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Quilter’s Block Party Game

June 6th 2016

Hi Friends! It’s been hectic over here. End of school year and of Awanas program for 2016, planning and setting up for Vacation Bible School, packing for vacation, and quilting…Quilting? Working on the business? Hello! What is that? It feels like my sewing machine and I broke up! You also must be thinking I broke up with blogging….

Nevertheless, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to tell you about a little game we played while we were at CABS (Creative Arts Business Summit with Morna McEver Golletz) in March of this year. See if you can spot us playing in this video. I’ll give you a hint, it’s right before the part where everyone is laughing and high-fiving.

The genius behind this game is Terri Sontra of Purple Moose Designs,  there she is, below, in the purple, and she’s a hoot! Just go to one of her retreats to find out, but I digress…

So about the game, cleverly called Quilters Block Party…Have you ever played Pictionary? You know how it goes, it’s like Charades but you draw?


Well this game is similar but it’s entirely about quilting! You have to draw the “NAMES” of the quilt blocks and not only will you learn about classic block names, as I have, you just might make new friends or pee in your pants! (Did I say that out loud?)

cabs gamers

So at the end of CABS one night, when I was beyond exhausted, Terri decides to introduce us to her game. At first, we really didn’t know what to expect. No one wanted to be the first to try, and definitely not if it involved drawing…. in front of people.

i forgot who

Well, I loved to play Pictionary (way back when) and I enjoy drawing,


“Surely” I thought, “my team is going to ace this when it’s my turn.” (How foolish of me!)


My turn finally came, Terri showed me my card, I saw the block name and proceeded to draw.

It was easy enough. I drew a pair of chunky hands. They needed another clue. I drew a pair of upward arrows. Still they were shouting answers but not the right ones!  I drew motion lines to show the arrows moving upwards, like a high-five or high hands. Terri kept telling me to tally eight marks. (What for? I thought to myself) But to no avail, our time ran out and my drawing did not yield the right answer. So I looked at the card again and since I was not wearing my glasses I had read the card wrong!! It was “Eight Hands” Block not “High Hands” Block. Needless to say there was an eruption of laughter, which led to tears on my part. And who cares if we didn’t get the point, it was so fun just playing and yes, making a fool of myself and I forgot how tired I was!

Incidentally, here is an Eight Hands Block:

Eight Hands

Image above from on Pinterest


An Eight Hands Around Block can also be described as a star within a star (8 hands/points) add any additional Flying Geese or Triangle units to make it more intricate, color placement is key for a secondary pattern in the quilt. Here is a runner I did a couple of years ago.

quilt block party game

If you want to play this game that’s great for retreats, quilt guilds, get togethers, sew alongs or to educate non-quilters, just leave a comment telling me what your “go to” block is for a quick quilt project and you may win your very own! Don’t forget to post your own playing pics on Social Media using hashtag #quiltersblockparty.

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grand prize

And for a chance at the Grand Prize above, hop on over to Purple Moose Designs blog and tell her what you think about Quilters Block Party Game.



Friday Night Block Party: Cups and Saucers & Evening Star

May 2nd 2014

Howdy strangers! Or by “stranger” I could mean myself since I have been absent from this party. But hey, it’s my party and I can cry if I want to.

pinwheel block party

Don’t think that I haven’t either, this weekly block and posting was becoming a little stressful for me. (I have some other things going on that I hope to share with you soon!) So if you don’t mind, let’s just craft, quilt and unwind at will and when my blocks are ready whether it’s one or more, I”ll just share.  Thanks so much for understanding!

FWQA book

As I quilt through this book of 111 blocks I have learned several things.

1) How to better match corners.

2) I don’t care much for tiny triangles, I rather make them from squares.

3) Practice does improve one’s skills.

4) Choosing the right fabrics is still hit or miss on some blocks.

5) I wish I could do the math when the blocks are on point (diagonal).

6) My only complaint is that this book is not “green.” I mean you have to print every piece on a different piece of paper. I wish several templates came on a page then I could just print 10 pages and be done!

That being said, especially the last point, let me show you the blocks that I have skipped, yes I said “SKIPPED” not completed.  Refer back to #s 2, 5, and 6 and printing issues.

The good news is that my skills should be WAY better when I get back to these blocks and I should have new and different scraps which is also a motivator. (Did I mention I’m on a fabric fast? Two months without buying fabric or at least it feels that long.)

And here are the last 2 blocks that I DID complete. Block # 25 Cups and Saucers


I was excited about my fabric choices and then afterwards, not so much. I need to read up a little on color value and weight as it pertains to placement on quilt blocks. Yea, yea, yea, don’t look at those stray threads, I was only showing you it was done, not that I was pleased. : )

And my newest favorite (who doesn’t love all the Star variation blocks?) is  Block #31, Evening Star.


I made it with some morsels I had leftover from a little something I have yet to show you!

Patience.  I like to call it The Pirate block.

