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A Year in Review

January 12th 2016

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Happy New Year! I don’t know what happened to 2015, it came and left in a flash. I was really having a hard time recalling events and projects but as I looked back via Social Media ūüôā ¬†I did see some highlights.

For starters my WORD last year was

FINISH image

It was a complete struggle for me, maybe more in connotation because it gave me stress¬†and¬†I wasn’t enjoying the idea nor was I accomplishing what it was supposed to do. The purpose of the Word was to get me to follow through, actually reach goals and get things done. I am a process type of person so the pressure was kinda ruining it for me, ya know? So I decided to drop it around Summertime (see that, I didn’t even finish with my word!)

Keystone, CO Dercum mountain view

In January, we took a¬†nice trip to Colorado, which is always fun, although I didn’t find any quilt shops.

I started this heart wreath last Valentine’s and hope to put the last of the strands on it¬†this year. I love Valentine projects, I also have a Valentine pattern I am working on.

In March, I met all these amazing ladies that are also working on their quilting businesses.

Baby Dean Collage

I made this quilt and pillows for Baby Dean who was born in June, see post here.

Vintage pattern Simply Retro 1

and I finally finished this one for his Grandpa, our pastor.

totes 2015 Collage 1

It was a blast to learn new things while making these totes, bags and pouches, most of which were gifts.

pattern Collage

I finally launched my first 6 patterns this Summer and visited some shops on vacation (more here and here) and they are now being sold via distributors (Checkers, Brewer, Quilters Warehouse) and my online shopping cart and I have more coming out soon!

As a new follower of Instagram this year (find me @elaine.summercrafter), I met so many great quilty people and participated in various swaps. First was the Rainbow Mini swap, more here.

Beachbound swap 2015 Collage

Then the Beach Bound Swap, for which I made my first Dresden block, more here.

Home Sweet home swap 2015 Collage

Next was the Home Sweet  Home Swap, which was perfect for my swap partner who had just gotten married and had moved to a new place. Read more here.

Pat Sloan radio

Oh, and I was on Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan, woot!!

vermont 2015 Collage 2

In the Fall¬†we enjoyed Vermont, although we missed the Fantastic Foliage Splendor it’s famous for.

Christmas swap 2015 Collage

Soon after Summer, the Christmas swaps started popping up on Instagram (find me @elaine.summercrafter) and I couldn’t resist joining two:¬†Christmas Craft Swap 2015 and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 2015 Mini Quilt Swap. The pillows are what I sent with personal embroidery and glass seed bead embellishments. The mini quilts are what I received, I was so happy with this exchange! These are so treasured, I will be glad to¬†pull them out to decorate every season. Thank you @foreverquilting and @mommyhead7.


And just when I thought I was done, @vojen invents the B&C (Bonnie and Camille) Christmas Ornament Swap. That was a complete bust for me. I got on an ornament making marathon and I could not stop! I made Scrappy Christmas tree sachets filled with Balsam Fir, tutorial here, and I sent some, not only to my Swap partners, but other quilty friends I met on IG. Fun!


Everyone got Peanutized this year. Have you tried it? Go here.

hearties 2015 Collage

On a total whim, I made these craft “Heartie” ornaments after¬†another fan posted her version on the¬†Facebook Fan page of our favorite show¬†When Calls the Heart¬†on Hallmark Channel.¬†We both kinda got carried away making renditions of all the characters.¬†Find a¬†tutorial here.

Christmas truck Collage 1

My last and most favorite project was this Vintage Holiday Embroidery Pillow¬†I made for a friend. I used the pattern from Sherri Falls at This n That patterns and for the Patchwork, I used¬†Holly’s Tree Farm Fabric by Sweetwater for MODA. I love how it turned out, now I have to make one for me!

december listing

I also did plenty of listing this year with 30 days of lists  and loved it! (Another opportunity coming in March)

  Christmas tree 2015

And just like that it was time to say “Merry Christmas” which was here today and gone tomorrow.

