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Meeting my “Use What I have” goal part 1

January 30th 2018

One of my AUDACIOUS goals for 2018 is to USE WHAT I HAVE. I have been buying fabric and craft supplies on a whim for years; and, it’s time I practice contentment and start using up all the crafty goodness I have stored up. The goodies range from fabric to ephemera paper bits and anything in between, get a glimpse of it all on my Instagram. I really do have plenty and frankly don’t have space for any more.

Punches, cards, stickers, embellishments, tags and trims, etc…

A few traps I have fallen into:

  • $1 section at Target
  • Dollar Stores
  • Office Supply aisles in Wal-mart
  • The journal/paper/pen sections in Marshalls and TJMaxx
  • and then there is Instagram.

Why Instagram? Instagram is chock full of destash and “what’s new” sales that aim to entice, and they do!  They supply that sense of urgency, that what they are selling “will run out,” “everyone wants it,” “it’s an out of print ‘something,'” or it’s simply “eye candy” that I. MUST. HAVE. (photo below)  While all those reasons have been valid at some point, and my stash of lovely purchases is proof, enough is enough!

Part of Bonnie and Camille stash, portion of entire fabric stash.

I am happy to say that I have put on my big girl pants and today, as of January 30th, I have done pretty well with my goal so far. Yesterday, I left a Dollar Tree unscathed by Valentine doilies, stickers and decorative boxes, bags and tissue paper. WOOT!!  It was a close call because the items were in my hands when I suddenly heard a reminder in my head telling me “NO!” (Thank you God!) I quickly dropped the items and made a B-line for the items I had come for: Foam boards and a plain box I can decorate, okay I also bought some Chocolate too.

Pens, Washi Tape and glues.

Now, this is not to say that I have gone on a complete spending fast. My Flair pens were drying out so I bought some more, after all, pens don’t last forever! And I got this great caddy for my Powersheets and all things GOALS related from Chrissy Hoot Designs on Instagram.This was necessary for order and success!

Another purchase I made was the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman after I saw the movie. There are also a few books in my Amazon cart but the frivolous compulsive spending has come to a screeching halt. There is a planned purchase I want to make for my birthday in May and a visit to Whim So Doodle scrap shop in St. Pete, FL while on vacation, but that’s it. I didn’t even get any gift cards over the holiday to any craft stores.


How do I intend to stay the course and USE WHAT I HAVE?

  1. Delete all emails and newsletters announcing new products or sales.
  2. Remove Etsy app from my phone.
  3. Avoid any and all craft stores.
  4. Dodge the journal and office supply aisles.
  5. Scroll right past the promoted sales on Instagram and limit social media time.
  6. When desperate, use “add to cart” option on (without checking out) helps.
  7. Use the “save for later” option on Amazon as needed.
  8. Stay away from swaps and giveaways too.

Christmas ephemera, journal cards, stamps, stickers, tags, embellishments and goodies from I love it all shop. (one of my weaknesses!)

One of the great benefits of working within the “limits” of using only what I have is how the creative process flourishes within these boundaries. It’s true! (The Artisan Soul: Crafting Your Life Into a Work of Art by Erwin Rafael McManus) He explains how as God created the Universe and everything in it, with each creation came a boundary or a limit (land, sea, sky), yet the creation process continued in spectacular fashion (Check out some exotic fish and birds). When we choose to use only what we have on hand, the creative juices start flowing. It’s amazing how new ideas and methods are born and innovations come to light when options are few. The challenge is invigorating and I am loving the process.

Are you up for the challenge? Maybe your whim is clothes, tools, cookbooks, shoes, purses (I hear ya!), wine, costume jewelry? Go ahead give it try. Maybe just a week or a month. I promise exercising that muscle will feel good!

DIY ornaments: Photo Card Keepsake

December 2nd 2016

Do you have tons of lovely holiday photo cards of loved ones, family and friends and don’t quite know what to do with them? Well, I have the solution!  I think preserving them and using them as gift tags and ornaments for those families is a great way to recycle jar lids and those pictures. A great DIY ornaments project.  I’ve had this idea for a while and I’m so glad to finally be able to share it. I do hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful so you can make your own.  Please read all the way through before you start.

photo jar lids gift tags

First, collect all your holiday photo cards.

photo cards

Start collecting jar lids of all different sizes from mayonnaise, pasta sauce, pickles, salsa jars, whatever! Ask people to collect for you too like family, neighbors or church members. Invite them to make some DIY ornaments with you!

jar lids

Here is a visual of what you’ll need to make them but don’t be limited by it, please. A list follows below.


