Meeting my “Use What I have” goal part 1

January 30th 2018

One of my AUDACIOUS goals for 2018 is to USE WHAT I HAVE. I have been buying fabric and craft supplies on a whim for years; and, it’s time I practice contentment and start using up all the crafty goodness I have stored up. The goodies range from fabric to ephemera paper bits and anything in between, get a glimpse of it all on my Instagram. I really do have plenty and frankly don’t have space for any more.

Punches, cards, stickers, embellishments, tags and trims, etc…

A few traps I have fallen into:

  • $1 section at Target
  • Dollar Stores
  • Office Supply aisles in Wal-mart
  • The journal/paper/pen sections in Marshalls and TJMaxx
  • and then there is Instagram.

Why Instagram? Instagram is chock full of destash and “what’s new” sales that aim to entice, and they do!  They supply that sense of urgency, that what they are selling “will run out,” “everyone wants it,” “it’s an out of print ‘something,'” or it’s simply “eye candy” that I. MUST. HAVE. (photo below)  While all those reasons have been valid at some point, and my stash of lovely purchases is proof, enough is enough!

Part of Bonnie and Camille stash, portion of entire fabric stash.

I am happy to say that I have put on my big girl pants and today, as of January 30th, I have done pretty well with my goal so far. Yesterday, I left a Dollar Tree unscathed by Valentine doilies, stickers and decorative boxes, bags and tissue paper. WOOT!!  It was a close call because the items were in my hands when I suddenly heard a reminder in my head telling me “NO!” (Thank you God!) I quickly dropped the items and made a B-line for the items I had come for: Foam boards and a plain box I can decorate, okay I also bought some Chocolate too.

Pens, Washi Tape and glues.

Now, this is not to say that I have gone on a complete spending fast. My Flair pens were drying out so I bought some more, after all, pens don’t last forever! And I got this great caddy for my Powersheets and all things GOALS related from Chrissy Hoot Designs on Instagram.This was necessary for order and success!

Another purchase I made was the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman after I saw the movie. There are also a few books in my Amazon cart but the frivolous compulsive spending has come to a screeching halt. There is a planned purchase I want to make for my birthday in May and a visit to Whim So Doodle scrap shop in St. Pete, FL while on vacation, but that’s it. I didn’t even get any gift cards over the holiday to any craft stores.


How do I intend to stay the course and USE WHAT I HAVE?

  1. Delete all emails and newsletters announcing new products or sales.
  2. Remove Etsy app from my phone.
  3. Avoid any and all craft stores.
  4. Dodge the journal and office supply aisles.
  5. Scroll right past the promoted sales on Instagram and limit social media time.
  6. When desperate, use “add to cart” option on (without checking out) helps.
  7. Use the “save for later” option on Amazon as needed.
  8. Stay away from swaps and giveaways too.

Christmas ephemera, journal cards, stamps, stickers, tags, embellishments and goodies from I love it all shop. (one of my weaknesses!)

One of the great benefits of working within the “limits” of using only what I have is how the creative process flourishes within these boundaries. It’s true! (The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life Into a Work of Art by Erwin Rafael McManus) He explains how as God created the Universe and everything in it, with each creation came a boundary or a limit (land, sea, sky), yet the creation process continued in spectacular fashion (Check out some exotic fish and birds). When we choose to use only what we have on hand, the creative juices start flowing. It’s amazing how new ideas and methods are born and innovations come to light when options are few. The challenge is invigorating and I am loving the process.

Are you up for the challenge? Maybe your whim is clothes, tools, cookbooks, shoes, purses (I hear ya!), wine, costume jewelry? Go ahead give it try. Maybe just a week or a month. I promise exercising that muscle will feel good!

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