Something for me!

July 2nd 2014

I never really plan on making bags except for that one time I made these

apple totes

Or maybe this one for my daughter (which she doesn’t put to much use!)

kitty tote with dolls

What usually happens is I start putting much loved scraps together, in one way or another and before you know it, a bag is born.


Okay so these were scrappily planned too.

treasure box

But this one is a totally spontaneous one! I just can’t stop looking at it. I made it to take on my vacation.


My methods are really easy, I mean I make them the same every time it’s just the size or fabric that changes.  One of my favorite and super NEAT-O features is the french seam. I first read about it in this magazine (in the instructions for that bag there) and have been doing them that way ever since. They are really super easy and the finish is very professional!

french seam quilts and more 2012 arrow

Written instructions can be found here or you can watch the process on you tube. It is not a tutorial for a quilted bag however, the method is the same.  The measurements I used were sewing initial 1/4 inch seam on the right sides of fabric and trimming to 1/8 inch. Then I turned the bag inside out and sewed another 1/4 inch seam and it works like a charm! See mine?


I am just going to bombard you now with bag photos, you’ve been warned!


The shells gives you some perspective.


I used scraps from Bonnie and Camille fabric lines: Vintage Modern, Happy Go Lucky and Scrumptious.  It’s no secret that their fabric takes up a great deal of my fabric shelving (Heart) and I just love being able to make more pretty stuff from scraps and leftovers!


Magnetic snaps? Grab ’em while they’re on sale, who cares what color they are!


It’s the perfect size for carrying books, drawing pads or embroidery.


The perfect vacation tote!

(I think I’ll make some extra ones, you never know when you have to give a gift of some kind or some other unexpected excuse to just “give.”

4 thoughts on “Something for me!

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    Hello Elaine,
    I was so surprised with the French Seams that you used to finish the tote; I’ve loved French Seams since I was taught them in Home Economics Class in high school many years ago & have used them so many times since; the finish with them is so lovely. I was stunned that these classes are no longer considered important for young students to learn the art of sewing, ironing, cooking, baking, & budgeting. These comments tell’s you how old I am but I am convinced that in todays society these classes are desperately needed.

    I taught both my children, (one son & one daughter), these fundamentals & they are very self sufficient. I love your creations & am so happy that you so generously share your talent. Thank you ever so much.

  3. LJ

    I’m loving this tote!. I love the little details and I’m loving the vivid colors!
    I put this in the WIN column!


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