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Mary’s Cherries

March 18th 2014

I am just thrilled to finally be able to share this happy, cheery and sunny project with you.  And I am also glad that it served two purposes.


First, this is my second project for the 30/30 challenge (sew for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days, for yourself) hosted by Berry Barn Designs.  My goals for this challenge are here if inquiring minds want to know. I’ve had this in the “want to make it” list for-ever! My first project was another gem, take a look at that one here.


I wasn’t sure which charm pack I was going to use, but it became obvious very quickly!  I bought this pattern on clearance from the Fat Quarter Shop ages ago. This pattern is by Pieces from My Heart. But seriously, it’s not rocket science, I could have saved the $4.50 and bought a mini charm pack instead! But in reality, it was a reminder that I wanted to make this, otherwise it would have stayed in fantasy land forever!


Naturally, I decided to go with “Recipe for Friendship” Mary Engelbreit for Moda. (I love when Moda makes her fabric, the quality is fabulous!)  This collection is full of cherries which goes perfect with the pattern. You know cherries are all over Mary’s art! I have new found joy now that I have started sewing with this much loved and saved fabric.


A few details to notice above: The leaf is the only feature that is appliqued and blanket stitched.  The binding is Mary’s classic cherries and the back is Tossed Mary’s Motifs fabric. I think the only fabric I have ever bought enough of, even for backing is Mary Engelbreit’s! And that was a fluke just because I didn’t want it to run out and I got it for a great price, back when Walmart sold fabric. It’s all coming in very handy now for these projects.


The only adaptation I made on the pattern was to take the cherry stem all the way to the seam. Unlike her method of incorporating the stem when she stitched the rows together, I just picked apart the spot I needed and then stitched down the Rick Rack and then closed the seam.


Here is more of the backing. (Sorry about the date, my new camera is doing things I haven’t quite figured out nor am pleased with)


The last “Mary must” is the checked ribbon I used for hanging. I prefer this for small hangings instead of sleeves.


I just love how this turned out. Merry Christmas to me!  The second purpose is for this monthly Handmade Christmas activity going on over at Sew Cal Gal.  People pledged to make something for Christmas, as a decor or gift, every month until December. Hop on over there and see what everyone else made!

I pledge to make handmade_edited-1

I have decided to pack it up so I can forget about it. After some rearranging of my Craft Corner, I should have a spot to hang it by Christmas.

Are you a Mary Engelbreit fan by the way?

ME Inspired Mini-Ribbon Board

October 3rd 2011
Confessions of a Fabric-o-holic: I collect Mary Engelbreit fabric but I don’t want to cut it.  I just want to look at it, stacked neatly in my beautiful craft corner. I need a really GREAT idea to be worthy of this much treasured material!

Wal-mart used to carry ME fabric until they got rid of their fabric section, it was by Cranston Village. I would go weekly and buy a few yards, even if I already had it.  They do not sell any of her fabric in my neck of the woods anymore, I have to look online for fabric stores that carry her line. Moda fabrics used to make it, I acquired much of her collection through this shop, they have great pre-cut fabrics and a Christmas section.

I made this mini ribbon board with left over Mary Engelbreit fabric (Attitude Girls) and a piece of  foam board for another ME fan. This was done under 30 minutes, and look how cute! 

Foam board (3 x 13)
Scrap strips of fabric, folded over, fused and hemmed. (I had these left over from headbands I made for vacation.)
3 thumb tacs (For attaching Ric-Rac to front)
Hot glue gun
Piece of ribbon for hanging
Everything is attached with hot glue. DO NOT GLUE RIC-RAC to front, only to the back!!!
Start with the materials.
Cut the foam board, mine measures 3 1/4 x 13.
Hot glue the 2 strips so they meet in the middle.
Fold them over to the back and hot glue down.
Wrap Ric-Rac across the front but only hot glue to the back.
Use tacs to secure to the front so you have space between.
Hot glue a short piece of ribbon to back, for hanging.
Strip of foam on the back covers the tacs coming
through, hot glue down to secure.
Cover the back with felt or scrap fabric for a finished look.
That was easy!