Miami beach 1

I wasn’t going to do a WORD of the year in 2016. I did a MORE and LESS list. The first thing I noted was More Nature and I am so glad I did just that on January 1st, I went to Miami Beach (which is a rarity). What’s the first on my LESS list? Social Media!


I did stumble onto this word PROGRESS which perfectly complements my MORE/LESS concept that allows success without stress or pressure, just moving forward and¬†developing over time which relates to all aspects of life and work (including¬†blogging). So I think we can both see it was a busy year (although I didn’t blog as much as I should have) I have set great goals for this year and have started working towards them already!¬†What are your goals and plans, or your WORD for this new year?

Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt Swap

September 15th 2015

Look! It’s another Swap post. I told you I only had¬†three four more to go… In case you missed it, you can see my Beach Bound MQS¬†post here then come back to read about this one called the

home sweet home swap button

The theme of this swap was houses. How cute is that?

house quilt

Once you sign up, they send you an email with particulars about the swap and partners then after browsing through Pinterest (which I only do sporadically) I came up with these mosaics of little houses to share with our team called #Housepartycourtney aka (@aquilterandhercat)

home sweet home Collage2 resize

There are so many inspirations on Pinterest!¬†When it¬†came time to sew, I forgot to refer to the mosaics but my go to pattern was one she had¬†liked. ūüôā

home sweet home Collage 1 resize

This Swap was “open” so we knew who are partner was (we got to send to each other) so that was neat but I was still a little hesitant in posting progress shots and spoil the surprise. ¬†I did learn she had been recently married so I made this little trinket for her¬†as a personalized little extra.

for keeps embroidery

One of my little thrills with swaps is when I see my partner and I have similar fabric tastes. And if it’s Bonnie and Camille even better, who doesn’t love a little of their fabric goodness, right?

hello darling loot

Since I had won a Hello Darling Layer Cake from Simply Love Fabrics¬†over on Instagram¬†(Thanks so much!!) I thought I would use some for my Home Sweet Home Mini. I have to admit that at first release, I was reluctant because¬†I wanted to savor Daysail a little longer, but having played with it….. well ya know how that goes.

simply retro

If you want a very little version, she has a mini pattern available in paper or PDF versions in her shop.

teeny weeny dwell

(photo courtesy: Twin Fibers blog)

I adapted the Dwell pattern from her book Simply Retro. I wish I would have taken a better picture.


My houses measure 6 x 8, perfect for a little neighborhood runner. Here they are:

hello dalring house 1

hello darling house 2

Hello dalring house 3

hello darling house 4

hello darling house 5

I used some scrappy binding which tied together all the great colors. I also thought this backing from the Snapshots line by Rliey Blake would be perfect! Got mine from Jody at Fabric Shoppe on Etsy.

houses quilt

Labeling items for Swaps can be a headache. This was the best I could do for this one. The fusible was not behaving!


I have been collecting extras since I signed up so the rush at the end would not catch me unprepared, in this case though, I think I went overboard, because I just learned the limit was two, oops! I hope she likes them, they should be arriving in a few days.

And there they are! (EDITED)

home sweet home elaine

Now on to the next swap. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Rainbow Mini Swap 2015

April 19th 2015

This Spring I joined a Rainbow Mini Swap event that happened via Instagram.¬†One of the unanticipated benefits was gaining more followers. But BETTER THAN THAT¬†was all the new, wonderful and oh so talented quilters I met because of it. The swap theme was “Rainbow” so you could use all or some of the colors (and their variations) of the rainbow in your project, which had to measure from 16″ to 24″. I have to admit that I was totally intimidated by all the wonderful quilting projects that were popping up everywhere.

rainbow mini mosaic

Photo and links (at the bottom of post) courtesy of

My first partner loved solids and grays and had very modern tastes as far as fabric and design. I was willing to step up to the challenge and made this rainbow with solids and gray using the Norway pattern from Thimble Blossoms by Camille Roskelley. This color palette was completely outside my realm of favorites but I enjoyed making it.

