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Friday Night Block Party: Bouquet

November 30th 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! What a weird thing how the days just blend one into another. But look it’s Friday already!

pinwheel block party

 The featured block today is #8 from the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book. This weeks block is called Bouquet.

bouquet book

I find that the order of piecing these blocks makes such difference and the book doesn’t say. So here is my attempt at showing you the best way to piece this block.

bouqet 1st

Firs take the smaller triangles and sew them to the indicated “partners.”

bouquet 2

After pressing, PRESSING IS SO IMPORTANT, sew those triangles to the flower part of the block.

This will make the flat edge you need to

bouquet 3

combine these two parts.

bouquet 4

Now you are ready to add the large triangle with is the base of the bouquet.

bouquet 5

Don’t forget to put together these two pieces but don’t add it yet!

bouquet 6 First you add the rectangle to the finished unit.

bouquet 7

Then you add this last piece and trim your block if necessary. Mine is slightly skewed. I am realizing that it’s because of the scrappy pieces that are not exactly cut on the grain of the fabric.

bouquet block

I hope the piecing tips were helpful. Always look for what makes a straight edge and press!!

This is the last chance for the November giveaway of 2 charm packs from the Fat Quarter Shop. Just leave a comment or add your link below and show us your block. Any block will do just leave your name and the name of the block. You all are so talented we want to see!!

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It’s time for the Holiday Extravaganza!

November 29th 2013

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. I Thessalonians 5: 16-18.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration remembering the first pilgrims who came to the New World seeking religious freedom for all, and laying the foundation for our country.  Let’s be gracious and grateful, enjoying, fun, food, family and friends!

But before you head out tomorrow, I wanted to encourage you to take a break from your Black Friday Shopping Frenzy this weekend, and invite you to visit the

badge holiday ext

happening over on Krisitn’s blog.  You really just can’t miss it and it starts at MIDNIGHT!!   (After the turkey)  She has put together this amazing line up of bloggers, crafters, tutorials, games and giveaways. EVERY HOUR is something new! (I’m up on Saturday night!)  And it doesn’t cost you a penny. So just stay in your PJs and Bunny Slippers and scroll on through because it’s going on all day and night!

photo jar lid pompom edge

I will be featuring my tutorial on these Recycled Memory Ornaments. Step by step instructions, with pictures, on how to preserve those Holiday Photo cards and give back a memory. They can serve as tags and ornaments. Just make sure you have some jar lids handy!  So click on over there for tons of holiday craft ideas like: ornaments, albums, tags, cards, memory keeping and even more inspiration!!  And thanks to Kristin for this great opportunity to share some craft love!

There’s a Craft for That!

November 25th 2013

Have any paper towel rolls? There’s a craft for that!

This is a really fast craft and it makes for a great festive centerpiece. Imagine for a moment candy sticks!


What you will need:

paper towels materials

  • Paper towel rolls
  • Gesso acrylic plaster type of media
  • 9 x 11 felt sheets (one for each roll)
  •  Assorted ribbons and cords. (24 inches of each for each roll)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  •  A paint brush

1. Gather your paper towel rolls.

paper towels

2. Paint them with the Gesso. There are several brands and prices and its’ available in art stores, craft stores and online. Here are some links: Create for less  at  (use your coupons!) or Amazon) This product adds firmness to the cardboard and helps hold its shape. One or two coats is fine.

Paper towels Gesso

3. Put a line of hot glue LENGTHWISE about 1/8 inch from the edge of the felt.  Make sure the paper towel roll is straight with the edge of the felt. and roll it onto the glue so you don’t burn yourself.

paper towel glue first

4.  Keep rolling until you get to the starting point of the felt sheet. Put another line of glue along the roll or the felt and roll it closed.

5. Trim off excess, you can retouch overlap with glue after it’s cut if you need to.

paper towel cut extra

6.  From excess cut out two 2 inch circles (to cover the sides)

paper towel trace circle paper towel ends

7. Cut your cord and ribbon to 24 inches. You may glue to secure inside of the tube or just under the overlap flap.

paper towel secure ribbon

8. Wrap cord or ribbon around the roll first to see how it’ll look. Then do it again, gluing in various spots until you get to the bottom and secure other end inside the tube or under the flap with a dab of glue.

paper towel first wrap

9. Repeat with other trim, secure ends inside tube.

paper towel 2

10. Carefully put glue around the edge of the top of the roll and press your circle down. You may trim if necessary. Repeat on other side.

Paper towel glue around edge

11. Glue the circles on the ends, trim.

paper towel end

Make as many as you like in all different colors if you want!

paper towel rolls done

 and  tie them together, make a display

paper towel mantle

or you use them as a  centerpiece for the table.

paper towels table

Wasn’t that easy? Oh! And I forgot to mention this is also my feature for the Christmas Once a Month that Julie The Crafty Quilter has been hosting this whole year!

christmas once a month It has been so much fun to participate in this, I hope she does it next year too! Or maybe I’ll jump on the bandwagon!

