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Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt Swap

September 15th 2015

Look! It’s another Swap post. I told you I only had three four more to go… In case you missed it, you can see my Beach Bound MQS post here then come back to read about this one called the

home sweet home swap button

The theme of this swap was houses. How cute is that?

house quilt

Once you sign up, they send you an email with particulars about the swap and partners then after browsing through Pinterest (which I only do sporadically) I came up with these mosaics of little houses to share with our team called #Housepartycourtney aka (@aquilterandhercat)

home sweet home Collage2 resize

There are so many inspirations on Pinterest! When it came time to sew, I forgot to refer to the mosaics but my go to pattern was one she had liked. 🙂

home sweet home Collage 1 resize

This Swap was “open” so we knew who are partner was (we got to send to each other) so that was neat but I was still a little hesitant in posting progress shots and spoil the surprise.  I did learn she had been recently married so I made this little trinket for her as a personalized little extra.

for keeps embroidery

One of my little thrills with swaps is when I see my partner and I have similar fabric tastes. And if it’s Bonnie and Camille even better, who doesn’t love a little of their fabric goodness, right?

hello darling loot

Since I had won a Hello Darling Layer Cake from Simply Love Fabrics over on Instagram (Thanks so much!!) I thought I would use some for my Home Sweet Home Mini. I have to admit that at first release, I was reluctant because I wanted to savor Daysail a little longer, but having played with it….. well ya know how that goes.

simply retro

If you want a very little version, she has a mini pattern available in paper or PDF versions in her shop.

teeny weeny dwell

(photo courtesy: Twin Fibers blog)

I adapted the Dwell pattern from her book Simply Retro. I wish I would have taken a better picture.


My houses measure 6 x 8, perfect for a little neighborhood runner. Here they are:

hello dalring house 1

hello darling house 2

Hello dalring house 3

hello darling house 4

hello darling house 5

I used some scrappy binding which tied together all the great colors. I also thought this backing from the Snapshots line by Rliey Blake would be perfect! Got mine from Jody at Fabric Shoppe on Etsy.

houses quilt

Labeling items for Swaps can be a headache. This was the best I could do for this one. The fusible was not behaving!


I have been collecting extras since I signed up so the rush at the end would not catch me unprepared, in this case though, I think I went overboard, because I just learned the limit was two, oops! I hope she likes them, they should be arriving in a few days.

And there they are! (EDITED)

home sweet home elaine

Now on to the next swap. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Pastor’s Quilt

April 30th 2015

Whew! It’s about time this baby is finished up.

Vintage pattern Simply Retro baptist fan - Copy

I started it way back when I was doing a quilt along from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro hosted by Jana a couple of years ago. (Time flies!)

simply retro book

I decided early on that I would make this for our church Pastor.  It may also serve as a birthday/going away present since they may be reassigned come Fall. I hate to see them go, they are great people I have grown very fond of.

pastor and Diana 1

He has commented how his Grandmother had quilts and this quilt is made up of “Granny Squares” so I thought it would be perfect. I discretely inquired about his color preference and I was not wrong when I assumed he liked earthy and natural colors. Check! I had plenty in my fabric stash.

earth color palette

It came together fast and this was by far the largest quilt I had made to date at that time. I remember piecing it on my dining room table. Then I took it outside to decide on color placement.

vintage simply retro, granny squares

After I started basting it to finally quilt it, I decided it would come out much better if I sent it to a professional longarm quilter.

vintage pattern simply retro 2

I could not do justice to the totally appropriate Baptist Fan design I wanted it to have. Thank you Logan from Chocolate Dipped Quilts, she did a fantastic job!

baptist fan - Copy

I did the machine binding method which was a cinch!

Vintage from Simply Retro 3

I think it measures about 60″ x 80″ a perfect throw size for two people?

Vintage pattern Simply Retro 1

Now I just have to wrap it up so it’s ready for it’s new home.

Simply Retro Update: “Dapper” Finished

October 21st 2013

Look! Another I finished quilt from the Simply Retro book by Camille Roskelley. 

simply retro cover

The pattern is called “Dapper” with contrasting pinwheels. She did hers in blues for her boys.

baby quilt pink

I call mine “Dainty” because it’s for a girl.

Pick Chocolate 3

Pink Chocolate. That’s another good name for it! Pink and brown quilt

I quilted it with pink thread in flower patterns with loops in the sashing and big flowers in the pinwheels.

pink and brown quilt

 I initially only did one block, see it here.  But the colors go so great together, I finally just sat down one day and pieced the whole thing!

Pink Chocolate2 I just love how it came out. ( I even have some left over if I want to make more blocks)   The white I used is a little bright, maybe an off white would have worked but all in all I think it still very pretty.

I absolutely LO-OVE this one From Chocolate Dipped Quilts.

Pink and brown quilt

The blocks are 10 inches so it’s about 38″ by 38″ finished size. quilt on bed Just Girly!

Friday Night Block Party: Pinwheels

August 9th 2013
Welcome to the Friday Night Block Party here at Summercrafter.  If  you missed the first one, don’t worry there’s another one today!  Every Friday I will be featuring a new quilt block and the name or names associated with it and a little history.


Today’s featured block is the called the Pinwheel. (It’s on the button above!) I love it because it means fun! It makes me think of …


Ferris wheels
cartwheel photo: cartwheel cartwheel.png
and cartwheels

 and wind.