Norway block

 Then I was notified by the Swap Mama about a partner switch and I was totally okay with it. We had many similar tastes. I remember her greatest point was she liked bright colors. Like me she was not into Civil War Prints and enjoyed Novelty prints. I was really overthinking the process and decided to just keep it simple. So I made a Log Cabin Style Block in rainbow colors.

rainbow log cabin

As I investigated my partner, I learned that she was a runner and has just been in a Disney half-marathon. Well guess who lives in Florida?! As it turned out, I just kept getting these ideas about personalizing her block. The Log Cabin Block now looked like a race track to me. So I started embroidering Disney lcons and landmarks she may have encountered during the race.

It was serendipity that¬†one of the green fabrics had this little guy ¬†“Run, run as fast as you can!”


I finished it off using a black Mickey Mouse strip for the binding. It’s not too elaborate but I think it’s meaningful and I sent it off with some goodies I thought she would enjoy.


And as luck would have it, she ended up being my partner in return!! She made me this lovely mini in¬†the Round and Round pattern also by Thimble Blossoms and she used the yummy fabrics (Twirl and Giggles)¬†from Me and My Sister Designs.¬†She did this amazing tiny cross hatch quilting in metallic threads and a beautiful embroidery design in the center the says “GROW IDEAS IN THE GARDEN OF YOUR MIND” I just love it!

rainbow mini & gifts

And the back is all patched!

rainbow mini back

And here it is hanging in my sewing space for inspiration.

rainbow mini 2

Guide and links for RAINBOW Mosaic:

1. Heather Ross quilt swap for Suzanne (foofanagle), 2. Rainbow Swirl Dolls Quilt, 3. dqs#7 version 1‚Ķ., 4. Doll Quilt from Mini Milly!, 5. Snow Dance, 6. Rainbow Mini Quilt , 7. Mini quilt color study, 8. DQS8 # 2 quiltie ‚Äď ‚ÄėRainbow Girl‚Äô, 9. Finished ticker tape color wheel, 10. Color Play, 11. DQS 7 in the grass, 12. Colours on Linen, 13. Doll Quilt Swap I: received, 14.Rainbow stripe doll quilt, 15. Somewhere over the rainbow‚Ķ, 16. Color Wheel Mini Quilt, 17.Doll Quilt Swap 7, 18. Colorblock Pillow, 19. Charlie‚Äôs Zig-Zag, 20. The front

The Valentine Fabric that kept giving and giving

February 6th 2015

It all started with some great fabric I wanted to use for Valentine Day projects just because the colors and themes are so pretty a Valentine is not required! I was eager to start because anything I made I knew would be beautiful.This little pillow is where it ended but certainly not where it started.

Banner over me is love pillow

Remember how I wanted to do some

sewing for fun

If you will recall, I started with this sweet bundle of fat quarters I got over at Stitchin’ Stash on Etsy.
Valentine FQs

The first thing I cut were these for an upcoming pattern (#7)

valentine fabric

From some of those leftovers, I cut strips for this wreath (which is still in progress).

valentine wreath

When I trimmed the wreath, because it was too floppy, I got these tiny squares and they were too cute to toss.

Valentine scraps

I thought these scraps could still be salvaged and displayed on some burlap frames I had.

love scraps

With¬†the remaining squares, I cut triangles about 1 inch or less, estimation not perfection here. I love pennants aren’t they adorable?¬†That square is about 6 inches. I started to sing that song from camp so many years ago “His banner over me is love….”

valentine banner

And that’s when the pillow was born, a little embroidery, scrap strips, some poly and there you go.

