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Listing Challenge September 2016

September 3rd 2016

30 days of lists logo

It’s time! If you follow me on Instagram or have read the blog when I posted this, then you know I am a fan of listing. I only just found out this event has been around since 2011 and I’ve only known about it since 2013 the debut of their December lists challenge. It’s a good alternative to full blown journaling that documents your “right now” in a short and fun way. What’s great about this challenge is there is no right or wrong way to do it. My first round, I bought a pre-made notebook and just added stickers and other embellishments.

30-days-of-lists-journal 2013

After registering for the challenge HERE, you get an email with links to printables, prompts (or you can get them by email daily) and a private blog link for each day’s list.  You can also go all out and scrapbook it tangibly or digitally or use Post-it notes. I find it’s a great down time at the end of the day. I really look forward to it. I know! Just call me a List Nerd.  

30 days of lists cover

For this September Challenge, I decided to use up some of what I have, which was a creative adventure itself. I am so happy with how this book turned out. The front and back covers are made with brown Kraft card stock and I also used some printables designed by Monika from the I love it all shop on Etsy.  (She also blogs here to give you ideas on how she uses her journals and products. I know you will get addicted to her goodies as I have.) The inside is full of a variety of paper and ephemera I hope to show as the challenge progresses.

practice list sea horse cut out

Before the challenge, many of us were getting antsy waiting for the first day of September to finally arrive. So for practice we chose a prompt from the March challenge list from (waaaay back) and posted that. I had this Sea Horse lying around with my paper scraps so I used that. (Shape cut with Cricut from cartridge Life is a Beach)

day 1

Here is the first list prompt. I did bunting because I wanted to start this off like a celebration! You may want to like their Facebook page 30 Days of Lists and stay in the loop for their next challenge.

Did you know there is also a private Facebook group just for this challenge? It’s a safe place for “List Nerds” to post their lists or even shy listers. Some people are in the group but are still wary about posting and that’s okay. I’ve met such nice people in this group, I dare call them friends even.

day 2

On Day 2, the prompt was “Don’t Judge Me But…” I edge punched some Kraft Card stock and made a little book and safely tucked it in the glassine bag. I posted the divulged list on the FB group but only this picture on Instagram (no peeking) I always use the hashtag #30lists when posting.

day 3

Some lists I like to ponder about after I read the prompt in the morning. This list for Day 3 was easy enough to do right away, so much to celebrate! I also knew I wanted to use that “celebrate” tag I had in my stash and there you have it. Still have the rest of the month to list.

Listing supplies

After I had finished making my book, I went out and got more listing supplies. The creative inspiration was just too much, I am ready to start prepping for December listing but I will try and resist… at least for a couple of months.

If you want to join in (catching up is perfectly okay!) Click here and sign up!

Showcase your vacation memories

September 12th 2014
Since Summer has ended and we are ready to usher in the Fall, maybe you’d like to highlight your summer pics in a shadow box and remember those glorious days of Summer?
Here is a post from the past in which I did just that. I highlighted that Summer’s vacation (2011) in a shadow box. You can see the materials I used here in the “part 1” post. I still have it hanging in our recreation room. Great trip!
“First of all, let me just say that even after seeing and handling the box almost everyday, moving it here and there around my Craft Corner area, I overestimated how much I could actually put inside it.
Secondly, in case you did not know, Sanibel is the Sea Shelling Capital of the world, not Cape Hatteras, so there goes the “shelled” paper idea (part 1). Since the box has a really nice “linen” type base through which you insert pins to hold the photos, ephemera etc.., I left the background as is. It serves as a nice contrast with the grey frame and other “cool colored” pics I added. As art would have it, omission is sometimes necessary. Some of the pictures never made it on there, partly because I didn’t want to cut them, I rather overlap.
The Big Picture

The inaugural item for the shadow box was a doodle I worked on while I planned the vacation. Then I fiddles with the layout of the photos and figured out how to integrate a map of the area. I thought this was important  because we did quite a bit of traveling up and down the Outer Banks; then a Hurricane (Albert) hit later that summer, and  sliced through that, now familiar, strip of road.
After much trial and rearranging, I finally had the layout how I wanted it, but I had to cut out the map. Apparently, I subconsciously arramged the pictures in order from North to South to show a glimpse of each area we visited. When I super imposed the map over the photos, it fell right into place, I was pleased. Being a stickler for details, I like for the documentation of a trip, such as this, to be as authentic and accurate as possible, it’s the librarian in me. : )

A doodle, of the forthcoming vacation rendered that Spring at a faculty meeting.

Wild horses on the beach in Corolla (pronounced Curulla, not like the car): DO NOT DISTURB or you’ll be fined!

Cape Hatteras light house, view of Pamlico Sound from the house balcony.
Here is the map that runs through it, pretty much aligns with the location of the photos except the horses, I had to hand write that town as it was on the very northern tip of the island.

These are the infamous wooden fences, their purpose is to trap the constantly shifting sand to preserve the dunes and prevent beach erosion.

One of the mamy boardwalks along the highway for beach goers, and kite boarders. Swim at your own risk: no life guards, lots of wind and wild surf. Brrrr, that water is cold!

An amazing ocean view from an empty lot on Ocracoke Island, which we explored by golf cart. This island was home to BlackBeard the Pirate.
Once that was finished, I added some color with “beachy” embellishments and a thought reading from top to bottom, can you read it? It says “we are blessed,” and we are. My favorite part is the mounted illustration at the bottom by Mary Engelbreit, and the quote “Sounds of the wind, and sounds of the sea, make me happy just to be.” By June Polus. That really should be my motto, mantra and motivation in life!”


