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Down Time Train

October 14th 2014

I have been quilting away designing patterns and quilting the quilts to go with them. So fun! But the other day I felt like painting and taking a break to recharge my batteries and relax with a different kind of craft.  Painting has a way of just soothing the nerves.

So I was at Joann’s just leisurely walking around, not collecting too much in my basket, (that’s a good thing!) when I came across this little wooden train. (Sorry I painted it too quickly, no naked shots) and I know a little big guy who is getting a new room decked out in “non-Thomas” trains. Well, that’s all the excuse I needed, a little “down time” train.


Before getting started though, after 11:00 pm I played with markers to make sure I had the right colors.


Painting alone was not enough of course, I had to embellish.


It is the perfect size for an entry door, on the knob,


on a hook


or on a closet door.


It was so much fun to make this, I’ll have to try this again soon, maybe with some wood Christmas ornaments I’ve been collecting over the years.  What’s your “down time” craft?

Itty Bitty Signs

June 5th 2012
Why Itty Bitty Signs? Well, they are quick and painting them is relaxing.  And they make great gifts and can be quite inspirational!

Craft Wire for the handles/hangers.

I do start off with a plan, believe it or not; phrases, ideas, people… But somehow, during the creative process the plans go out the window! These are the ones I am still working on ( I needed more supplies).

Crafting a Sled, Part 2

December 15th 2011
My daughter wants to take the Christmas Card Photo with the sled… this year?

So, Summercrafter meets sled.  Upon closer examination, apart from the broken board I thought I needed the plumber’s strap for, all the nails in it are rusted. No problem, pull those suckers out and replace with shiny new nails; I’ve got some of those and I have my very own hammer!

Uh, not so fast,  if I am going to do it right, I should take it apart to sand it properly and after a coat of primer get a nice solid coat of “red colonial” paint on it.  How do you remove rivets? Ok, call in the professionals. My husband, Handyman, Jack, of all trades.  I was so excited to do a craft with my husband –then I saw the look on his face….

Me: “Well, what do I have to do that depends, as little as possible, on you?”

Handyman:  “Well first, blah blah blah blah blah, DRILL, blah blah BLAST, blah blah blah, JIGSAW, blah blah blah, RUST, blah blah blah, METAL, blah blah blah, PAINT, blah blah PUT IT BACK TOGETHER.”
Me: “Ok I’d love to do all that, but I don’t have all that “know-how”, what can you do for me today so I don’t have to bother you anymore? I’d like for this project to be finished this year, not next.”  : )

See photos below.

WARNING: This job is not for the feeble minded: Where do I start? nor the faint hearted: How long will this take? or the Manicured: I have to sand, prime, paint and assemble with my own hands?!?!

Well, we needed a few more tools.

Wood planks to be replaced after inspection.
“T”  Metal steering part, to keep or eliminate? 
Below you can see that the front part is sanded, back part is NOT.  After much manual sanding on my part, with paper, much difficulty and even my left hand, I asked about 21st century tools. Then he, Jack of all trades, tells me there’s a little metal brush you can attach to the drill that will ease the sanding process. I can try that next time….  still needs a lot of work!!
See I have started working already!
The next Sled Craft Update might be coming in several months. I think this just might turn into one of my Summer crafts…..