The Pinwheel block, was created in the United States around the 1800’s. It became a very popular quilt block pattern and continues to be used in a variety of styles. There are so many ways to accent the “blades” with the colors (light/dark) patterns and placement, both within and around a quilt. 

And it’s really not a difficult block to do, I’ll show you three different kinds of pinwheel blocks to try.

Look at mine. I was happy go lucky as I pieced all these pinwheel blocks with a charm pack of Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille for Moda.


First, there is the traditional Pinwheel block made from half square triangles (HSTs) which is one of the best uses I’ve found for a charm pack.

Put two squares right sides together.

You are going to draw a line diagonally across on the lighter fabric. Use the lines on the mat, it makes it so much easier!


Draw a line from corner to corner and sew 1/4 inch on EITHER side of the line.

  I have sewn ON the line, especially when I first did these, but no need to pick it out, you are going to cut on the line once your stitches are done.


And here is the finished block in blues

and reds. If you don’t pay attention, you might also find that your pinwheels are “spinning” in different directions too.

I saw this great video on how to keep the middle of the block from being too bulky. The technique worked like a charm! See it here.
The next one you can try, if you are not ready for triangles, are rectangular pinwheels. It looks similar to the “Wonky” Pinwheels Amy sighted on her blog (more on that below) but I just cut charm squares right down the middle.
I used white rectangles for contrast, see how easy it is to arrange? Sew 2 rectangles together,  then the units together to make the block.

When you sew them together, you’ll have a bit to square off so they’re even. I lined up the center seams with the mat, that’s my new favorite trick.

I think they look pretty good, they remind me of a propeller or fan. But my block book has not arrived and I can’t find the proper name, any ideas?

Another Pinwheel block I’m going to show you is called a Double Pinwheel or a Windmill. Don’t be alarmed! Charm Pack to the rescue and it’s a walk in the park!
First cut your charm squares like this (there are two in each stack.)

Assemble the pieces how you like them.
Sew the smaller triangles together like this, keep the jagged edges to the outside.
Then sew to larger triangle on widest side and trim, don’t forget to press!!
And here it is, a Framed Pinwheel.

 Well, guess who else is having a Pinwheel event?  Amanda The Patchsmith. The theme of the month on the Across the Pond Sew Along is the Pinwheel too! This month’s theme was Amy’s idea.

Across the Pond
Look at the variety of pinwheels she found in blog land,  it makes you want to try  
them all!
And on this Quilt Along, hosted by Jana, we are going through the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley and the next pattern in the Quilt Along is… you guessed it!!
Grab button for Simply Retro Quilt Along
It’s another Pinwheel block called “Dapper” and it’s made using flying geese units. What is/are Flying Geese?
Rectangle + Squares
 = Triangles!!
I have to admit I was wary of this one, even though I had done Flying Geese before, I forgot how easy they really are!
I’m calling mine “Dainty” instead of “Dapper,” and by the way it’s chocolate and pink, it doesn’t show well. : /

I am especially proud of my corners, they survived!!
The giveaway this week is for everyone! This simple Pinwheel Baby quilt pattern from the MODA bakeshop, it’s so yummy!  But our giveaway from the first party is still going on, leave a link or a comment here or there and you can still qualify to win TWO patterns of your choice from Camille Roskelley.  She’s so generous, thanks Camille!!!

These are mine but you can see more in her shop Thimble Blossoms.

 That contest closes on August 15th at 11:55pm.

Here are some of the sponsors that are cooperating with the Giveaways. Thank you!

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

To read more about the Pinwheel block, check out THIS post by the rikrak studio, and this one from Craftsy. what more can I say?

   This party was such a blast! I for one am so glad I got to crash a few other “Pinwheel Parties” that are going on. I hope you were able to visit all of them.  Now don’t forget to add your link below so everyone can see your block, Pinwheel or not. You can grab the button too, up on the right hand side.  Thanks for coming and see you next week!

The giveaway here is closed. 




Simply Retro Quilt Along

July 20th 2013
I really like this block. But more so, these great combining fabrics I was so glad to have in my stash!
The striped one I got at Fat Quarter Shop on clearance at the end of “a year.” The fabulous flower print I got on my first trip to Hobby Lobby. No one told me Hobby Lobby had fabric!  But no worries, I was well prepared to spend : )  It was a great church activity and field trip for the ladies, but the driver of the van probably wasn’t so thrilled driving 2 hours (to and from) with chattering ladies behind him; but he was a trooper, thanks Pastor!
This block is project three on the Simply Retro Book by Camille Roskelley and it’s part of the Quilt Along Jana is hosting.

Grab button for Simply Retro Quilt Along
I’m a little behind on this one, but here it is. I wonder if you can guess why I have four attempts?

 I do love the fabric but there was something else going on, that I finally realized had no solution at this point.
Can you see what I see?

Look closer now..

 All I am going to say is “TRIANGLES.”
And I’d like to add that I spent way too much time here trying to fix the problem. 

Alright, I’ll tell you. It said to make triangles from 5″ squares and then trim to 4 1/2. Well, be careful how you trim!!

If your points don’t meet in the exact corner, after your trimming and/or at sewing time. There is NO WAY EVER that you will have a 1/4″ after the point of your triangle.  

So there, quilt and learn.