Award Ribbons

March 24th 2014

This is just a quick post about some Award Ribbons I made for the Stuffed Animal Night contest at Awanas last week at church!


Awanas is a children’s ministry that helps to develop spiritually strong children through games, fun activities and most importantly bible verse memorization and teaching. You can read all about it here! 


I’ll be posting a tutorial soon, start collecting your papers, ribbons, some cardstock, posterboard or cardboard, Mod Podge and hot glue! You can make some too!


This was a great craft for using up extra papers in pads (so you can make room for more!)


One Little Word: January

January 30th 2014

Here is an update on this workshop by Ali Edwards  I told you about last time.

one little word visible

I decided NOT to spend money and use this beautiful 12 x 12 scrapbook and kit I already had.  My word is “WORD.”


On the first page is my word and some statements of affirmations about what I believe about that word and it’s impact on the daily. 1) The Word is God, John 1:1 and 2) His word is truth, John 17:17 3) Speaking in love 4) Keeping my word 5) Trusing God’s word to lead me.


and here is this great definition because it merits re-showing it!


On this second page we write the definition and why we chose that word with a symbol (still searching for tangible token) and a recent photo. This photo isn’t recent (but  I look the same…) it’s nice and the color scheme matches! LOL


I think this is my favorite page so far with just brief notes about our hopes, fears and expectations for how our WORD will impact the coming year.  From my layouts, I think it’s safe to say I like to keep things simple and not too crowded. Hopefully, with time I can add more details.

one little word blog hop

We get to share our pages and it starts today! Don’t forget to visit the blog hop!

Maybe you’ll get inspired to pick just

AE_OLW2013_Logo it can change your life, so do it!

One thing I can say, now that I have “lived” with my word for almost a month is that it’s definitely been present in my mind. The greatest emphasis has been on getting into God’s word daily and being true to doing it daily.  I am reminded of it at every moment on the radio and in various other mediums. It’s the only way to gain knowledge on how to do life better and get through life better. It’s amazing what you can learn and how there is always an opportunity to share it too.  

One little Word

January 6th 2014

Hi everyone! Have you made your plans and set your goals for 2014? This is probably the first year that I am actually giving it any thought, truth be told!  I am so excited to be participating in this workshop by Ali Edwards  with a “classroom” full of some pretty amazing, gentle and creative women and the plethora of words we have chosen collectively, you can’t even begin to imagine! 

one little word visible

 It’s all about choosing a word for the year that will really impact your life and being conscious about it at every moment, decision and situation you are faced with daily!

One of the key elements for me and this exercise is the inspiration board in my craft area. Over the last four years I have filled it with sentiments and motivational thoughts for my creative journey.


But on New Year’s Eve, I decided to clear it all off and start over!  Much better!!


This way I can really concentrate on my new word  which is “WORD” (and those great shoes!) Below my word, I have columns where I am listing verbs and other words that somehow integrate with WORD that translate into some action.


 One example there is God, the bible says in John 1:1 that “the Word was God.” Another word is affirmation, we can do this with our words. And keeping our word, doing what we say, because I need more follow through in my life. Take a look at the list, it’s pretty long already and I still have a full year ahead!


This is my favorite definition for WORD, it really encompasses everything I want to get out of my word this year and it’s really just being in line with what God wants for my life and his influence in all areas: Growing a business, building relationships, spiritual and personal growth and creative expressions.


I also found this little prayer in my Joyce Meyer daily devotional New Day, New You,  that will help me hand my goals over to God this year.

Can you think of a word? Just 


Your word may come to you or it may already be in your head or making itself known to you in some way in your life. It may be something you really want to get more of, become or work towards.  I  generally made a list of random words just to give myself options but I already knew I wanted to get into the Word.  And it really applies to so much more.  Then, I realized after a few days of playing with my word that I have had words the last few years without even knowing it!

 2009: Inspired (by Mary Engelbreit to follow your heart if you love art!)

2010: Grow (learn about my strengths and what I am passionate about)

2011: Create (I started a blog to make myself accountable to being crafty & creative regularly)

2012: Change (Make some necessary endings and explore options to get out of a rut)

2013: Freedom (To express myself freely, use my strengths, find joy in the journey & move forward)

 I really wanted to put some drive and focus into my life this year that would impact several areas yet come from one source and I wanted to do it more intentionally.  So I thought this monthly activity of ONE LITTLE WORD would help to keep me more centered since I get distracted by shiny objects.  While researching I came across this little snippet that is already a great insight into words in relationships. Love and Truth, by Dr. Henry Cloud, check it out!

I do hope you decide to play along, even in your own little world. I will be posting my monthly progress throughout the year and give you a peek into my One Little Word documentation and they’ll by a blog hop so you can see some of the other words the “OLWers” have chosen.

one little word blog hop

Oops! And for those who are new here and don’t know me. Hi! I’m Elaine. I was a teacher/librarian for a very long time and decided to quit last summer to pursue a more creative path. It’s one of my strengths, it’s what I love and if God gifted me with that, He can surely do something meaningful with it in my life, I can’t wait to see what he does! I love learning and thinking and teaching myself new things and growing personally, which is why I think One Little Word is a great idea!

But, I must confess, that I am eager to get back to quilting.  The end of the year with December Daily and #30daysoflists  (photos coming soon) and all the holiday preparations had me in a frenzy.

quilting christmas2

Now, let’s get back on schedule!