Friday Night Block Party: Country Farm

March 14th 2014

Hi there, this feels like my second Friday this week! Has that ever happened to you? Well it would be nice to have two

pinwheel block party

This week’s block was supposed to be Corn and Beans, block #21 from the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book.


Let me just confess and put it out there that I much rather work with triangles, trimming down from a larger unit, than working with such little shapes!


The level of frustration for me is a killjoy. I cut precisely, manage the seams and sew slowly and press after each seam and yet when it’s time to make the block. Disaster. So I just stopped and went on to the next block. I’ll have to finish that one later. Do you think I am giving up?  I find that walking away is the best thing to do and return to it fresh.

Here is the next block called Country Farm.


These triangles were less intimidating because they were a little larger, but I was skeptical. I was really proud to have a seam allowance from the triangles and not have to trim them off which is the norm for me because the blocks are always “wonky.”


I was generally pleased with the end result.  I decided to go to my jelly roll leftovers and pull out some different scraps.  This block is just sweet!

Do you angst over triangle units?

Friday Night Block Party: A Century of Progress

February 21st 2014

Happy Friday!! Welcome to the

pinwheel block party

This week we are back on track with the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt blocks. ( I’ve linked to this so much amazon keeps suggesting I buy it!) LOL

This week’s block is


I have to admit that I was not comfortable with this block with the odd triangle templates. And I thought it was weird and asymmetrical, which usually doesn’t bother me, I like  a little “pop” but see how the bottom has all the same color? Like it doesn’t follow proper quilt pattern protocol.   I assembled and picked mine out a few times due to this small detail. Come time to publish however, I still go it wrong! No progress in my “century” hopefully I can fix it for next week.


I did notice however that some people did it the “logical” and systematic way instead of the bottom all the same. Did the book author also goof?

See here the sample from Freshly Pieced, I love her color selection.

Here is one where they did follow the sample color placement, another lovely color combination from Married to a BMW. Who also thought it was an odd block.

Here is the gem from Pretty by Hand who likes to go against the grain. I LOVE that about her!

You go girl!

I hope yours came out just as nice.

Friday Night Block Party: Broken Dishes

August 23rd 2013
Hi everybody! So glad you could make it to the Block Party this week, even though school has started in some places and we are TI-ERD, exhausted.  Well, sometimes when we are so drained of energy, we get clumsy or lazy, so besides dirty dishes, we may be seeing some broken dishes at this party.





 Today’s featured block is called “Broken Dishes” and it is also made with Half Square Triangles going any which way! Some other names for it are Hourglass, even Paddlewheel or pinwheel, it all depends how your arrange them.

“Broken Dishes is a simple quilt block made from half-square triangles arranged in a four patch. The squares are arranged at different angles to create the effect of broken dishes. It’s popularity dates back to the 1790’s and is one of the most common blocks in quilt history. It is a fun block to make with all different colors of fabrics or of just two colors.”


Source: Utah State University Extension

I made this runner for my mom, the pattern was Hourglass, the instructions said to cut your square twice diagonally. But a half-square triangle is so much easier!

I’m going to use some scraps from my surplus. 

For Half-Square Triangles, draw a line diagonally and sew 1/4 inch on either side.

Daisy chain stitched squares

Then Daisy chain stitched pairs.
I tend to overthink the arranging so I’m going to try to just DO IT!! 

There! A Broken Dishes block. Then I thought you all might like for me to make it into “something.” I have a lot going on so I have tons of UFOs these days.


But since I am making blocks like crazy, I thought a great way to make good use of them is to make Pot Holders. If you link up from or leave a comment on last week’s party or this week’s, you will be entered in the next Giveaway which is a pack of Insul-Bright insulated lining. (Brought to you by me!) This giveaway ends on August 30th.  Here’s how the first pot holder attempt turned out.


I used parts of the Insul-Bright’s, tutorial for putting the pot holder together.  For some reason, I thought I’d only use the Insul-bright, but you need a layer of cotton batting as well.


But then it said “face the shiny side to the side that gets the heat.” Well mine didn’t have a front or back side, so I put 2 cotton layers, which was also an option.

Not a happy project for me. It was Waaaay too thick and it “shrunk” when I quilted it. : (
I didn’t have the leftover on the edges when quilting normally.  I also should have done the binding on the machine.

Well, that’s the last picture I’m showing, let’s see your Broken Dishes or another block you have been working on. You may link to Flickr images, or a blog post or something from Pinterest. Any link at all to show your stuff. I’m dying to see it!

Many thanks to our sponsors for some of the giveaways. Oh, the winner of the Camille Roskelley patterns is Bonnie! Send me an email to claim your prize, her comment was:

Love those pinwheels!! Especially the pink and black one. Would love to make a whole quilt out of that one. Thanks for sharing.”
Thanks for coming to the block party!! And if you want to host a block party, send me an email and we’ll come over to your blog on Friday.