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Simply Retro Update: “Dapper” Finished

October 21st 2013

Look! Another I finished quilt from the Simply Retro book by Camille Roskelley. 

simply retro cover

The pattern is called “Dapper” with contrasting pinwheels. She did hers in blues for her boys.

baby quilt pink

I call mine “Dainty” because it’s for a girl.

Pick Chocolate 3

Pink Chocolate. That’s another good name for it! Pink and brown quilt

I quilted it with pink thread in flower patterns with loops in the sashing and big flowers in the pinwheels.

pink and brown quilt

 I initially only did one block, see it here.  But the colors go so great together, I finally just sat down one day and pieced the whole thing!

Pink Chocolate2 I just love how it came out. ( I even have some left over if I want to make more blocks)   The white I used is a little bright, maybe an off white would have worked but all in all I think it still very pretty.

I absolutely LO-OVE this one From Chocolate Dipped Quilts.

Pink and brown quilt

The blocks are 10 inches so it’s about 38″ by 38″ finished size. quilt on bed Just Girly!

Simply Retro Update: "Playground"

September 23rd 2013
This post is to show you the completed baby quilt from the “Playground” pattern from the same book. It’s done in Baby Big Top Circus fabric by Timeless Treasures. Not much a fan of circuses per se, but they sure look great as illustrations and fabric!

This pattern is one of the projects in the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley.  Jana is hosting a quilt along on her blog.
I wanted to give you an update on how lovely this quilt came out. At least I was happy with the result.

I just quilted loops, that’s “circus-y” isn’t it?
 large loops on the blocks

and small loopier loops on the sashing and borders.

The backing has moons and stars, I used this for my son’s room 14 years ago! Let’s just say I’ve come such a looooong way!!

Can you guess my favorite part? 
Solid binding in various colors, it was the perfect complement. And it was very convenient to have this jelly roll handy! I just pulled colors that matched the quilt.
Then I thought I would personalize it just a little. (I’m new at this embroidery, but it will do)

Handmade with love.  
I feel it needs a good washing before I give it to a baby.
Plus, I always want to make sure it survives the wash? : ) 

So do you wash your quilts before giving them away? 

Simply Retro: a finish and a giveaway!!

September 4th 2013
Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day, the very much needed break from beginning of school craziness.  And if you are a teacher friend visiting for the first time, Hi! So glad you stopped by!
I wanted to share this little project with you. It’s a little house quilt, the pattern is called “Dwell” from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro.
I left out the Pinwheel house which was super cute because I ran out of Dr. Seuss scraps! But I am going to make this again, for sure!! This is just a miniature “try it out” version.

It’s perfect to decorate your classroom library.
You can put it on the wall or on a bench or table.

So let’s have a raffle for all my teacher friends. If you want this for your classroom or for a teacher you know, leave me a comment and I’ll announce the lucky winner here and on Facebook you have until next Wednesday the 11th! On your mark! Get set! GO!!!!!!!
This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Jennifer (Mason’s mom) Congratulations!!!