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Fall Blog Hop!

September 19th 2013
It’s time for the Fall Blog Hop!! Today is the first day!
The lined up bloggers are as follows:

September 19th  Sheri — Sunshine in the Attic 
September 20th Maggie — Maggie’s Empty Nest Days
September 21st Susie — Susie’s Sun Room
September 23rd  Yevette — Evindie
September 26th Patricia — Quilting Lines
So make sure to visit each one for some great Autumn inspiration!
Look at this goodness from Sheri
Click on the picture and go straight to the tutorial!!

I remember

September 17th 2013
It was August of 2005 when I walked into that library crammed with books, there wasn’t a nook or cranny between them on the shelves. And, curiously waiting for the new librarian, were the clerk and the computer tech. He was a bright eyed and bushy tailed, whipper-snapper. (I say whipper-snapper because the scales have tipped and, as of late, I am always the eldest in any given group it seems.)  He was young, with big brown eyes and enviable lashes. He wore a knowing smile together with his “uniform” khakis and a polo shirt.  As I dragged in my boxes, plastic containers and even a desk into my new work space, he quickly informed me that he would only help or carry items because I was in my “honeymoon” period of the job. That’s how it all began.

It has been said that “friends are the family you choose for yourself.”  But sometimes circumstances and situations make the choice for you, like in a work environment.  One might find that in a day to day type of routine, you get to know people really well even if they are not open about their life. You learn their moods and quirks, likes and dislikes, and if you pay attention, you get to know what they are really about.  Some of these colleagues may even become especially dear to you even though you don’t really socialize with them outside of work.  We humans, well I at least, have a tendency to get attached to people, I grow fond of them and they take up a little corner of my heart; even if I don’t see them or talk to them every day. That in itself is a mystery entirely!

Well, one of these friends/colleagues is no longer with us. I imagine he must have looked at Jesus in the eyes and with a firm handshake, asked for a tour of the place; asking questions and offering any knowledge he has regarding Heaven. He will be greatly missed. Today he would have turned 37. He was an avid traveler who’d likely seen almost the whole planet already, even at his young age.

I quilted his name on this because he was all I could think of and pray about while I was working on it.

This post is just a montage of random memories I have of him.  If you have a memory to add, please do, just leave out his name for respect towards him and his family.  

In those first days at work, once my desk was set up, he saw the pictures I had of Colorado and we quickly realized we shared an experience,   and had a place in common; we skied! He skied blue and black trails and I stayed on the greens, albeit on different mountains that is. On his next trip, he brought me back a snowball souvenir, I still have it.

During lunch, he even scouted out ski trails, virtually, on the mountains we were familiar with. Recalling past adventures or planning out new ones.  Over the years, Colorado provided us hours of conversation, vacation planning and online shopping for the right gloves. 

 He also printed out my corner of Colorado one day and taped it to my desk, this little frozen lake.  He was very thoughtful like that.

He brought us whatever we liked to eat, because he would remember. He was very generous and detail oriented.  Friends and food go together, right?

I remember he would pay one day then I would pay the next. “I don’t nickel and dime” he would say, if you tried to pay him back.

He always remembered what you liked and brought it even if you said “no.”


He introduced me to the Philly Cheesecake at Flanigan’s.
And oriented me to a great “mom and pop” (as he used to say) pizza shop he frequented, which now my friends and I frequent too.

After the winter Olympics one year, after hearing me go on and on about the ice skating event, he made sure that I went to see the Smuckers on Ice Show.
Who does that? Someone who wants you to enjoy life a little everyday, just like he did.

