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Award Ribbons

March 24th 2014

This is just a quick post about some Award Ribbons I made for the Stuffed Animal Night contest at Awanas last week at church!


Awanas is a children’s ministry that helps to develop spiritually strong children through games, fun activities and most importantly bible verse memorization and teaching. You can read all about it here! 


I’ll be posting a tutorial soon, start collecting your papers, ribbons, some cardstock, posterboard or cardboard, Mod Podge and hot glue! You can make some too!


This was a great craft for using up extra papers in pads (so you can make room for more!)


30 days of lists

December 18th 2013

This 30 days of lists sounds mundane and may even make you think “what?!”    But really this listing thing has been so fun and you meet so many great people on the Facebook group  but it’s only for us listers! It’s a hoot!  Here are some of my prettier renditions of some of the lists. This one was about list of movies you want to see, I did mine with Christmas movies.

list movies

I thought the December version would be geared toward this Holiday month like your favorite songs or what’s NOT on your Christmas list, but no! This one is really a “snapshot” of what your house looks like at this time of year. I only put 5 for my book insert, but all my lists have about 10 items.

list around the house

Many of the people participating are both reflective and fun and it’s a great activity to be as creative or as plain as you like.  For this take, many people listed material items, food, holiday related things, memories… I listed the Fruits of the Spirit for the new year.

list stocking up

And some of these lists really make you stop and think… Like this one “How were you a friend this year?” I had to reflect all the way to my working days at the beginning of the year. I hope that I was able to encourage someone somehow.

list friend

This one was a favorite for many of the listers. Just talking about what gets us excited was exciting!

list excited when

Still have some more to work on… are you listing yet?

Paper Bunting in 30 minutes or less!

August 26th 2013
I am a poor party planner. With all the running around, the details always fall by the wayside, and no one really notices after all the time invested. So I don’t sweat the small stuff for parties, not anymore.  How do I do a party? I get generic plates, character cake, some character decor $5 or less, a pool or a great location.  This year though, I really wanted a banner, which I now know is called “bunting” or “pennant.”
So 2 hours before the party I get this great idea, which apparently is how they are born, racing against the clock.
Using a bottle cap, paint bubbles on cardstock. 

Sit in front of fan for speed drying.
Meanwhile, cut letters with the Cricut real size 3 1/2 inches.

Although it has great “beachy” graphics, I used this Cartridge for the font.


When the paint is dry, mark on one side of the paper, the width of the top of the pennant. On the other side, mark the half point between the measurement of the top to indicate the point. (For example, if you want a six inch pennant, mark every 6 on side of the paper and 3 inches on the bottom. Your bunting will be the length you choose. I like it to be 2 inches longer than the width of the top but it could be double if you prefer, the wider, the longer!

Draw a zig zag line from the points at the top and bottom and cut on the line until you have as many pennants as you need.

Formula: Width of pennant divided by two equals where the point should be.
Width of the pennant plus 2 or times 2 equals the length.

 Glue letters, one per triangle.


I know, mine aren’t all the same size ; )

Sew together (or hot glue) with binding tape, we used Ric-Rac for “ocean wave” effect. Don’t leave space between the pennants they should just meet or be very close, not overlap.


Whew! That was fast and fun, off to get the cake, oh, and Happy Birthday!

Doesn’t it go great with the theme?