Quilting Giggles

August 23rd 2014

It all started on vacation, jog your memory here, I bought this beautiful fabric at Country Quilts and Bears over near Clearwater, Florida.


I have been visiting them for the last several years when we go on vacation and there’s always something I want NEED to get.  What you can’t see is that along with this bundle is a charm square pack for which I bought matching yardage and coordinating binding fabric.


I have always enjoyed buying fabric, even as an amateur, but since I came to appreciate quality quilting cotton my addiction collection has included fabric from Me and My Sister Designs.  No one would have known it, including me, except as I was organizing my stash (now that I pay attention to names) I noticed I have some of their Twirl line.


It was one of the first charm packs I bought. I especially enjoy the fresh and bright color palette their collections have, they remind me of watercolors.  And while I usually enjoy just ogling the fabric on my shelves, when I find (or create) the right pattern or project to incorporate it, I really don’t mind cutting it at all.  And that’s what happened with Giggles.

bundle of fabric solids

After I got back from the shop, I started sketching and trying to figure out a pattern but a charm pack would not be enough of course, so my husband was such trooper, he took me back a couple of days later so I could get coordinating solids. (They have a great variety of Kona solids)  When we got there, it was 30 minutes before closing and I wanted fat quarters from several bolts of different solids. Yeah, they wanted to kill me since it was a Friday afternoon and minutes before closing, and Susan told me just as much. ; )  As we joked, I told her to just cut “skinny quarters,” so she started cutting two fabrics at a time and we made it out with ten minutes to spare! Phew!

Needless to say, the pattern I sketched back then was not in my Zone of Genius (read The Big Leap) but I did manage to create a pattern in which those lovely watercolors will be the perfect complement.

Quilt Math

I have been playing working diligently to get it finished and I hope you will like it when it’s done. As it turns out, I had to buy an additional 3 mini charm packs to complete the design. (No need to cut so many squares on my own!)


So this post is really just a teaser for pattern #5 and I am sure you are wondering what happened to numbers 2-4? Well they are in testing phases so no reveals yet.


In the meantime, I have some HSTs to trim.

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