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January 6th 2014

Hi everyone! Have you made your plans and set your goals for 2014? This is probably the first year that I am actually giving it any thought, truth be told!  I am so excited to be participating in this workshop by Ali Edwards  with a “classroom” full of some pretty amazing, gentle and creative women and the plethora of words we have chosen collectively, you can’t even begin to imagine! 

one little word visible

 It’s all about choosing a word for the year that will really impact your life and being conscious about it at every moment, decision and situation you are faced with daily!

One of the key elements for me and this exercise is the inspiration board in my craft area. Over the last four years I have filled it with sentiments and motivational thoughts for my creative journey.


But on New Year’s Eve, I decided to clear it all off and start over!  Much better!!


This way I can really concentrate on my new word  which is “WORD” (and those great shoes!) Below my word, I have columns where I am listing verbs and other words that somehow integrate with WORD that translate into some action.


 One example there is God, the bible says in John 1:1 that “the Word was God.” Another word is affirmation, we can do this with our words. And keeping our word, doing what we say, because I need more follow through in my life. Take a look at the list, it’s pretty long already and I still have a full year ahead!


This is my favorite definition for WORD, it really encompasses everything I want to get out of my word this year and it’s really just being in line with what God wants for my life and his influence in all areas: Growing a business, building relationships, spiritual and personal growth and creative expressions.


I also found this little prayer in my Joyce Meyer daily devotional New Day, New You,  that will help me hand my goals over to God this year.

Can you think of a word? Just 


Your word may come to you or it may already be in your head or making itself known to you in some way in your life. It may be something you really want to get more of, become or work towards.  I  generally made a list of random words just to give myself options but I already knew I wanted to get into the Word.  And it really applies to so much more.  Then, I realized after a few days of playing with my word that I have had words the last few years without even knowing it!

 2009: Inspired (by Mary Engelbreit to follow your heart if you love art!)

2010: Grow (learn about my strengths and what I am passionate about)

2011: Create (I started a blog to make myself accountable to being crafty & creative regularly)

2012: Change (Make some necessary endings and explore options to get out of a rut)

2013: Freedom (To express myself freely, use my strengths, find joy in the journey & move forward)

 I really wanted to put some drive and focus into my life this year that would impact several areas yet come from one source and I wanted to do it more intentionally.  So I thought this monthly activity of ONE LITTLE WORD would help to keep me more centered since I get distracted by shiny objects.  While researching I came across this little snippet that is already a great insight into words in relationships. Love and Truth, by Dr. Henry Cloud, check it out!

I do hope you decide to play along, even in your own little world. I will be posting my monthly progress throughout the year and give you a peek into my One Little Word documentation and they’ll by a blog hop so you can see some of the other words the “OLWers” have chosen.

one little word blog hop

Oops! And for those who are new here and don’t know me. Hi! I’m Elaine. I was a teacher/librarian for a very long time and decided to quit last summer to pursue a more creative path. It’s one of my strengths, it’s what I love and if God gifted me with that, He can surely do something meaningful with it in my life, I can’t wait to see what he does! I love learning and thinking and teaching myself new things and growing personally, which is why I think One Little Word is a great idea!

But, I must confess, that I am eager to get back to quilting.  The end of the year with December Daily and #30daysoflists  (photos coming soon) and all the holiday preparations had me in a frenzy.

quilting christmas2

Now, let’s get back on schedule!

9 thoughts on “One little Word

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  2. Deirdre

    Thanks for stoppy by, Elaine. What a lovely space you have here, and congrats on following your passion! I love the links to even more inspiration in your post above and hope to follow your journey with WORD this year:)
    Deirdre recently posted…One Little WordMy Profile

  3. Lara

    I’m really intrigued by your word–I like the ideas you have about it. I will be interested to follow your posts on your journey with the WORD. 🙂

  4. Donna

    Hi Elaine – Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. It’s fun to find another scrapbooker/quilter in this OLW world. I enjoyed reading your post and love the quilt you’re working on.
    Donna recently posted…One Little Word 2014My Profile


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