When Calls the Heart Ornament Craft

November 25th 2015

If you haven’t seen the show When Calls the Heart, you will be wondering “What in the world is she talking about?!”

jack and elizabeth

When Calls the Heart is a show that airs on Hallmark Channel starring Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing. It appeals to those who love old fashioned romance and values, strong women and an appetite for adventure, it’s a great family show too! It’s got a cast you may be familiar with, more details about the show right here. Season 1 available on DVD and Netflix , Season 2 just released on DVD.

Before it became a hit on TV, it was a book series by Jannette Oak, “a Canadian author and pioneer of inspirational fiction. Her books are often set in a pioneer era and centered on female protagonists. She is a committed Evangelical Christian. ” Quote from Wikipedia.

It’s starting it’s third season this year with a holiday special airing on December 26. The perfect little “pick-me-up” for a day that is usually a downer.

This craft was inspired by Cara who is in the FB group for When Calls the Heart Fans. With her permission, I decided to make my own version and write a tutorial for other #HEARTIES fans to have a go at making their own. NOTE: Supplies listed available at Michaels  and Joann Craft stores or maybe in your craft closet.

This is what you need, please read the list AND look at the picture.


JACK: Red and Navy felt for blazer and pants, two black felt scraps 1/2″ x 1″ for shoulders, 8-10″ hanging ribbon, gold sequins for buttons, golden beads for shoulders, 12″ leather cord, *yellow floss if stitching by hand.

ELIZABETH: Ivory and light blue felt, satin light blue ribbon, about 9 inches of lace, 8-10″ hanging ribbon, flowers or bows to embellish and some pearl beads, *ivory floss if stitching by hand.

Also: sewing machine and/or needle and coordinating thread/floss, hot glue gun or fabric type glue, some poly-fil, tracing paper.


First, start with a heart shape. Draw a line to show the separation between top and bottom of outfits. I did Elizabeth’s a little higher waisted to add skirt detail. PDF availalble here. Cut out heart image from PDF print out. Heart should measure 5 inches at tallest part on top to bottom point. Align on fold of fabric making sure the bottom edge of felt (blue arrow) is 1/4 inch from “Jack” or “Elizabeth” line. (for overlap)

heart margin

Repeat for bottom aligning on the fold and to the edge of felt at the top (black arrow). Repeat for Elizabeth heart.

heart margin bottom

For Elizabeth sew on two strips of lace and fold inwards at dip in heart as shown below.

stitch lace

Next see diagram below. To join “top and skirt” step 1. Overlay ribbon at top of blue felt, you may want to pin at edges.  Before sewing, lengthen the stitch and loosen the tension, this will ensure that your ribbon DOES NOT PUCKER and REMAINS SMOOTH. Sew on pearl beads by hand, step 2. Make sure you leave 3/4″ between last pearl and felt edge. **TIP: When you are done sewing on pearls or any embellishment, dab the thread knot with Elmer’s glue. This will make it less likely for the thread to pull through the felt accidentally. Pin the hanging ribbon in place between layers of felt about an inch in before proceeding. Step 3, sew around the heart (start at green arrow) leaving about 1 1/2″ – 2″ opening for filling (stop at red arrow)

Elizabeth assembly

Stuff gently for texture not bulging at the seams, and stitch the opening closed. Hot glue details as desired. I did a bow at neck and flowers at waist.


For Jacks heart:

stitchline top and bottom

Insert leather strap diagonally between red and blue felt. .Sew across, I used yellow thread. Step 1 in diagram below.

  Jack tutorial

Once top and bottom are joined, add sequins with thread, step 2, (Remember to add a dab of glue to knots to secure). Pin black rectangles (3b) and hanging ribbon (3c) in place then follow step 3a, start sewing around the heart, stopping at red arrow (3d). Stitch golden beads by starting under flap of black rectangles to hide knots,  sew 3 golden beads on each, trim felt if necessary. Stuff gently with poly-fil, for texture not bursting at the seams. Hot glue the leather strap across waist, trim excess.

I must warn you that once you start making these and think of the other characters, you may go nuts making WCTH crafts like I did.

