Friday Night Block Party: Cat and Mice

January 31st 2014

pinwheel block party

 Hi everyone! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you gotta love your fabric if you are going to love your block!  I love this block.  Originally with the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Book templates I was really going to stick to it as much as possible with the color placement and variation, but sometimes “their” way yields “patterns” or emphasis in the blocks that I don’t really care for as seen here.


This week’s block is the Cat and Mice block (#17) which I have to admit I put off doing when I saw those tiny triangles.


 This block calls for 2 colors but I added a third which gives it a slightly different look. I like to lay it out so I can play with the color placement then I can sew from there.


After a couple of tries and some fabulous scraps though, I am pleased with the result. DId you notice the star block in the middle?


Here are some others I found online, how does your look? Make sure you add it to the FWQA Flickr group hosted by Susie from Susie’s Sunroom.

From “We ain’t no farmer’s wife”

this one is from heartache and homearts

this one is from  Lovely Little Handmades (Sew Deerly Loved)

Maybe I need to photograph mine differently, with a reference point perhaps?

Please pop over tomorrow when the Valentine Tutorial week begins!

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