To make PILLOW you will need:

6 inch square of linen or tightly woven burlap

6 inch square of fusible interfacing

6 inch square muslin and/or batting for behind embroidery

11 inch backing piece

One 2 or 2 1/2 inch strip by WOF

Scrap triangles, embroidery thread & hoop

Optional: disappearing ink pen, micron pen, spray baste

Press the¬†6 inch square of linen or tight knit burlap onto the¬†fusible¬†interfacing. Stitch the triangles on as you desire. You can dot them with glue to keep them in place or sew as you go. First across the top, then back in “V” shape to keep points¬†down. With disappearing quilter’s pen, draw¬†lines in open area with a ruler to keep letters straight. Write your message on the lines¬†using a micron pen or similar. Put the¬†square in a hoop to embroider using a back stitch. See video here. Attach the¬†muslin, neutral square with fusible or use basting spray on batting. Sew strips to top, bottom (trim and press) repeat with¬†sides of the square. With right sides together, sew¬†around the front and back of pillow squares, leaving a 3 inch gap for turning, stuff and close. If you need a visual tutorial leave a comment and I’ll make one!

Banner over me is love pillow

I still have 2 more pillows to go and am still wondering if I should keep the same verse Song of Solomon 2:4 “His banner over me is love,” or change to Jeremiah 31:3¬†‚ÄúI have¬†loved you with an everlasting love” or 1 Corinthians 13:13 “But the greatest of these is love.”

love potion

And you know those “strings” you get when squaring and trimming fat quarters? Yep, saved those too!

Christmas Crafts and Projects 2014

December 22nd 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I have to confess that ever since I got on Facebook and Instagram I have been a bad blogger, no excuses, it’s true! I have also been trying to get my pattern business going (see Quilt Market posts, here, here and here) but the hullabaloo around the Holidays¬†plus Christmas Crafting have totally derailed my efforts!

I did however, want to share a little of what’s been going on over here. Before any Christmas Crafting started I had to make a festive Pin cushion. I used Cherry Christmas from Aneela Hoey.

christmas pincushion

Made some homemade tags with Diana, we had so much fun!

homemade tags

Packed shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.


Started making use of all my saved scraps by working on this Rag Wreath on Sunday afternoons while visiting family.

Rag wreath

I also ventured out and tried these Quilted Trees. Both are part of the Across the Pond sew along with the Patchsmith.

quilted trees

Saw the Fair Isle quilt pattern by Freshly Pieced and I couldn’t resist. I got the fabric from Pink Door Fabrics¬†she even helped me figure out the best colors! ¬†I discovered this little shop on¬†Instagram.

fair Isle pattern

While I was in Jury Duty, I did a little Charlie Brown embroidery recognize this tree?

charlie brown tree

And was thinking up another quilt project…

charlie brown

I tried out a little fast craft using an inexpensive frame and buttons.

button wreath

Varied the design for the kids church craft. 10 minutes flat. No LIE!!

kids church craft

I made this great vintage table runner using A.E. Nathan fabric collection called Ole Saint Nick for Miriam. Enjoy!

vintage christmas runner fabrics SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES christmas binding Rolled quilt

I really love doing #30lists¬†, it’s my end of day treat. I know it’s crazy but it makes me focus and slow down.

#30lists window

#30lists fancy #30lists today

Put up our Christmas tree.

christmas tree

Made these little pillow covers for the cutest little guy, Liam.

train 1 train caboose train car

 Made some yummy sachets


 using Balsam Fir from Maine. You can get some here.

balsam fir

Hardly did anything with my 6th pattern. Bad girl.

cherry Christmas pieces cherry christmas log cabin

I finally got to take out my Vintage Holiday quilt (Pattern by Camille Roskelley for Thimbleblossoms) which I finished just after Christmas last year. Check out more about that quilt in progress here and here.

vintage modern quilt

I had to take some time to appreciate December in Florida; neat clouds in the sky and the Christmas Palm.

Miami winter sky christmas Palm

So it’s been a busy month! Lastly, I played with a little thread to wish you

Aurifil tree by me

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, peace and joy and a Happy New Year!!