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Craft tools and gadgets

September 30th 2014

My dad has a tool shed. Well, he has three now. His favorite store is the Home Depot. He has everything ever made to do anything and he can tell you where it is, how many he’s got, who borrowed it and what projects he used it for. Heck! He probably even has the receipt, really.

Well, as I look at my craft corner and sort and reorganize, I too have accumulated many tools of the trade that I could not live without. Because as my dad says, “you never know when you are going to need it!” So this post is dedicated just to showing you some of the gadgets I have and use often. (Like father, like daughter)

If you are a hot glue gun user, this is one of the most useful investments you can make. It’s called a Hot Glue Gun Helper’s kit  it comes with these set of tools to avoid glue gun burns, you can get it on amazon on that link above. It comes with tweezers, a heat safety mat, finger protectors (like rubber thimbles) and pressing tools to save your finger ends. It’s all made from silicon and is heat resistant! For more glue gun safety tips you can  visit Pretty Handy Girl‘s blog.

Is this little kit below familiar? This great kit is a companion to the Cricut. You Scrapbookers will know what I’m talking about. It has these great “dentist” type tools to pry and press small pieces of papers, scissors, rulers, extra blades, a folder and a smoother/scraper (?) I still haven’t quite used everything in there yet.


I can’t live without these below. The air gun is for quick clean-ups of thread and lint in the sewing machine. The basting sprays is for smaller projects too cumbersome to pin and the lighter is for those ribbon ends that like to unravel.


Below are my hand tools, labeled for your convenience.


Some of my most recent acquisitions are for quilting. The binding clips help keep the binding in place while hand stitching it to the quilt and the larger clips I just started using when prepping a quilt for quilting.


I use the binder clips to attach all layers to the craft table, then I pin or spray and I didn’t have to get on my knees. See a video of that here.


This is one of my oldest tools. For years, I have always felt the need to keep sheet or pillow case bags they come complete with zippers, why would I throw these out?  I use these for scrappy ribbons, loose spools, batting strips, just about anything that you can imagine.


As I was taking pictures for this post, I realized that all my glue guns have been given to me by great people who thought I would get much more use out of them than they would. Thank you!  And I have put them to good use indeed. But I think it’s time, that I should buy my own, I am thinking about a cordless variety or a designer style that’s decorated and that would mean that I could also get a cute glue gun stand. That’s the next gadget on my list. This one below has a tutorial so you can make your own.


or maybe you prefer this style, below tutorial here.


Or  if you are not wood handy, like me, you may prefer to buy a similar one on Ebay over here.

Decisions, decisions…


Making Room and some eye candy!

May 16th 2014

A sort of transformation has been taking place over in my Craft Corner. It’s more of a defining of sorts, actually.  I finally realized what I “DON’T” want to do which has helped to define my future job track. Due to my affinity with fabric, I have noticed (and you have too, I’m sure) a natural gravitation towards quilting. Don’t get me wrong I still love to craft and draw, felt and bead, but quilting has taken preference. So the next logical step was to reconfigure my space to accommodate that.


Since its inception the solid doors of the Craft Corner were to store fabric to protect them from the sun. But now door number three is housing Fat Quarter and half-yard bundles.  I simply added cardboard to the inside of the frosted glass to keep the light out!


And here are some of the bundles I recently purchased strictly for business purposes as I design new quilt patterns!


Here are some scrappy bundles!


I tied these together to remember they are a collection.


I know what some of you are thinking but mixing fabrics of different quilting quality is not a good idea. I’ll use that other fabric over there for other projects. No worries!


April 28th 2014

“Hello? Is this thing on? Can anybody here me? ‘tap, tap, tap’ testing 1,2,3, okay I think it’s working now.”

I know you must be thinking what in the world happened to her? I know I have been wondering the same thing.  For example, the Friday Night Block Parties have been suspended for a few weeks and hopefully will return on an “as finished” basis.  That’s what I can manage and thanks for stopping by!

pinwheel block party

I have just been feeling a little scatterbrained doing a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing, yes, at the same time.  I never thought of myself much of a “WIP”  (Work in Progress) or “UFO”  (Un-Finished Object) type of quilter. I kind of like the way quilting comes to a clean finished end with all the pieces neat and tidy in one place.  But as of late, due to this scatterbrained condition, I seem to float aimlessly back and forth between projects never quite getting to finish any.


Here is my WIP checkerboard blocks waiting to become a border for a quilt that’s almost done. I even have backing fabric. Does it remind you of anyone?


Then I got inspired by scraps to make a little something to take on the Summer vacation.


If you recall, I started this for the 30/30 Challenge and now I am not sure what size to make it because my Craft Corner has little wall space for me to hang it so I keep adding and unpicking the rest of the spools.


And another boxy pouch is waiting in the wings.


Then I thought I would tamper with my embroidery again.


Feeling frustrated by the satin stitch, (Really on the first letter such a difficult stitch?) I gave myself permission to go on to the next letter to gain some confidence.


Then of course, I got totally engrossed and distracted by sorting all the floss I had. It was so therapeutic it was hard to stop!

So there you have it. While I haven’t finished much, I have been doing something!

Craft Corner up Close

November 9th 2012
My Craft Corner has evolved somewhat, it’s got more personality and inspiration. It hasn’t looked this neat and tidy for many, many weeks, unfortunately.

Craft Room in it’s early years, really this was it and a closet full of stuff, crammed into plastic containers. Original Sears Kenmore Sewing machine inside the cabinet
 (does more than 45 years make it vintage?) They don’t make them like that anymore! Yes, it still works, my mom got it when she came from Cuba to make us clothes. It was handed down to me practically brand new, almost 25 years ago!

New Craft room set up, early stages.

craft room details

To the left of the book area is a ribbon cabinet I designed with 8 bars for small ribbon
and one for large spools.


craft room work area
This is the center work area. It’s filled with photos, quotes and insprational words. On the left side (see below) there is a ribbon board I made for pictures and other inspirations. (details below) As you can tell, it’s full of motivational quotes and verses.


ME illustrations
craft room details

More Mary Engelbreit Art.

Mary Engelbreit letters

I hope this will inspire you to go and make yourself a fun little work/play space.