Pop-ups: The Blog Hop

February 9th 2016

Have you made a Pop-up yet? They are so fun! During this blog hop you’ll get to visit various blogs to see all the neat ways you can adapt a Pop-up and get a chance to win some by just leaving a comment.


First off, let me say how totally practical these things are. They come in three sizes and are great to use in the car for trash, to hold hair clips, craft items, keys, snacks, baby items, the uses are endless. But the best part is that you can make them as pretty as you want. Jo did an introduction of this blog hop yesterday on her blog, check it out here.

jo's pop ups

Today I am featuring my Duck Duck Goose pattern,

Duck, Duck, Goose!

and how nicely this large matching Pop-up (using XL spring) goes with it.

Ducky Pop Up

This makes a great Baby Shower gift, you can put the quilt and other baby goodies right in the Pop-up. It can be re-used as a waste basket in a bathroom or a baby’s room or fill it with toys, blankets or toiletries for baby. This Ducky Pop-up features two ducks and the pattern was easy to adapt. The Duck Duck Goose (PDF or paper) pattern is included in one of the giveaways. You can even customize the colors if you want. And who doesn’t love a rubber ducky, right?

For instruction sheet on how to adapt the pattern go here or click below.

Ducky Promo blog

Below is the  Just Keep On Swimming quilt (available in (PDF or paper), it has a great “boy” or “summer” look to it that would complement any boy’s room and any age can be accommodated since this pattern comes with 3 size options. It’s perfect for a nautical or fishing theme.

Just Keep on Swimming, fish quilt
just keep on swimming

This Large sized Pop-up features 3 fish easily adapted from the pattern (PDF or paper) and it was a cinch! This design is great for mixing and matching favorite fabrics. For the inside, I used a fabric covered in little fishes, great for I Spy games too. This would be so cute for a beach home decor for a boy’s room.

Fishy 1

For instruction sheet to adapt the pattern go here. This Pop-up goes with a large sized spring not featured in today’s giveaway but available here.

Fishy PRomo blog

To make this Extra large Pop-up, I  adapted my Peppermints pattern and I love how it looks.  It’s a great holiday gift idea, you can fill it with a Pop-corn tin and other festive snacks and just hand it over to your party host or family.

peppermint 1

Of course you can also put a Christmas quilt in it too if you want to, for that special family member or friend.

peppermints on the beach

For pattern adaptation sheet, go here or click below.

Peppermint promo blog

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For Blog Hop Headquarters head on over to the Fat Quarter Gypsy’s blog


There you’ll see who is next on the hop and have a chance at the Grand Prize. All grand Prize entry emails will be shared with 11 designers in the blog hop.

I will be having two giveaways, items shown above, as a bonus I have included my Watercolor Sea Horse pattern (which is NOT Pop-up friendly). All you have to do it leave a comment telling me how you would made and use your Pop-up!

Thanks you all for visiting and commenting and for the drawing….

popup winners Collage

42 thoughts on “Pop-ups: The Blog Hop

  1. Bonnie

    What cute designs! These pop-ups are great and can be used in so many creative ways. I would make one with the fish pattern for storing tools in my sewing room.

  2. Lisa Marie

    I’m just learning about these pop-ups, what a cute idea! I think I would start with an orphan block from my large pile and make a holder for scraps in the sewing room. Or maybe a small one to hold candy.

  3. Dawn Jones

    I would love the duck. I actually have a large rubber duck on my sewing table. I would make one for my sewing table as a trash bucket for my threads. Thank you for sharing, have a great day!

  4. Debby E

    I am just loving this Pop Up! I have 2 baby showers coming up and how perfect for holding special little gifts! Thanks so much for the chance to win! And I love your peppermints bucket idea for Christmas specials!!
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  5. Tina

    I use my small pop up for thread snippings at my sewing machine. I would love to make the larger ones with these designs to hold patterns or WIPs.

  6. Cathy Wilson

    I would have to make one to store all my scraps, maybe a different color pop up to sort each color scraps into? Love all of your patterns!

  7. Kathy h

    I would use it for my quilt retreats. We always need something to put our threads and scraps in. I love your seahorse pattern. That would be beautiful. Much better than a paper bag!

  8. Sam

    Love the pop-ups and have made a few already. Started making the Watercolor Seahorses this week. have been drooling over the pattern since last summer. I have two horses done and they are awesome. I would do the fish pop up to keep with my beachy themed room.

  9. Lori Morton

    Your projects are ALL Soooo Awesome!!! I have some Bears fabric my Daughter got for me, when she was in New Hampshire this past October! I would make a Pop Up! for my sewing goodies! 🙂 I would make another for our new Granbaby..they did his room in nautical things…the Fish Pattern would be fun to make on one for him! (& I have some Sewing Box fabric scraps that would make some more cool ones for my Sewing room! 🙂
    Thanks so much for chance to win your Give-a-way! 🙂

  10. Rita S.

    I am going to make my PopUp out of sewing themed fabric. Will be using it for scraps that I will be throwing out (using as a trash can).

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  11. Cecilia

    I would make one out of sewing materials and use it in my sewing room to keep some of my most used notions in. I will probably make a few using your adaptions for baby showers, too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. Jeanette Burch

    I am going to make my PopUp out of sewing themed fabric. When I am sewing, I will put my fabric scraps in it to keep my work surface clear of the clutter.

  13. Jan N.

    I would use the Pop-Ups for my fabric scraps, coordinating the pop-up color to match the color of the scraps I put inside. My great nieces and nephew would love a pop-up to store whatever their little hearts desire in them. Would be also be great for my sewing room as a garbage can, small one for wonder clips, and small one a thread catcher. I downloaded the rubber ducky pattern. Thank you for sharing your cute pop-up patterns with us.

  14. Debbie Miller

    I would like to make a small one to carry around with me as I hand stitch alot and have threads and fabric snippets to corral. It would also be great to take to quilt classes. I would like the larger sizes to keep my wool pieces separated in and also for all my threads.

  15. Jan Kuester

    Saw these in my local quilt shops last week and are they darling and so practical. LOVE your patterns-thank you for sharing!

  16. Bonnie Schroeder

    love these! just discover them at my local quilt shop. I want to make some for my sewing room and my daughter says she needs one! love the sea horse and the fish so cute.

  17. Janie

    I love your sea horse pattern. I would make pop ups for my house to be used by my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your inspiration, everything looks great.

  18. Maryellen

    Cute! I need some pop ups for my new sewing studio (just moved) and I could use a small one to hold stuff on my nightstand. Thanks.

  19. Tac

    I would like to make a large pop up for my sister to store her yarn. The fish would be perfect for it. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Elizabeth

    I’d use my pop up (with your cute fish) in the beachy bathroom – to coordinate the “stuff” my kids seem to need!

    Thanks, now I’m off to check out you blog in more detail!

  21. RxQuilter

    I would use a pop up in my sewing room for scraps. It would be fun to make pop ups to coordinate colors of my scraps! Thanks for the chance to win….that seahorse pattern 😍

  22. Kim

    What fun pop ups! I’m not sure what I would make with mine. I’m partial to the rubber ducky. I definitely need one though to hold my binding clips. I’m forever losing them!

  23. Jennifer P.

    I think it’d be nice to make the extra large pop-up as a trashcan for my sewing room. I currently use a 5gal bucket, and though it’s functional, it’s not very pretty! I imagine the design possibilities are endless with these!

  24. Kim Lanagan

    I would love to make the “fish” pop up for my mom, she has a pond with many gold fish and also decorated their home theater with “fish” decor, so I believe it would go great in that room!


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