About Me

Hi! I am so glad you stopped by. I am Elaine and I design fun and modern quilts mostly inspired by Florida where I live. I love the beach, no secret there, but don’t go as often as I would like.

I was a teacher and school librarian for 18 years. I cherished my summers and beach vacation time to be creative through crafting and sewing.  I thought of the name Summercrafter, and started this blog to make myself accountable and intentional about crafting and creating on a regular basis. It was through blogging that I found the wonderful community of quilters.

about me

I have always loved quilts so I taught myself how to do it (and loved it) and have since become terribly addicted to fabric.


I found that quilting was a great way to merge my creativity and love of fabric and started my quilt pattern business called Summercrafter, because that’s how it all began. You can find my designs here.

My family has been very patient and supportive as I take crafting and sewing items on every vacation.


They have also learned to come looking for me in my Craft Corner if they want dinner or clean clothes.

I released my first patterns in the Summer of 2015, now they are being distributed by Checkers, Brewer and Quilter’s Warehouse. You can also check out my online shop (beach in the margin).

For some of my early posts find Christmas Projects here and my first quilt creations here.

So glad you popped over!