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DIY ornaments: Photo Card Keepsake

December 2nd 2016

Do you have tons of lovely holiday photo cards of loved ones, family and friends and don’t quite know what to do with them? Well, I have the solution!  I think preserving them and using them as gift tags and ornaments for those families is a great way to recycle jar lids and those pictures. A great DIY ornaments project.  I’ve had this idea for a while and I’m so glad to finally be able to share it. I do hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful so you can make your own.  Please read all the way through before you start.

photo jar lids gift tags

First, collect all your holiday photo cards.

photo cards

Start collecting jar lids of all different sizes from mayonnaise, pasta sauce, pickles, salsa jars, whatever! Ask people to collect for you too like family, neighbors or church members. Invite them to make some DIY ornaments with you!

jar lids

Here is a visual of what you’ll need to make them but don’t be limited by it, please. A list follows below.


  • A circle template, I like to use this circle ruler for best visibility
  • Embellishments: jewels, stickers, paper, felt, fabric, pom-poms, buttons, jingle bells, charms glitter, etc…
  • Ribbons for hanging (13 inches for Ragu lids) you’ll have to measure ; )
  • Cord, pom-pom trim or rick rack for front edge
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

You may find that when you see mine and start making them, you’ll come up with all sorts of variations.  Let’s start!  You’ll have to compare photos and lids to make sure the size matches.

photo jar lid 1

 Use the circle template around the picture and the lid. It should be the same or slightly smaller than the lid opening. I did not need to trim any of my pictures when using this template.

photo jar lid 3

photo jar lid 2

Trace the circle around the picture and cut it out.

photo jar lid 4

Apply Mod Podge to the inside of the lid and insert the picture. Press down firmly until the picture stays down, it may lift if not glued down all the way.

photo jar lid 5

I also used a small brush to apply Mod Podge on the inner parts of the lid of your DIY ornament.

photo jar lid inside

Then I put a scoop of fine glitter and rotated the lid to get it all around.

photo jar lid glitter

Tap out excess. I used a dry brush to remove excess glitter from the photo.

photo jar lid dry brush

After the glitter dried, I applied Modge Podge to the picture, but in the end, it’s much better WITHOUT!! The picture is well protected in the lid and really, we won’t be playing toss the ornament or anything like that! photo jar modge picture Essentially, this is how the picture part goes.  The back of the lid can be decorated in many ways.

This one is the simplest done with card stock and paper.  Paint some Mod Podge on the lid and smooth over the card stock until it sticks down well. Once it’s adhered securely, you may paint over it with Mod Podge to seal the paper.

photo jar lid simple paper

This one is done with felt which is a great medium, especially if your lid is a little warped or not flat enough. Use the circle template to trace and cut out a circle from the felt.

photo jar lid felt

Then, simply apply hot glue to the lid and press down the felt. Then Secure the sides that are “unstuck” with more hot glue then embellish as desired.

photo jar lid felt jazz photo jar lid felt gems

Another option is to paint the lid. I used a sealer just to prep the area.

photo jar lid sealer

Then 2-3 coats of paint should do. Just enough so you can’t read the lid!

photo jar lid paint

Re-positioning embellishments with paint is not recommended because it will peal off.

photo jar lid santa

I put the year of the photo, since we parents tend to forget.

Next, we’ll take care of the hanging ribbon and edges:  Make sure you mark the center of your lids on the top and bottom this will come in handy for positioning back decor and ribbon so they hang right side up!

jar lid centers To attach the hanging ribbon, start on the bottom center, and got glue an inch at a time and press until you get to the top center and STOP!!

photo jar lid attach ribbon

Then you get the other end of the ribbon and start at the bottom and repeat until you get to the top.

photo jar lid hanging ribbon

Glue the ribbon together (just a dab) where they meet to make a loop.

photo jar lid felt gems

Then we have this exposed edge that doesn’t go with anything! photo jar lid fix edge Cover it with some pretty trim. Start at the front center point and work your way around hot gluing on the metal edge, one inch at a time until you are back at the starting point.

You can use pom-pom trim,

DIY ornaments jar lids

Some cord trim and cover the ends with a cute detail,

DIY ornaments jar lids

or some Rick Rack (my favorite)

DIY oraments jar lids

These hand crafted keepsake DIY ornaments are perfect to use as gift tags

DIY ornaments Jar lids

and to hang them on the tree!

DIY ornaments jar lids

Backs of DIY ornaments (above)

Photo side (below)

DIY ornaments jar lids

I hope you were inspired to personalize the holidays with some DIY ornaments and photo card keepsakes. happy Holidays!

When Calls the Heart Ornament Craft

November 25th 2015

If you haven’t seen the show When Calls the Heart, you will be wondering “What in the world is she talking about?!”

jack and elizabeth

When Calls the Heart is a show that airs on Hallmark Channel starring Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing. It appeals to those who love old fashioned romance and values, strong women and an appetite for adventure, it’s a great family show too! It’s got a cast you may be familiar with, more details about the show right here. Season 1 available on DVD and Netflix , Season 2 just released on DVD.

