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Summer: It’s a wrap!

August 24th 2015


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First, I am so excited to be a guest on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio podcast  hosted by the one and only Pat Sloan. My segment will air on September 21st, 2015 but go ahead and tune in now, look at the archives and hear your favorite quilters and designers who have already been on.

quilt show 2

My quilts were traveling this Summer with the amazing Terri Sontra from Purple Moose Designs. They went to quilt shows in Maine and Syracuse, New York and the patterns were very well received. Yay! Thank you Terri for taking such good care of my “babies.” 🙂

beach calling

Looking ahead to expand my Summercrafter business I always thought a retreat would be just the thing. Because I don’t really have any quilting buddies, my five year plan includes a little quilting R&R right here in Florida.

goodbye Sea

 I think it would be a great time to meet and sew with new friends, enjoy the beautiful Florida coast sunsets and shelling and do a little quilt shop hopping. So I’ll keep you posted as plans come to fruition.

beach bound mosaic

I have really been looking forward to the swaps I joined on Instagram. The first one that needs to be completed and done by next week is the Beach Bound Mini Quilt Swap. This was my mosaic. I love waves and beach and the clean relaxed look. My partner has similar taste, I’ll be posting details of the one I am making for her, I even made my first Dresden block! Swaps are a great way to meet more quilty folks, I am hooked!

Sew Together Bag

August 10th 2015

One of the best parts of making any project is the fabric selecting.This project was no exception, with all its pocket options, it was days before I had made up my mind and coordinated the zippers.

sewtogetherbag fabric pull

Did I mention this bag has 4 zippers? Well, needless to say, I needed a good assortment to choose from. Picked these out from Zipit on, she even has a “Sew Together Bag” option so you can get the zippers you need for this bag, cool huh?

zipper stash

I decided to go with one of my favorite Bonnie and Camille hoards fabric treasures, Marmalade, and some other assorted B&C scraps.

STB pockets

I had an extra zipper floating around right up until sewing time. (Can you tell which one got cut?)

sew together bag pockets

For the outside of the bag, I used some aqua Vintage Modern and Scrumptious strips which were the perfect complement to the red Bliss I used for the binding.

sew together bag exterior

The pattern includes instructions for needle landing and pin cushion for your bag but they can be easily omitted if you want to use the bag for make-up or another non-sewing purpose.

Sew together bag side panels

I know it may look intimidating.  Some of you may be zippophobes: have fear of zippers, as I used to be. With a little persistence, it really does turn out just fine. And when you are done, looking at it alone is satisfying enough, it’s so pretty. I am not sure I want to cover up the fabric putting things in it!

sew together bag closed

And look how much prettier it gets when you open up the zippers!

sew together bag open

The vertical scrappy stripes for the exterior were perfect because when I trimmed, nothing looked skewed or uneven and it was way bigger than I had anticipated.

sew together bag finished

This Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented  is such a fun bag to make. (Don’t be fooled by impostors.) Once I saw them all over Instagram, I had to give it a try. You can buy the pattern here, and please do. 🙂 For more Sew Together Fun, Occasional Piece Quilt, has conjured up a way to make a mini version (but you need the original pattern to do it.) Come on give it a try, it’s not as hard as it looks!

next sew together bag

I am already planning my next one!