GENERAL CRAFTING TIPS:  Waist items may be sewn on while you sew around the heart. Vest and suit details and beads should be sewn on before the heart is sewn around. Hot glued details should be done after heart is stuffed and closed.

Hope Valley women

 Henry Gowan…

Gowan heartie craft


A fan on the FB group requested Rosemary and Lee.

Rosemary and Lee hearties

So for fun as we wait for the “Christmas in Hope Valley Special Event,” I want to have a giveaway!

Three people will get a chance to win either a Jack and Elizabeth pair of hearties (2 available – you can choose your Elizabeth from the group of female character hearts) or a pair of Rosemary and Lee hearties (1 available). Just leave a comment telling me why you love this show and which crafty hearties you’d like to win. I will do a drawing on December 6 so I can mail them out in time for you to hang them on your tree for Christmas.

Good luck Hearties!


heartie names

And the winners are:

heartie craft winners
 An email was sent to the winners. Thanks for your comments!

18 thoughts on “When Calls the Heart Ornament Craft

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  2. Ashley Staten

    Wow – I wish I was as crafty as you. If I was, I would make a whole set of these!!! They are adorable!! I love this show for a number of reasons:
    #1 – It is a wholesome, family-friendly show, and you don’t see shows like this on TV anymore!
    #2 – Of course, the old-fashioned romance between our Miss Thatcher and our Mountie Jack!
    #3 – And I love that the stars of the show are so interactive with the fans (the Hearties) on social media. Makes me love them even more!

    I would love the Jack and Elizabeth set – they are precious, and I would truly cherish them!!

  3. Teri DiVincenzo

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I’m nowhere near as crafty as you, but I may try my hand at it! I have loved WCTH since the very first movie, & have fallen in love with the brilliant characters, the fantastic storytelling, (and possibly Daniel Lissing). I would adore a Jack & Elizabeth set!

  4. Christina D.E. Land

    I love WCTH for several reasons… I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie and NEVER grew out of it… I grew up watching movies from some Family Movie Company like Seasons of the Heart, the Little Princess, etc. From Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman to Andy Griffith, from the Waltons, to other FAMILY & Christian oriented period pieces, I am drawn to them & grown from them! In my adult years, the Love Comes Softly Series took me back to my childhood almost yet this time around, I experienced it as a true born again believer (I became born again & gave my life to Christ for real on Oct 15 2005). Since then, WCTH has just captured my heart & I appreciate the family values, the time period, the community, victories, genuineness, chaste romance, & simplicity of the whole thing. It encourages, challenges, stirs, builds, reinforces, reminds, & exudes fruits of the Spirit & Hope! It deals with isssues of the heart, family, community, ethics, morals, love, hope, & bearing one anothers burden. Boldness, courage, hard work, trials, overcoming, FAITH, godly character, education, and the like are built in to the story-lines. So appreciative & I pray they stay true to the modesty of Season ONE, and continue faimily & faith foundation & content- I’ve become such a HEARTIE & appreciate the interactions of my fellow Big Hearted, Talented, & Hilarious Heartie Friends!! You rock Elaine!! Heartie Ornament Choice: I can’t decide, I love Jack & Elizabeth but Lee & Rosemary are cute & the ornaments rock! So I say if I win- surprise me 😉 I’d be thankful for either set !
    Christina D.E. Land recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    1. Summercrafter Post author

      You and I watched the same TV growing up. Let’s hope this show continues for years to come. I agree with you in all that it offers and thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  5. Claire

    I love When Calls the Heart because it is a wonderful family show that offers great acting, clean humor, honorable values and both fun and touching story lines. After watching the first few episodes of season 1, it quickly became my favorite show, and since then I have enthusiastically promoted it to all my friends and family. I am so happy to have found a show that I can feel good about watching and sharing with those I know, and I am excited to be able to watch it with my daughters one day when they are a little bit older. WCTH is such a rare treasure–I have not seen something so good for a long time, and I hope it continues for many more seasons!! #Hearties4Ever!!

    1. Claire

      Forgot to add that it is so hard to choose which ornaments because they are all so cute, but I would have to pick Jack and Elizabeth, and maybe try to make the others!! Thanks!

