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Old Friends…

December 21st 2013

If you followed my blog when it had this picture on blogspot.


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Presents for Teachers

December 20th 2013

“A quilt is a quilt no matter how small.”  Well, Horton didn’t say that exactly but I did! I made these tiny Mug Rugs for my daughter’s teachers.  My daughter has been talking about her teachers’ likes and class themes the whole year. So I whipped these up for them: size 6 x 8 inches.

owl patch mug rug

This one is just 2 1/2 inch patchwork, she likes owls.

dog mug rug

This one was so easy because the fabric already looks “patchy” so I just cut front and back coordinating prints 6 1/2 by 8 1/2.

Minion Mug Rug

This one was the funnest of course. There is a variety of techniques here. The eye is applique and I satin stitched the gray twice it was not easy to get that stitch even so I am not pleased with that part!  But if you want to try it out for yourself, I made a pattern, available at my Craftsy shop.

Please remember to use this as a gift for yourself or for others and not for selling purposes. Thanks!

Friday Night Block Party: Snowball, Bowtie, Broken Dishes

December 20th 2013

Crazy weeks in December for all of us right? I forgot all about the Block Party last week, my sincere apologies!  You were probably too busy to even look! I know I have been running around hosting, planning, shopping, wrapping, crafting and quilting gifts. Whew! I need a vacation!

pinwheel block party

So this week we have 3 blocks! The finish of the Snowball blocks. the Bowtie and revisiting the Broken Dishes.  All featured in the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Book. Block #81, #10 and 11.

The Snowballs from last time were almost done as they just needed the corners and here are a few.

SNowball blocks

And then I added the ornament tops for the Vintage Holiday Quilt and the quilting has begun!

vintage Holiday stipple

Below is the Bowtie I made with Leftover Dr. Seuss fabric. NOT loving it, but I will probably revisit some blocks….


And here is my new and much more attractive Broken Dishes. The last one was a disaster!

broken dishes page

I chose these tiny scraps from my stash from this table topper I made.

broken dishes daisy chain

Daisy chained the triangles, broken dishes HSTs

Pressed them open to dark side, broken dishes laid out

Arranged them just so.. broken dishes rows

Sewed the rows together, always pressing aftewards,
Broken Dishes Block And here is my broken dishes block, kinda “beachy” huh?

Oh!! Before I forget! The winner for the November giveaway of two charm packs from Moda is Susie from Susie’s Sunroom.  She had multiple entries with all her linkies and comments increasing her odds, way to go Susie. Maybe you can share with your sister ; ).

november giveaway

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by the party!  The linkies have to be renewed monthly so please let me know if you are interested in the link party to add your block or tutorial style better. I may revamp for next year. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!

30 days of lists

December 18th 2013

This 30 days of lists sounds mundane and may even make you think “what?!”    But really this listing thing has been so fun and you meet so many great people on the Facebook group  but it’s only for us listers! It’s a hoot!  Here are some of my prettier renditions of some of the lists. This one was about list of movies you want to see, I did mine with Christmas movies.

list movies

I thought the December version would be geared toward this Holiday month like your favorite songs or what’s NOT on your Christmas list, but no! This one is really a “snapshot” of what your house looks like at this time of year. I only put 5 for my book insert, but all my lists have about 10 items.

list around the house

Many of the people participating are both reflective and fun and it’s a great activity to be as creative or as plain as you like.  For this take, many people listed material items, food, holiday related things, memories… I listed the Fruits of the Spirit for the new year.

list stocking up

And some of these lists really make you stop and think… Like this one “How were you a friend this year?” I had to reflect all the way to my working days at the beginning of the year. I hope that I was able to encourage someone somehow.

list friend

This one was a favorite for many of the listers. Just talking about what gets us excited was exciting!

list excited when

Still have some more to work on… are you listing yet?

Quilting Christmas…

December 16th 2013

Well, it feels like an eternity since I’ve blogged, I know I am neglecting you but sheesh! So much to get done and all in the same week! I have been busy as a bee in the Craft Corner

tub of quilts

and other corners around town, like at church, the mall, my kitchen


it’s definitely been a busy quilting year, but I am not done. I recently just finished these. Using the Firework pattern by Camille Roskelley this table runner is for my big sister, started it this summer!

Firework back firework table Firework runner Miralys firework outside




This table topper is for my little sister (yes we are all grown now!) The Christmas Fabric is Santa’s Workshop by Riley Blake, Niner pattern by Camille Roskelley. Basically it’s a nine patch arranged in Granny Square style. So easy and fun. Definitely will make another one of those!

Niner table Niner outside Niner Lizette Niner drape Niner back


This one is all wrapped up but I can’t show it to you yet…..

rolled patch

And I’m still working on the Vintage Holiday quilt but I’m already quilting it!  This is the biggest one I’ve done as of yet and I am learning about large quilts!  Making the “JUMBO” sandwich and basting and getting the backing together AND SMOOTH was no easy task! The quilting is coming along slowly, I need more “support” so it doesn’t have drag as I move it around. So fun!

Here are the blocks before they were snowballs!

vintage holiday blocks

vintage Holiday stipple

And with that, I’m going to leave you until next time, when I show you the whole thing!