Before it became a hit on TV, it was a book series by Jannette Oak, “a Canadian author and pioneer of inspirational fiction. Her books are often set in a pioneer era and centered on female protagonists. She is a committed Evangelical Christian. ” Quote from Wikipedia.

It’s starting it’s third season this year with a holiday special airing on December 26. The perfect little “pick-me-up” for a day that is usually a downer.

This craft was inspired by Cara who is in the FB group for When Calls the Heart Fans. With her permission, I decided to make my own version and write a tutorial for other #HEARTIES fans to have a go at making their own. NOTE: Supplies listed available at Michaels  and Joann Craft stores or maybe in your craft closet.

This is what you need, please read the list AND look at the picture.


JACK: Red and Navy felt for blazer and pants, two black felt scraps 1/2″ x 1″ for shoulders, 8-10″ hanging ribbon, gold sequins for buttons, golden beads for shoulders, 12″ leather cord, *yellow floss if stitching by hand.

ELIZABETH: Ivory and light blue felt, satin light blue ribbon, about 9 inches of lace, 8-10″ hanging ribbon, flowers or bows to embellish and some pearl beads, *ivory floss if stitching by hand.

Also: sewing machine and/or needle and coordinating thread/floss, hot glue gun or fabric type glue, some poly-fil, tracing paper.


First, start with a heart shape. Draw a line to show the separation between top and bottom of outfits. I did Elizabeth’s a little higher waisted to add skirt detail. PDF availalble here. Cut out heart image from PDF print out. Heart should measure 5 inches at tallest part on top to bottom point. Align on fold of fabric making sure the bottom edge of felt (blue arrow) is 1/4 inch from “Jack” or “Elizabeth” line. (for overlap)

heart margin

Repeat for bottom aligning on the fold and to the edge of felt at the top (black arrow). Repeat for Elizabeth heart.

heart margin bottom

For Elizabeth sew on two strips of lace and fold inwards at dip in heart as shown below.

stitch lace

Next see diagram below. To join “top and skirt” step 1. Overlay ribbon at top of blue felt, you may want to pin at edges.  Before sewing, lengthen the stitch and loosen the tension, this will ensure that your ribbon DOES NOT PUCKER and REMAINS SMOOTH. Sew on pearl beads by hand, step 2. Make sure you leave 3/4″ between last pearl and felt edge. **TIP: When you are done sewing on pearls or any embellishment, dab the thread knot with Elmer’s glue. This will make it less likely for the thread to pull through the felt accidentally. Pin the hanging ribbon in place between layers of felt about an inch in before proceeding. Step 3, sew around the heart (start at green arrow) leaving about 1 1/2″ – 2″ opening for filling (stop at red arrow)

Elizabeth assembly

Stuff gently for texture not bulging at the seams, and stitch the opening closed. Hot glue details as desired. I did a bow at neck and flowers at waist.


For Jacks heart:

stitchline top and bottom

Insert leather strap diagonally between red and blue felt. .Sew across, I used yellow thread. Step 1 in diagram below.

  Jack tutorial

Once top and bottom are joined, add sequins with thread, step 2, (Remember to add a dab of glue to knots to secure). Pin black rectangles (3b) and hanging ribbon (3c) in place then follow step 3a, start sewing around the heart, stopping at red arrow (3d). Stitch golden beads by starting under flap of black rectangles to hide knots,  sew 3 golden beads on each, trim felt if necessary. Stuff gently with poly-fil, for texture not bursting at the seams. Hot glue the leather strap across waist, trim excess.

I must warn you that once you start making these and think of the other characters, you may go nuts making WCTH crafts like I did.

GENERAL CRAFTING TIPS:  Waist items may be sewn on while you sew around the heart. Vest and suit details and beads should be sewn on before the heart is sewn around. Hot glued details should be done after heart is stuffed and closed.

Hope Valley women

 Henry Gowan…

Gowan heartie craft


A fan on the FB group requested Rosemary and Lee.

Rosemary and Lee hearties

So for fun as we wait for the “Christmas in Hope Valley Special Event,” I want to have a giveaway!

Three people will get a chance to win either a Jack and Elizabeth pair of hearties (2 available – you can choose your Elizabeth from the group of female character hearts) or a pair of Rosemary and Lee hearties (1 available). Just leave a comment telling me why you love this show and which crafty hearties you’d like to win. I will do a drawing on December 6 so I can mail them out in time for you to hang them on your tree for Christmas.

Good luck Hearties!


heartie names

And the winners are:

heartie craft winners
 An email was sent to the winners. Thanks for your comments!

The Valentine Fabric that kept giving and giving

February 6th 2015

It all started with some great fabric I wanted to use for Valentine Day projects just because the colors and themes are so pretty a Valentine is not required! I was eager to start because anything I made I knew would be beautiful.This little pillow is where it ended but certainly not where it started.