  • A circle template, I like to use this circle ruler for best visibility
  • Embellishments: jewels, stickers, paper, felt, fabric, pom-poms, buttons, jingle bells, charms glitter, etc…
  • Ribbons for hanging (13 inches for Ragu lids) you’ll have to measure ; )
  • Cord, pom-pom trim or rick rack for front edge
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

You may find that when you see mine and start making them, you’ll come up with all sorts of variations.  Let’s start!  You’ll have to compare photos and lids to make sure the size matches.

photo jar lid 1

 Use the circle template around the picture and the lid. It should be the same or slightly smaller than the lid opening. I did not need to trim any of my pictures when using this template.

photo jar lid 3

photo jar lid 2

Trace the circle around the picture and cut it out.

photo jar lid 4

Apply Mod Podge to the inside of the lid and insert the picture. Press down firmly until the picture stays down, it may lift if not glued down all the way.

photo jar lid 5

I also used a small brush to apply Mod Podge on the inner parts of the lid of your DIY ornament.

photo jar lid inside

Then I put a scoop of fine glitter and rotated the lid to get it all around.

photo jar lid glitter

Tap out excess. I used a dry brush to remove excess glitter from the photo.

photo jar lid dry brush

After the glitter dried, I applied Modge Podge to the picture, but in the end, it’s much better WITHOUT!! The picture is well protected in the lid and really, we won’t be playing toss the ornament or anything like that! photo jar modge picture Essentially, this is how the picture part goes.  The back of the lid can be decorated in many ways.

This one is the simplest done with card stock and paper.  Paint some Mod Podge on the lid and smooth over the card stock until it sticks down well. Once it’s adhered securely, you may paint over it with Mod Podge to seal the paper.

photo jar lid simple paper

This one is done with felt which is a great medium, especially if your lid is a little warped or not flat enough. Use the circle template to trace and cut out a circle from the felt.

photo jar lid felt

Then, simply apply hot glue to the lid and press down the felt. Then Secure the sides that are “unstuck” with more hot glue then embellish as desired.

photo jar lid felt jazz photo jar lid felt gems

Another option is to paint the lid. I used a sealer just to prep the area.

photo jar lid sealer

Then 2-3 coats of paint should do. Just enough so you can’t read the lid!

photo jar lid paint

Re-positioning embellishments with paint is not recommended because it will peal off.

photo jar lid santa

I put the year of the photo, since we parents tend to forget.

Next, we’ll take care of the hanging ribbon and edges:  Make sure you mark the center of your lids on the top and bottom this will come in handy for positioning back decor and ribbon so they hang right side up!

jar lid centers To attach the hanging ribbon, start on the bottom center, and got glue an inch at a time and press until you get to the top center and STOP!!

photo jar lid attach ribbon

Then you get the other end of the ribbon and start at the bottom and repeat until you get to the top.

photo jar lid hanging ribbon

Glue the ribbon together (just a dab) where they meet to make a loop.

photo jar lid felt gems

Then we have this exposed edge that doesn’t go with anything! photo jar lid fix edge Cover it with some pretty trim. Start at the front center point and work your way around hot gluing on the metal edge, one inch at a time until you are back at the starting point.

You can use pom-pom trim,

DIY ornaments jar lids

Some cord trim and cover the ends with a cute detail,

DIY ornaments jar lids

or some Rick Rack (my favorite)

DIY oraments jar lids

These hand crafted keepsake DIY ornaments are perfect to use as gift tags

DIY ornaments Jar lids

and to hang them on the tree!

DIY ornaments jar lids

Backs of DIY ornaments (above)

Photo side (below)

DIY ornaments jar lids

I hope you were inspired to personalize the holidays with some DIY ornaments and photo card keepsakes. happy Holidays!

Craft tools and gadgets

September 30th 2014

My dad has a tool shed. Well, he has three now. His favorite store is the Home Depot. He has everything ever made to do anything and he can tell you where it is, how many he’s got, who borrowed it and what projects he used it for. Heck! He probably even has the receipt, really.

