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Friday Night Block party: Checkerboard

February 28th 2014

Hi there! I have to say that this week has been very exciting in terms of “mail” related to all the cool activities I have joined along with this year.

So before I talk about the

pinwheel block party

I want to give you an update on the Olympic Mug Rug Swap. The ones I made are here, and below are the ones I received, so pretty, she looks just like me!


I also mentioned a couple of posts ago about the Skinny Pinny Swap and I received my Skinny Pinny this week too!  I just love that fabric and how Nancy, (hi!) tied it off at the end, the buttons and rick rack!


And I also got a surprise Log Cabin pinny from Amy! Which is the cutest and so thoughtful of her!


And over on our OLW (One Little Word) group, someone organized a Pen Pal campaign. My Pen Pal sounds like a character right out of a small town novel and I got mail from her as well.  I’ve always wanted to have a pen pal!


And to boot, I was thrilled to find that I had already made the block for this week which is the Checkerboard, block #19. Easy Peasy.


This block was fairly easy to construct: squares. The colors in the book were not as uniform as I made them, they alternated with four colors. But I kept is simple using scraps as I have been during this whole process.

I’m going to start a new quilt today so I can have some different scraps because really, I have such nice fabric in my stash, it’s  time to use it.

P.S. Here is last week’s block corrected!


Skinny Pinny Swap!

February 24th 2014

Oh no! It’s in the mail!!! I was so excited to be a part of this Skinny Pinny Swap. Oh, what is a Skinny Pinny Swap you ask?  Well, thankfully it has nothing to do with a diet!  Amy from Amy Made That!  is hosting this pin cushion swap. She talked all about it over here,  They are supposed to be in the mail by Feb. 28. So I hurried up and mailed mine without taking a picture!


Here is the first draft I made just to practice. I hate pillow seams, I mean closing seams because it’s hard to make them invisible or unnoticeable. Then my squares started coming undone because I snipped the thread to close. See why I need a “practice” one? Not to mention that I got all fancy like trying to use leftover squares and scraps to give it more personality.

I did follow the pattern for the one I swapped (using similar fabrics) and I added a little bonus in the package for the recipient. (Hope you like it Catherine!)

Take a look at the adorable skinny pinny Amy has created, and look here to see the innovations this skinny pinny has.

These are just so cute, you’ll have to run out and make a few of your own with those pretty scraps you been wanting to “clean” up.

And just for fun, because you never have enough pin cushions, she made these Itty bitty witty log cabins.

Get the play by play of those here and see where the inspiration comes from!  Great job Amy. I can’t wait to get my Skinny Pinny!

Friday Night Block Party: A Century of Progress

February 21st 2014

Happy Friday!! Welcome to the

pinwheel block party

This week we are back on track with the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt blocks. ( I’ve linked to this so much amazon keeps suggesting I buy it!) LOL

This week’s block is


I have to admit that I was not comfortable with this block with the odd triangle templates. And I thought it was weird and asymmetrical, which usually doesn’t bother me, I like  a little “pop” but see how the bottom has all the same color? Like it doesn’t follow proper quilt pattern protocol.   I assembled and picked mine out a few times due to this small detail. Come time to publish however, I still go it wrong! No progress in my “century” hopefully I can fix it for next week.


I did notice however that some people did it the “logical” and systematic way instead of the bottom all the same. Did the book author also goof?

See here the sample from Freshly Pieced, I love her color selection.

Here is one where they did follow the sample color placement, another lovely color combination from Married to a BMW. Who also thought it was an odd block.

Here is the gem from Pretty by Hand who likes to go against the grain. I LOVE that about her!

You go girl!

I hope yours came out just as nice.

Olympic Mug Rug Swap

February 17th 2014

Have you seen my Olympic Mug Rugs for the 2014 swap hosted by The Quilting Gallery?  Read all about it here!

The theme is in honor of the Winter Olympics going on in Sochi, Russia this year.  Amanda the Patchsmith is the genius designer behind these patterns which are also on sale in her Crafsy shop.

 After pondering about what fabric to use, I remembered that I have been hoarding saving some Mary Engelbreit fabric for a special project since 2008, before I got the knack of quilting. She has been such an inspiration for my creative journey, and it was complete serendipity that I discovered she even had a fabric line.

ME fabric shelf

Luckily, I was able to get several collections before it ran out!  For the mug rugs, I chose fabrics from a charm pack I had called Baskets of Flowers.


It incorporates her classic reds and yellows mixed in with some softer palettes and prints.  For the Swap, I was assigned a partner from one of my favorite places, Colorado!  I am so glad she likes Mary Engelbreit because I will be sending her the ones I made and she will send me the ones she made.


The Russian Doll (I call her Babushka) I made blond because when my daughter was a baby, my friend used to call her the Russian baby due to her fair coloring.

baby girl 8 mos.

And her is my dove of peace with some random Mary Engelbreit fabric(her classic “Fried egg flowers”)  I found last year.


Amanda has some other Olympic inspirational Mug Rugs here in case you missed them!