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October 24th 2013

Got juice pouches? There are 2 crafts for that!

juice pouches For tree you will need:

Juice pouches with straws (at least one per craft) 

Hot glue gun 


and a cork. 

First wash out your pouches and straws in soap and warm water, let air dry.   

Juice pouch Cut the pouches in 1/4 inch strips. They are “stuck” on the ends so it’s easier to cut them this way.

juice pouch strips on straw  

With ends “stuck” you can open the strip and stick the drink straw between. Put a dab of hot glue on the straw and press down the pouch foil. I alternated front and back of pouch and arrangement, you don’t want your pouch to look like the drink now do you?  Once they are all attached, I flipped it over on the back and reinforced the back part of straw with glue as well.

juice pouch tree shape  

Cut the pouch strips into a triangle shape. Some strips may curl. Leave curled or glue if you prefer.


Get a cork and slice it into pieces about 1/2 inch thick. Make sure one side is really flat so it could stand. Use a scissor to press a tiny opening in the center of the cork. Dab a little hot glue and stick the bottom part of the straw in the hole.  


Juice Pouch tree

And there you have it, a juice pouch Christmas tree miniature!

Craft #2  for ornament you will need:

1 juice pouch per ornament (at least)

1 glass or plastic ball (mine was 2 1/2 inches top to bottom)


Wash and dry juice pouches.

Juice pouch

Cut the juice pouches in 1/4 inch strips first.

juice pouch squares

Now cut off the square ends. The strips will curl some, that’s okay. 

juice pouch curls

Use your scissors to curl them as you would ribbon for a gift or a party. Kids can wrap it around a kabob stick tightly and get a similar effect.

juice pouch fill

As you curl them, put them inside the ornament right off the stick or with your hands.

Juice Pouch Ornament

And there you have it. Isn’t that a nice ornament? The foil will reflect Christmas lights for a little bling!

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