Banner over me is love pillow

Remember how I wanted to do some

sewing for fun

If you will recall, I started with this sweet bundle of fat quarters I got over at Stitchin’ Stash on Etsy.
Valentine FQs

The first thing I cut were these for an upcoming pattern (#7)

valentine fabric

From some of those leftovers, I cut strips for this wreath (which is still in progress).

valentine wreath

When I trimmed the wreath, because it was too floppy, I got these tiny squares and they were too cute to toss.

Valentine scraps

I thought these scraps could still be salvaged and displayed on some burlap frames I had.

love scraps

With the remaining squares, I cut triangles about 1 inch or less, estimation not perfection here. I love pennants aren’t they adorable? That square is about 6 inches. I started to sing that song from camp so many years ago “His banner over me is love….”

valentine banner

And that’s when the pillow was born, a little embroidery, scrap strips, some poly and there you go.

To make PILLOW you will need:

6 inch square of linen or tightly woven burlap

6 inch square of fusible interfacing

6 inch square muslin and/or batting for behind embroidery

11 inch backing piece

One 2 or 2 1/2 inch strip by WOF

Scrap triangles, embroidery thread & hoop

Optional: disappearing ink pen, micron pen, spray baste

Press the 6 inch square of linen or tight knit burlap onto the fusible interfacing. Stitch the triangles on as you desire. You can dot them with glue to keep them in place or sew as you go. First across the top, then back in “V” shape to keep points down. With disappearing quilter’s pen, draw lines in open area with a ruler to keep letters straight. Write your message on the lines using a micron pen or similar. Put the square in a hoop to embroider using a back stitch. See video here. Attach the muslin, neutral square with fusible or use basting spray on batting. Sew strips to top, bottom (trim and press) repeat with sides of the square. With right sides together, sew around the front and back of pillow squares, leaving a 3 inch gap for turning, stuff and close. If you need a visual tutorial leave a comment and I’ll make one!

Banner over me is love pillow

I still have 2 more pillows to go and am still wondering if I should keep the same verse Song of Solomon 2:4 “His banner over me is love,” or change to Jeremiah 31:3 “I have loved you with an everlasting love” or 1 Corinthians 13:13 “But the greatest of these is love.”

love potion

And you know those “strings” you get when squaring and trimming fat quarters? Yep, saved those too!

Award Ribbons

March 24th 2014

This is just a quick post about some Award Ribbons I made for the Stuffed Animal Night contest at Awanas last week at church!


Awanas is a children’s ministry that helps to develop spiritually strong children through games, fun activities and most importantly bible verse memorization and teaching. You can read all about it here! 


I’ll be posting a tutorial soon, start collecting your papers, ribbons, some cardstock, posterboard or cardboard, Mod Podge and hot glue! You can make some too!


This was a great craft for using up extra papers in pads (so you can make room for more!)


Cute as Some Red Buttons

February 7th 2014

 Whew! Day 7 of the Valentine tutorials thanks to all of you who stopped by every day.

valentine tutorial button

Today’s project is super easy and can be kid friendly with different glue option.


What you’ll need:

Wooden frame ($1 at Michaels or Joann’s)

Acrylic paint (I used pink) and brush

Decoupage finish (optional) and sponge brush

Craft Tweezers (to hold buttons near hot glue) optional

Hot glue (Fabri-Tac if kids will be making it)

bag of red buttons

Firm or sturdy felt in white (4″ x 6″) piece or size of your frame

metallic or coordinating trim

adhesive jewels (4)


Trace your 4″ x 6″ felt using the card board from the frame as a guide. DO NOT THROW THAT AWAY!!  Insert the felt into the frame, center your heart template and trace onto the felt with light colored pen or pencil. (Template can be made by tracing half a heart onto a folded paper or card stock)


Take the felt out of the frame and paint the frame the color of your choice. Lighter colors need more coats, so do at least two. Once your coats have dried on the front and back, apply one coat of decoupage finish.

I got a bag of assorted red buttons and I removed the shank for several but some I used with shanks. (the loop on the back)


Glue around the outline of the heart  a little at a time, adding buttons as you go. Use tweezers! That glue is hot!!! Wanna see my blister? okay never mind!  Remember to overlap buttons and cover the nooks and crannies!


Attach the felt to the white side of the cardboard for support. ( I did white on white to avoid transparency) You could cover the back with plain or decorative card stock so it looks pretty. That was an after thought on my part.


I also hot glued the trim (dotting the surface with a broken line) and secured it around the back of the frame and added red jewels to the corners to tie it all together.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t sew fast enough so here is a sneek peek of what’s coming later!!  I love HSTs and I bought lots of red and pink just for this little number.


So I hope my quilting readers will return for Valentine’s day!

Please post to the Flickr group so I can see your projects!