Well, as I look at my craft corner and sort and reorganize, I too have accumulated many tools of the trade that I could not live without. Because as my dad says, “you never know when you are going to need it!” So this post is dedicated just to showing you some of the gadgets I have and use often. (Like father, like daughter)

If you are a hot glue gun user, this is one of the most useful investments you can make. It’s called a Hot Glue Gun Helper’s kit  it comes with these set of tools to avoid glue gun burns, you can get it on amazon on that link above. It comes with tweezers, a heat safety mat, finger protectors (like rubber thimbles) and pressing tools to save your finger ends. It’s all made from silicon and is heat resistant! For more glue gun safety tips you can  visit Pretty Handy Girl‘s blog.

Is this little kit below familiar? This great kit is a companion to the Cricut. You Scrapbookers will know what I’m talking about. It has these great “dentist” type tools to pry and press small pieces of papers, scissors, rulers, extra blades, a folder and a smoother/scraper (?) I still haven’t quite used everything in there yet.


I can’t live without these below. The air gun is for quick clean-ups of thread and lint in the sewing machine. The basting sprays is for smaller projects too cumbersome to pin and the lighter is for those ribbon ends that like to unravel.


Below are my hand tools, labeled for your convenience.


Some of my most recent acquisitions are for quilting. The binding clips help keep the binding in place while hand stitching it to the quilt and the larger clips I just started using when prepping a quilt for quilting.


I use the binder clips to attach all layers to the craft table, then I pin or spray and I didn’t have to get on my knees. See a video of that here.


This is one of my oldest tools. For years, I have always felt the need to keep sheet or pillow case bags they come complete with zippers, why would I throw these out?  I use these for scrappy ribbons, loose spools, batting strips, just about anything that you can imagine.


As I was taking pictures for this post, I realized that all my glue guns have been given to me by great people who thought I would get much more use out of them than they would. Thank you!  And I have put them to good use indeed. But I think it’s time, that I should buy my own, I am thinking about a cordless variety or a designer style that’s decorated and that would mean that I could also get a cute glue gun stand. That’s the next gadget on my list. This one below has a tutorial so you can make your own.


or maybe you prefer this style, below tutorial here.


Or  if you are not wood handy, like me, you may prefer to buy a similar one on Ebay over here.

Decisions, decisions…


So Many Crafts, So Little Time

December 19th 2011
I really didn’t think I had done so much craft supply shopping this season.  I have so many “backed up” crafts to make from Christmases past and my crafting “Hope Closet.” Originally, one of the reasons I started the blog was to “make” myself craft more often because the blog would kind of “keep me accountable.”  After all, potentially, I would have all these readers depending on my crafty posts, right? : ) Anyway, in my zeal, I think that I over-estimated, even with the craft blogging, how much I could actually get done!

Well, December is not over yet!! And I am really itching to make some quilts–no, not bedsized quilts, the anxiety that churns over the time it takes to make somthing of that magnitude is too much.  But I have resorted to a do-able compromise. I have seen them in loads of mags. Mini quilts.   They are perfect in the form of banners, place mats, rectangles & squares for small spaces and gifts.  You get to enjoy the process, use your skills and use up some of the stash which grows, from being a Fabric-o-holic.  I would like to add, however, that the fabric purchasing has been under control since last Christmas, or so. Well, at least the last 6 months.  So, let’s see how many more Christmas Crafts I can make before Santa slides down the Chimney, as for the mini quilts. I am planning a few already for summer.

As far as these craft supplies go, the forseen crafts (and where the idea is from) are:

*Hooped cloth with whimsical embroidery to hang for holidays
 ( floss & New embroidery book not shown) MAG
*Foam wreaths wrapped in felt strips, winter colors with silver accents. MAG
*Foam wreath wrapped in red yarn for gifts for family MAG ( 1 down 1 to go)
*Wooden letters BELIEVE to decorate for verticle hanging or for another idea brewing MINE
*Green tree sprigs for “Charlie Brown” Tree and Crafted Sled MINE
*Acrylic and Glass paint treatment for painting INSIDE ornaments by “swirling” the paint. BLOG
*Very fine glitter to coat mini white berries in “cool” colors MINE
*Very fine glitter for “inner glittering” glass ornaments shown in “mini size” BLOG

I just MAY have to Christmas Craft the whole year!