    2. Summercrafter Post author

      I agree with you, Claire, the values and old fashioned fun. It’s a great “role model” show for kids these days, My daughter loves the show too.

  6. Kim Olson

    Hi Elaine, Thanks so much for sharing these and the tutorial. I’m a crafter and love how these hearts are turning out. I also am a great fan of WCTH. What a treat to have good quality family programming. With social media as it is these days, it has been fun to get to know the actors as individuals and not just the characters they play. I’m heading to Vancouver in January for the Hearties Reunion, and am so excited to meet all these wonderful folks in person. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and again, thanks for the tutorial. I think I will have to make some of these! However, if I am chosen in your Dec 6 drawing, I would be love the Jack/Elizabeth set, my first choice. Kim 🙂

    1. Summercrafter Post author

      How fun, lucky you! My daughter (13) wanted to go but January in Canada scared my husband to death, we are in Florida! Brrrr. I have not gotten to know the actors really, except maybe Erin and Daniel and the quirky videos, I love them! 🙂

  7. Rachel

    When calls the heart is one of my very dearest and beloved shows. I first came across Janette Okes books when I was in grade school and have thoroughly enjoyed them ever since. Reading books and getting captivated into a fantastic wholesome show has been a welcome escape from the harsh realities of life. I, like many haven’t had a good childhood riddled with severe abuse in many forms, abandoned by my birth mother when I was 5 and my siblings were 3 and an infant. We often times had no home in Phoenix and slept in a card board box under a slide at the park. My bio mother said she couldn’t do drugs and be a mother so she left us on the door of my aunt and uncle and walked away, haven’t seen her since. My aunt and uncle had children of their own and had a tough decision to make. They checked with other families in our small church and the pastors who couldn’t have children agreed to take my two siblings and I stayed with my aunt and uncle. What a life change. In many ways good but still many bad things continued to happen. When I turned 14 I started working to keep myself out of the tough environment. I moved out when I was 18. A few weeks ago I turned 30 and with the wonderful folks that Jesus has brought into my life I’m growing into healing and restoration. God is a big God and he fixes things that are broken. He does his best work in chaos. Although I entered the world 16 weeks early, 1lb 11oz with holes in my heart and lungs it seemed like no good could come for my life…..but God delights in turning all things around for good for those who love him. I am living proof that one can start bad and finish good. The strong determination of the characters in When Calls the Heart continues to bring inspiration and insight to myself about important things, silly things and relationships. Not everything in life is easy but tough times don’t last tough people do. I’m so thankful for all that I’ve endured and walked through because it’s shaped me into the brave woman I am. God has been with me and brought the most amazing people along this journey. I guess in some crazy small way we are all Elizabeth’s on a journey through Hamilton, Coal Valley then into Hope Valley….looking for something more than what we had before and hoping/praying good people to share in this journey of life into the future.
    The show and books of when calls the heart are more than stories. Its a small reflection of each of us. We all gave ups and downs, triumphs and defeats, good times and bad but we make it through, one day at a time with hope. We are never without hope. The stories inside the series bring us all together because each of us bring our string of life experiences together and all of those strings together make an outstanding tapestry. Simular to the beautiful hearts and characters you’ve worked so hard on. Thank you for the opportunity to share and for creating such stunning pieces of art.

    1. Summercrafter Post author

      I am so sorry for your rough journey. But wow 30?! You are so young, the Lord will restore the years the locusts have eaten. How wonderful that you can have hope and hold on to your faith. Hope is the best thing, it keeps us going. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective.

  8. Jennifer Brown

    I love When Calls the Heart because I can watch it with my family and we all love it for different reasons! I love the romance and my new #heartie friends! I love your designs but if I had to choose I’d have to go with Jack and Elizabeth!

    1. Summercrafter Post author

      I love that too. It’s such a positive show, we enjoy watching it as a family as well. and thank you. If I am short a Jack and Elizabeth I guess I can make another. 😉

    1. Summercrafter Post author

      Thank you for stopping by. I love sharing and crafting with others, the online community has been great for sharing and creative encouragement. 🙂


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