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Sew Together Bag

August 10th 2015

One of the best parts of making any project is the fabric selecting.This project was no exception, with all its pocket options, it was days before I had made up my mind and coordinated the zippers.

sewtogetherbag fabric pull

Did I mention this bag has 4 zippers? Well, needless to say, I needed a good assortment to choose from. Picked these out from Zipit on, she even has a “Sew Together Bag” option so you can get the zippers you need for this bag, cool huh?

zipper stash

I decided to go with one of my favorite Bonnie and Camille hoards fabric treasures, Marmalade, and some other assorted B&C scraps.

STB pockets

I had an extra zipper floating around right up until sewing time. (Can you tell which one got cut?)

sew together bag pockets

For the outside of the bag, I used some aqua Vintage Modern and Scrumptious strips which were the perfect complement to the red Bliss I used for the binding.

sew together bag exterior

The pattern includes instructions for needle landing and pin cushion for your bag but they can be easily omitted if you want to use the bag for make-up or another non-sewing purpose.

Sew together bag side panels

I know it may look intimidating.  Some of you may be zippophobes: have fear of zippers, as I used to be. With a little persistence, it really does turn out just fine. And when you are done, looking at it alone is satisfying enough, it’s so pretty. I am not sure I want to cover up the fabric putting things in it!

sew together bag closed

And look how much prettier it gets when you open up the zippers!

sew together bag open

The vertical scrappy stripes for the exterior were perfect because when I trimmed, nothing looked skewed or uneven and it was way bigger than I had anticipated.

sew together bag finished

This Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented  is such a fun bag to make. (Don’t be fooled by impostors.) Once I saw them all over Instagram, I had to give it a try. You can buy the pattern here, and please do. 🙂 For more Sew Together Fun, Occasional Piece Quilt, has conjured up a way to make a mini version (but you need the original pattern to do it.) Come on give it a try, it’s not as hard as it looks!

next sew together bag

I am already planning my next one!

Belated Birthday Bag

June 14th 2015

I said I would make her a bag for her birthday. And I did. Almost a year later but in time for vacation! That has to count for something, right?

gray and gold bag done

I remember that summer afternoon last year, I was obsessing over this gold and gray fabric variety Julie from Stitchin’ Stash had in her shop. She was so gracious and patient with me (helping me match combinations) as I selected the ones I wanted to purchase. The flower fabric is from my first visit to Hobby Lobby!

gray and gold fabric

I knew the general exterior design would be similar to my vacation tote from last year.


For the patchwork, I used the technique from the Scrappy Trip Along. You sew strips together, cut them horizontally so you have squares. Sew end to end (like a tube) and unpick the seam where you want the color pattern to continue. You can select random or patterned. I did patterned this time but I REALLY prefer random.

gray and gold patch technique

I was trying to imitate the style from a bag I already have from Marshall’s. I won’t tell you how much it cost and how that compared to the cost of time and fabric for this one, but way more enjoyable and prettier for sure! Once the outside was done, the lining was easy to choose.

gray and gold lining

I decided early on that I would add inner pockets and a zipper (like the bag I had) first I thought about three pockets, but later decided two would be better. I’ll have to ask the owner how that worked out!

gray and gold inside

The construction was tricky. I  had to quilt the pocket units first then sew them into the lining pieces. Then I quilted the outside of the bag flipping the pockets one way, then flipping them the other way to quilt the bottom and other half of the bag.

gray and gold pocket plan

Once it was all quilted I sewed the sides together. It was too thick to do a French Seam (pictured below) as I had wanted so

french seam

I sewed a 1/2 inch seam to make sure and catch the multiple layers. I also serged (zig-zag stitched) them to make them as secure and tidy as possible. I didn’t even notice the pockets were uneven until…. It must have been around 2 am at this point. 🙂

gray and gold serged seams

bag side view

I did a boxed bottom and I am happy to say that came out perfect!

gray and gold box bottom

It also had a zippered top and handles inserted between the patchwork and top panel with extra stitching so it would hold when the bag was full.

gold and gray bag

Of course I added a little label.

gray and gold label

Overall, I think it got two thumbs up, but I still need to practice zippers in all it’s forms.

gray and gold bag

You can tell it’s a pretty big bag, 18″ by 16″ by 6″ (estimate) I love the happy yellows.