He was a mover and a shaker; he worked hard and played hard. He was all about family, friends and good times.
He was loved by everyone, was put in charge of everything, and he is greatly missed.  Thanks for everything. XO

Friday Night Block Party: The Road Most Traveled

September 13th 2013
Is it Friday yet? Felt like it on Tuesday!!  Here we are for another Block Party and this week’s block was easy to choose, I cheated!
Well, not really but I am double dipping. I mean “too much of a good thing is wonderful!” or so Mae West used to say.  If you’ll recall from last week. I was totally smitten with this whole notion of reading (I am a librarian by profession) and quilting combined. Read more about this club here or at  Starwoodquilter.
Well, I bought my books for the rest of the year and am really enjoying this quilting novel called  The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs.  (Quilting novels, who knew?)
In this club, she selects books that go with the novel, see options here.  So from those I chose the one I wanted to do and that’s how I came up with the block for this week’s party.  The names and how they correclate with the story is amazing. Since blocks have so many names it must be fun finding a match.
PLOT: Since the mom and the daughter are on a road trip to take her to college,
this week’s block is called “The road most traveled.”  But in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

it’s called Hovering Hawks with different color placement.

Although this block below, from Civil War Quilts with the same name of Hovering Hawks has an entirely different layout.  “Hovering Hawks can symbolize foraging soldiers on both sides. Hawks are predators that keep a hawk-eye out for a breakfast of smaller birds and rodents, so one can see how their name was appropriated for predatory scavengers during the Civil War.”
If you’ll notice the first block piecing includes tiny triangles and a wider band on the corners and minute triangle piecing.  Yikes!  But guess what?  I just drew on the pattern and made it all with half square triangles. Apparently everything is made simpler using HSTs. And that’s how I did it, see?

I love red, white and blue!

This month’s giveaway is a charm’s pack from the Fat Quarter Shop.   Thanks to some of our giveaway sponsors.

You have until the end of the month to link up with any block you are working on, we’d love to see it, or leave a comment to be eligible to win! Thanks for coming to the party!!

Simply Retro Quilt Along

September 9th 2013
Sweet Life.
That’s the name of this super easy and fun pattern from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro. It’s the next project on the Quilt Along hosted by Jana, hop on over to her blog and see what other people have made. We are almost done with the book!!
Grab button for Simply Retro Quilt Along
I opted out of making a full quilt since I already have done one baby quilt and I am working on another baby quilt and one full sized quilt, both from this book.
So I decided to make a pillow using these Kate Spain Fat Quarters I got this summer.
And I used some “word” fabric full of Christmas cheer, I already had for the back.
Wondering what that flap is for?  It’s a zipper cover.
I used to be a Zippophobe (to use the word from The Patchsmith, Amanda.) It means “someone who has fear or anxiety at the thought of inserting, installing, attaching or assembling a zipper into any type of sewing project.”
So yep! I finally faced my fear and did a zipper, I used Amy’s tutorial  from her blog Amy Made that! It was really a cinch! I think I am going to buy zippers in bulk now! : )
And as an added bonus for me, this project also serves as my Christmas Once a Month Project hosted by Julie the Crafty Quilter. YAY!!
Christmas Once a Month at The Crafty Quilter
So I have two great Christmas pillows ready for December.
It’s time to start cranking out more Christmas Crafts.

Change. It’s Coming.

September 8th 2013
Change. It gets a bad rap. People run from it. People rather stay in their situations and be miserable because they are afraid of it. It keeps us up at night and gives us stomach troubles but it’s really inevitable.  Without change, you’d still be dating Mr. Wrong. Without change, you’d still be drinking milk in a bottle.  Without change, you’d still be rotary dialing instead of texting on your phone. Without change, it would be hot in Miami the whole year.  Okay, you get the picture. Change is good and although we may resist it, kicking and screaming, it’s usually good for us, generally speaking.  It opens up opportunities, closes doors we shouldn’t go through, etc…
This is one of the “inspirational” messages I have in my craft area. It’s an illustration from Mary Engelbreit that really speaks volumes in its simplicity.  This can mean forgetting, forgiving or moving forward but it definitely means something is going to change. And it starts with “self.” 
As I look at it everyday, little by little I just started adding words of things in life that we can do better without: things that stunt our growth, retard success and keep us dwarfed emotionally. Feelings that oppress us, lies we accept and poisons we may sip daily. Things that steal our joy and ruin our dreams.  I don’t want any of it!
Think about it. What’s holding you back? A new beginning is on the horizon, set yourself free!
I’m ready.