Simply Retro Update: "Playground"

September 23rd 2013
This post is to show you the completed baby quilt from the “Playground” pattern from the same book. It’s done in Baby Big Top Circus fabric by Timeless Treasures. Not much a fan of circuses per se, but they sure look great as illustrations and fabric!

This pattern is one of the projects in the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley.  Jana is hosting a quilt along on her blog.
I wanted to give you an update on how lovely this quilt came out. At least I was happy with the result.

I just quilted loops, that’s “circus-y” isn’t it?
 large loops on the blocks

and small loopier loops on the sashing and borders.

The backing has moons and stars, I used this for my son’s room 14 years ago! Let’s just say I’ve come such a looooong way!!

Can you guess my favorite part? 
Solid binding in various colors, it was the perfect complement. And it was very convenient to have this jelly roll handy! I just pulled colors that matched the quilt.
Then I thought I would personalize it just a little. (I’m new at this embroidery, but it will do)

Handmade with love.  
I feel it needs a good washing before I give it to a baby.
Plus, I always want to make sure it survives the wash? : ) 

So do you wash your quilts before giving them away? 

2 thoughts on “Simply Retro Update: "Playground"

  1. GrannyTo8Boys

    I do wash all my quilts, because I have a dog who can’t keep his hair to himself. And I want to make sure they don’t fall apart. LOL. Your quilt is adorable and so bright. I can picture a baby on his/her stomach reaching for the colors, just as mine used to do. Bright is better for babies, I say!

  2. legato1958

    Liam’s quilt is gorgeous! Your quilting is just right for the pattern and fabrics. So sweet and fun! I love your binding, too.
    I don’t wash my quilts… but I think I would for a baby quilt, too.


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