More scrappy fun

March 18th 2015

Does this happen to anyone else? You get this little thrill when you make something really great with scraps? I know some of you do, fess up! Maybe you squeal or jump up and down or put it on Instagram. Yes, me too!

mickey cross body bag

After I made this Mickey Bucket Tote, I had some squares and rectangles left that for the regular lay person would naturally be trash. But I saved them and hummed and hawed (is that a word?) until I created a fun design for another kind of bag. I have made cross body bags before, see here, so I kinda just repeated the same technique to make these. I just varied the patches and combined some other scraps and came up with 2 new designs. The squares in the center on the left are totally fussy cut, since the fabric itself is patchwork. Ha!

mickey scraps designs

As I quilted the second one it occurred to me to hide some “mickeys” in the quilting.

mickey quilitng

Now the recipient can count Mickeys as they stand in line or something.

mickey cross body bag 2

These were so fun to make and pretty easy. Helps that I have made them before.

I guess this would also count as a project for

sewing for fun

Mickey Mouse Tote

March 6th 2015

I really enjoy making things for people.  I find the process so satisfying, especially as I see the finished product come together like this bucket tote. (Bucket because of the wide bottom)

mickey tote back

I have my “standard” go to bag pattern that I can whip up in no time (2 hours at least)


But this person wanted me to “reproduce” something she already had in Mickey Mouse fabrics. No problem.

First up, we had to choose fabrics and came up with these fat quarters and roses for the lining. She loves roses. Her name is Rosie and she loves all things vintage and Victorian.

Mickey fabrics

She wanted to wear it cross body style so I replicated the 3 inch strap in patchwork. I wanted to add some cool hardware rings for the strap but 3 inches is too wide. Next time, I’ll find the hardware first and adjust the strap width.

Mickey strap

I arranged the fabric in strips, with a wider bottom (center), and sewed them together to make the outside. I layered it with batting and backing and quilted it as I would a quilt.

mickey fabric

After sewing it closed, WST, at 1/8 inch. I turned it inside out and created a french seam by sewing RST 1/4 inch seam(red) I covered the raw edges with binding (black) so it’s neat and tidy.

french seam

I added the snaps then attached my label and strap with the binding.

mickey tote 3

Now she is ready for a trip to Walt Disney World.

Mickey mouse tote

She has my card in case anyone asks where she got it. LOL

scrappy mickey

Then I started playing with the scraps. I think I’m making a little bag for her daughter now.

I’m baaaaaack!

July 5th 2014

After this vacation, I may have to add an umbrella…. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Wow! I have to say that it’s been a while since I have just relaxed and enjoyed this beach vacation, it was much needed this year. Funny enough, the vacation was preceded by this comment from my son “But you’re the Summercrafter!” when he heard me say I was leaving Audrey (my sewing machine) behind. Of course, on the eve of the vacation, I tossed and turned with the idea and the next morning quickly threw everything together: sewing machine, fabric, notions, tools, and brought her along after all.


When we got there, my family was memsmerized by the TV of all things! Meanwhile, my feet couldn’t walk down the path fast enough


until the sea said “hello!”


The waves welcomed and conversed with me, one after another, for whole time we were there.

The other phrase that sort of defined the trip were my own words “Vacation is for doing what you don’t normally do.”

nantucket brides 1

This sentiment opened the door for me to read (found the perfect book set in Nantucket!), sketch patterns, watch movies and embroider.


“B is for Beach.”  Yes. I DO craft on the beach, I didn’t make that up you know…


Unfortunately however, I was not able to use Audrey much this trip, there was no way for me to press seams. (And my shoulder thanked me for the break)  So what do you do if you can’t sew? Go buy more fabric of course!!


The local shop is called Country Quilts and Bears if you happen to be near Clearwater stop by. I always find something in there I HAVE to have and they are always so helpful!

Everyone did their own thing. Either reading, watching cable channels we don’t have or frolicking in the pool with new friends. I just wanted to sit out and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the beach, which I don’t do enough of.


And my honey joined me for a little while everyday.


We walked on the beach every evening although the sunsets were clouded.


Even with sunscrreen, hats and umbrellas, the effects of the sun were inescapable.


And of course I took my handy, dandy vacation tote!


Here is a sneak peak at My beach

(Hope the video works!) Enjoy!