th 2013
Is it Friday yet? Felt like it on Tuesday!!  Here we are for another Block Party and this week’s block was easy to choose, I cheated!
Well, not really but I am double dipping. I mean “too much of a good thing is wonderful!” or so Mae West used to say.  If you’ll recall from last week. I was totally smitten with this whole notion of reading (I am a librarian by profession) and quilting combined. Read more about this club here or at  Starwoodquilter.
Well, I bought my books for the rest of the year and am really enjoying this quilting novel called  The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs.  (Quilting novels, who knew?)
In this club, she selects books that go with the novel, see options here.  So from those I chose the one I wanted to do and that’s how I came up with the block for this week’s party.  The names and how they correclate with the story is amazing. Since blocks have so many names it must be fun finding a match.
PLOT: Since the mom and the daughter are on a road trip to take her to college,
this week’s block is called “The road most traveled.”  But in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

it’s called Hovering Hawks with different color placement.

Although this block below, from Civil War Quilts with the same name of Hovering Hawks has an entirely different layout.  “Hovering Hawks can symbolize foraging soldiers on both sides. Hawks are predators that keep a hawk-eye out for a breakfast of smaller birds and rodents, so one can see how their name was appropriated for predatory scavengers during the Civil War.”
If you’ll notice the first block piecing includes tiny triangles and a wider band on the corners and minute triangle piecing.  Yikes!  But guess what?  I just drew on the pattern and made it all with half square triangles. Apparently everything is made simpler using HSTs. And that’s how I did it, see?

I love red, white and blue!

This month’s giveaway is a charm’s pack from the Fat Quarter Shop.   Thanks to some of our giveaway sponsors.

You have until the end of the month to link up with any block you are working on, we’d love to see it, or leave a comment to be eligible to win! Thanks for coming to the party!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Block Party: The Road Most Traveled

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  3. legato1958

    I have the Farmer’s Wife book, and you are inspiring me to dig into it and make some blocks from it!. I love the history behind the blocks.
    Your RW&B block is pretty.



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