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February 13th 2015

I love to organize don’t you? I feel so full of purpose and productive when everything is in it’s place, especially in my craft corner. As of late though, it’s evolving more into my sewing studio as I quilt more and design patterns. Logically, I am creating more with fabric and less with other crafty mediums, so I rearranged my space to make room for fabric and took out what I don’t use that much.

wood crafts

 Now my fabric is better organized and easy to see so I don’t forget what I already have. 🙂 (Yeah right!)

fabric stash 3

Here are my seasonal fabrics and pre-cuts and organized by size scraps or theme.

fabric stash 2

 Here I have mostly fat quarters, color bundles and solids and miscellaneous designer fabrics.

fabric stash 1

Here I have all of my Mary Engelbreit fabric, all of my Bonnie and Camille fabric and a variety of fabrics from Joann’s separated into premium fabric and “not so much.”

I also got one of these IKEA carts, built it myself, for storage on the go or to keep my desk free from clutter.

building Ikea cart IKEA cart

Another part of organizing is managing the scrap bin, notice the second row? So with the help of Joan Ford’s book  “Scrap Therapy” and Lori Holt’s methods for storing scraps, I got to work. You wouldn’t believe how much you can cut in ten minutes!

scraps to size

Look how nice and neat my squares look.

Scrap stash

This fabric orderliness has really helped me stay focused and start using what I have in my stash and maybe save some money. I was really excited to break into my Daysail bundle (which now fits in the cabinet) to jazz up one of my patterns with current fabrics.

Dream a little daysail

This collection is so pretty it’s perfect for Summer Sewing!

Daysail fabric

Like whipping up one of these little numbers!


I found her on Instagram, check out her tutorial for this darling little tote!

Craft tools and gadgets

September 30th 2014

My dad has a tool shed. Well, he has three now. His favorite store is the Home Depot. He has everything ever made to do anything and he can tell you where it is, how many he’s got, who borrowed it and what projects he used it for. Heck! He probably even has the receipt, really.

Well, as I look at my craft corner and sort and reorganize, I too have accumulated many tools of the trade that I could not live without. Because as my dad says, “you never know when you are going to need it!” So this post is dedicated just to showing you some of the gadgets I have and use often. (Like father, like daughter)

If you are a hot glue gun user, this is one of the most useful investments you can make. It’s called a Hot Glue Gun Helper’s kit  it comes with these set of tools to avoid glue gun burns, you can get it on amazon on that link above. It comes with tweezers, a heat safety mat, finger protectors (like rubber thimbles) and pressing tools to save your finger ends. It’s all made from silicon and is heat resistant! For more glue gun safety tips you can  visit Pretty Handy Girl‘s blog.

Is this little kit below familiar? This great kit is a companion to the Cricut. You Scrapbookers will know what I’m talking about. It has these great “dentist” type tools to pry and press small pieces of papers, scissors, rulers, extra blades, a folder and a smoother/scraper (?) I still haven’t quite used everything in there yet.


I can’t live without these below. The air gun is for quick clean-ups of thread and lint in the sewing machine. The basting sprays is for smaller projects too cumbersome to pin and the lighter is for those ribbon ends that like to unravel.


Below are my hand tools, labeled for your convenience.


Some of my most recent acquisitions are for quilting. The binding clips help keep the binding in place while hand stitching it to the quilt and the larger clips I just started using when prepping a quilt for quilting.


I use the binder clips to attach all layers to the craft table, then I pin or spray and I didn’t have to get on my knees. See a video of that here.


This is one of my oldest tools. For years, I have always felt the need to keep sheet or pillow case bags they come complete with zippers, why would I throw these out?  I use these for scrappy ribbons, loose spools, batting strips, just about anything that you can imagine.


As I was taking pictures for this post, I realized that all my glue guns have been given to me by great people who thought I would get much more use out of them than they would. Thank you!  And I have put them to good use indeed. But I think it’s time, that I should buy my own, I am thinking about a cordless variety or a designer style that’s decorated and that would mean that I could also get a cute glue gun stand. That’s the next gadget on my list. This one below has a tutorial so you can make your own.


or maybe you prefer this style, below tutorial here.


Or  if you are not wood handy, like me, you may prefer to buy a similar one on Ebay over here.

Decisions, decisions…


Pretty and Practical Storage

September 17th 2014

Look what I got yesterday!  Look again, compare to the business cards. These are “mini” storage cubes that can collapse and be totally flat. What’s the perk about that?  Let me explain. I am a VISIONARY: adj. 1. characterized by vision or foresight. 2. Having the nature of fantasies or dreams; illusory. So as I get ready and think ahead to Quilt Market in the Fall and then possibly having my own booth in the Spring (God willing) I thought these caddies are perfect and compact to set up in my booth with patterns or whatever else I want to use them for.  Since they collapse they’ll fit perfectly in my suitcase!


I got them at and they come in various colors not to mention how absolutely cute they are because they only measure 7 x 7 inches.  I thought this color goes best with the “Summercrafter” theme.  You can see there so many ways to use them!


Then I thought about sorting my scrap disorder


by doing it this way…






It was just the motivation I needed to “weed” through my earliest collection samples in the fabric stash and get rid of all my  non-cotton, non-designer, inventive/inexperienced quilter baby fabrics and discount store selections.


Look how adorable these cubes look on my shelf. I can double them front and back too.

One bin can hold BOM patterns for the whole year! (See on the right below)


And I labeled them easily with those adorable clips my friend gave me. Thanks Amy!

I even have one filled with fabric for my next quilt, so they are really practical.


I think I can keep up with this type of organization.