Friday Night Block Party: Birds in the Air

November 22nd 2013

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, can you believe it? I am thankful to make new quilting blocks every week. It’s such a learning experience, practice makes better, I am not at “perfect” yet.

pinwheel block party

 The featured block today is #7 from the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book.  If you have joined our FWQA or felt inspired to pick up the task again, Susie from Susie’s Sunroom is doing it too and she has a Flickr group. Amanda The Patchsmith is also joining the fun, don’t miss her “Patchiqué” series!

book block 7 birds

This week is more of a tutorial style, this was a challenging one for me!  I thought it would be easy enough since cutting these tiny triangles with the templates was a piece of cake, I did 4 at a time.

scraps for FWQA

Here they are teeny, tiny triangles ready to sew.

birds in the air pieces

With right sides together, sew the triangles opposite of the “L” to make your half square triangles. I would have rather made them starting with squares, but I am working with scraps so this way worked out better for that reason.

birds Triangles RST

I set up all my triangles so I could chain piece them and not lose any.

HsT ready to sew

When those are sewn, press them to darker side, the template provides clean ends so you don’t have to trim.

birds press

Next I arranged all the pieces how they are supposed to go to figure out best sewing order.

birds pieces in place

I see this block has 4 units. For each unit, I sewed the smaller pieces vertically first. If you don’t like threads, this one is very thready with so many tiny pieces!  Don’t forget to press!

birds sew units

Next, I sew these pieces across.  As you can see “one of these things just doesn’t belong here.”  I have to say that with all the sewing this entails, I used the seam ripper more!

bird units one off

(Fix any mistakes you have) then sew the larger triangle pieces to each other. Then across and complete your block.  I had to trim these squares because they were skewed, but just a smidgen.

birds units

When all was said and done, I trimmed the final block to 6 1/2 inches.

birds in the air block #7

Let my just say that, after making this block, I had a “tightening in the chest” feeling as if I had spent the day in a classroom, full of third grade boys, the day after a full moon!

The good news is that the November giveaway is 2 charm packs from the Fat Quarter Shop. Just leave a comment or add your link below and show us your block. Any block will do just leave your name and the name of the block. You all are so talented we want to see!!

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December Fun!

November 19th 2013

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve got Christmas on the brain.


You see last year, I started off just fine with that Christmas anticipation but  with all the heat (in Miami) the commercialism, the rush and nickel & diming, come Christmas, “that Christmas feeling” had dissipated. The first time ever for me : ( So much so that this Summer, I didn’t even go to the Robert’s Christmas Wonderland in Tampa, as I usually do.  But as of late, I have been on Facebook enjoying all the “I believe in the Magic of Christmas” posts and enjoying all those magical photographs of Christmas around the world.  Even the Counting Down to Christmas (slow down people!) has had my daughter talking about it since October!

This year, thanks to Julie The Crafty Quilter, we have been preparing for Christmas every month with her “Christmas Once a month” posts. (I am behind on my November post) But, I have also joined all these other events to keep me focused, excited and slowing down enough to take in everyday in December.

christmas once a month

First is the Holiday Extravaganza going on at RUKristin’s blog the day after Thanksgiving, a new Black Friday Tradition! You can get a sneak peek here, I’ll be featuring a great recycling tutorial for those Holiday Photo Cards. I hope you’ll stop by!

badge holiday ext

Up next is the December Daily which is Ali Edwards’ great idea.  It’s just enough scrapbooking to keep you sane and remember all the details of the holidays instead of recalling them in a blur! Just 25 days! That is all the memory keeping you have to do. Now that I can manage! I can’t wait to get my stuff in the mail.  She has a great kit to you can buy to make your own December Daily journal, you can check that out here.  But all you really need is a photo album or generic scrapbook with some pretty paper, stickers and maybe some ribbon. As much or as little as you want to make it!


I am also a list maker. It’s the only way to get things out of my head and so guess what? There is a 30 days of lists event going on, read all about it over here. It’s a special December edition that, of course, is going to go right into my December Daily Journal, one a day. These lists can be written anywhere and it takes what? Like 5 minutes of my life? I can’t wait to start!


And lastly, just because this is my first Thimble Blossoms pattern, by Camille Roskelley, I am having a Vintage Holiday Quilt Along!!  Heidi had one of these last year and they turned out great!  I am going to start quilting on December first, 2 blocks a day, and hope to have it done by Christmas Eve or sooner. And I’ll post my progress periodically. No pressure!  I really fell in love with this Vintage Modern Fabric Collection of hers. It’s the most I have ever splurged on fabric (at that time.) I know there is so much going on in December, but I really would love to put this over my sofa to greet Christmas guests as they come into my house. Say you’ll quilt along!

vintage holiday