One Little Word: January

January 30th 2014

Here is an update on this workshop by Ali Edwards  I told you about last time.

one little word visible

I decided NOT to spend money and use this beautiful 12 x 12 scrapbook and kit I already had.  My word is “WORD.”


On the first page is my word and some statements of affirmations about what I believe about that word and it’s impact on the daily. 1) The Word is God, John 1:1 and 2) His word is truth, John 17:17 3) Speaking in love 4) Keeping my word 5) Trusing God’s word to lead me.


and here is this great definition because it merits re-showing it!


On this second page we write the definition and why we chose that word with a symbol (still searching for tangible token) and a recent photo. This photo isn’t recent (but  I look the same…) it’s nice and the color scheme matches! LOL


I think this is my favorite page so far with just brief notes about our hopes, fears and expectations for how our WORD will impact the coming year.  From my layouts, I think it’s safe to say I like to keep things simple and not too crowded. Hopefully, with time I can add more details.

one little word blog hop

We get to share our pages and it starts today! Don’t forget to visit the blog hop!

Maybe you’ll get inspired to pick just

AE_OLW2013_Logo it can change your life, so do it!

One thing I can say, now that I have “lived” with my word for almost a month is that it’s definitely been present in my mind. The greatest emphasis has been on getting into God’s word daily and being true to doing it daily.  I am reminded of it at every moment on the radio and in various other mediums. It’s the only way to gain knowledge on how to do life better and get through life better. It’s amazing what you can learn and how there is always an opportunity to share it too.  

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