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Spring Mug Rug Swap!

May 23rd 2014

We just had the Spring Mug Rug Swap sponsored by The Quilting Gallery. What is it? Well, you sign up and buy the pattern, usually two or three variations, then you are assigned a partner to swap them with by a specific date. The patterns are courtesy of Amanda The Patchsmith.  They are so fun to do it’s a total recycle job since you can use the smallest of scraps! She even had a list of questions to ask our Mug Rug Swap partner check them out here.


My partner preferred creams to white, pastels to bold colors and the list went on.  These are the ones I made for her. I used charm squares from the Mary Engelbreit line Basket of Flowers (I know, right?) and some other miscelaneous scraps. I cheated by free motion quilting the butterfly path, they recommended you hand stitch with floss, but lately I can’t see with my glasses!


And these are the ones she sent to me with some goodies. I just love the red, white and blue! Thanks Linda!


Soon maybe we’ll have a Summer Swap!

Making Room and some eye candy!

May 16th 2014

A sort of transformation has been taking place over in my Craft Corner. It’s more of a defining of sorts, actually.  I finally realized what I “DON’T” want to do which has helped to define my future job track. Due to my affinity with fabric, I have noticed (and you have too, I’m sure) a natural gravitation towards quilting. Don’t get me wrong I still love to craft and draw, felt and bead, but quilting has taken preference. So the next logical step was to reconfigure my space to accommodate that.


Since its inception the solid doors of the Craft Corner were to store fabric to protect them from the sun. But now door number three is housing Fat Quarter and half-yard bundles.  I simply added cardboard to the inside of the frosted glass to keep the light out!


And here are some of the bundles I recently purchased strictly for business purposes as I design new quilt patterns!


Here are some scrappy bundles!


I tied these together to remember they are a collection.


I know what some of you are thinking but mixing fabrics of different quilting quality is not a good idea. I’ll use that other fabric over there for other projects. No worries!

Mother’s Day Project

May 13th 2014

I have finally been able to join Amanda, Susie and Amy on this Across the Pond Sew Along adventure! It’s about time!

Across the Pond Button

Check out all the projects they’ve covered on their flickr group, . Their themes range from totes, zipper pouches, apple projects, cooking cozies, anything and everything you can think of. Come on join us, you know you want to…


This month their selected project is a glass case (reading or sunglasses) I thought this was just the perfect little thing to whip up for the SIster-Mothers I was hosting this past Mother’s Day.


 The Patchsmith made hers this way with the shape of glasses, so fun!

Sunnies Lining

The tutorial for the case can be found here  at the Polka Dot Chair Blog. The cool shades applique pattern can be found  here,  That Amanda is always giving something away! She is so generous and artistic check out her patterns here!

Here are mine, they were a great “quickie” project for my Marmalade scraps!


I love making quilty gifts!

“My” Sewing Machine

May 6th 2014

This is one of those projects where you really put your heart and soul into it. It’s personal and fun and a quickie too!


Amanda the Patchsmith, has this great new Mug Rug pattern and I bought it like 5 seconds after I saw it. It only took that long because you know how the internet can linger…  Read all about her inspiration for this design over on her blog!

Sewing Machine Mug Rug

The best part about her whimsical designs is that nothing is wasted! Even if you hold dearly tiny, minute pieces of favorite fabrics because you can’t bear to part with them, her projects are just the thing to incorporate them.


As soon as I heard the premise, “Design your own” I immediately knew what I would use.  I tried to incorporate what has inspired me to get to where I am today.  This is where so much of my crafting and sewing happens (or used to happen) in my favorite vacation spot, the beach on west coast Florida . That’s how I came up with the name Summercrafter! Need I say more?


For the machine knobs, which I had to modify so wouldn’t cover the sailboat : ), I chose these signature cherries, representative of my favorite artist, Mary Engelbreit who really planted the seed in my heart to be true to the artist within.


For the table, I chose the fabric I used when I first got married to make curtains. It was the beginning of my sewing adventures. The softest denim ever!


The eensy weensy spool of thread HAS to be the first quilting fabric I was infatuated with from the Vintage Modern collection. I am a Bonnie and Camille fabric fan, all her lines are listed right there on her blog.


Oh and lastly, the miniature on the “wall” I made with soft sea palette fabrics for complete relaxation that the beach encourages.


Yea, I got a little ambitious and decided to make it a pinwheel block.


Smiles galore over here with the result. I especially had a cheap thrill when I made an 1/8 inch blanket stitch around the tiny squares.


And I added a little label from the clever Selvage fabric from Bobbins and Bits by Pat Sloan.

She’s got a sewing machine treat too from her new line: “One for me and one for you.” Picture courtesy of Pat Sloan.

Pat Sloan's

Friday Night Block Party: Cups and Saucers & Evening Star

May 2nd 2014

Howdy strangers! Or by “stranger” I could mean myself since I have been absent from this party. But hey, it’s my party and I can cry if I want to.

pinwheel block party

Don’t think that I haven’t either, this weekly block and posting was becoming a little stressful for me. (I have some other things going on that I hope to share with you soon!) So if you don’t mind, let’s just craft, quilt and unwind at will and when my blocks are ready whether it’s one or more, I”ll just share.  Thanks so much for understanding!

FWQA book

As I quilt through this book of 111 blocks I have learned several things.

1) How to better match corners.

2) I don’t care much for tiny triangles, I rather make them from squares.

3) Practice does improve one’s skills.

4) Choosing the right fabrics is still hit or miss on some blocks.

5) I wish I could do the math when the blocks are on point (diagonal).

6) My only complaint is that this book is not “green.” I mean you have to print every piece on a different piece of paper. I wish several templates came on a page then I could just print 10 pages and be done!

That being said, especially the last point, let me show you the blocks that I have skipped, yes I said “SKIPPED” not completed.  Refer back to #s 2, 5, and 6 and printing issues.

The good news is that my skills should be WAY better when I get back to these blocks and I should have new and different scraps which is also a motivator. (Did I mention I’m on a fabric fast? Two months without buying fabric or at least it feels that long.)

And here are the last 2 blocks that I DID complete. Block # 25 Cups and Saucers


I was excited about my fabric choices and then afterwards, not so much. I need to read up a little on color value and weight as it pertains to placement on quilt blocks. Yea, yea, yea, don’t look at those stray threads, I was only showing you it was done, not that I was pleased. : )

And my newest favorite (who doesn’t love all the Star variation blocks?) is  Block #31, Evening Star.


I made it with some morsels I had leftover from a little something I have yet to show you!

Patience.  I like to call it The Pirate block.